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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/24/1996
Category: Master's Touch Course
Location: Espanola, NM

Overcoming the Complexes of Life

Today we are talking about something very serious. It is the cause of all tragedies, the cause of all our pain, the cause of all our degradation, inferiority, depression, unfulfillment, unhappiness. Whatever negative is in your life, this one thing is the cause of it. It is called a complex. We all are the by-product of complexes.
The child in us never grows up, and the child in us has a very strong creative complex. That is why when we are sure, we are not sure; when we are right, we are not right. Some people have no roots. The complex of a child is so powerful. About ninety out of one hundred people just crawl their whole lives whether they have the best or worst environments.
We have never learned to overcome our complexes. "I have white skin." It's a complex. "I am brown." This is a complex. "I'm American," is a complex. "I'm a German," is a complex. "I'm a person," is a complex. "I'm a human," is a complex. "I'm a doctor," is a complex. Everything in life is boxed into a complex, and everything is a certification.
Actually, those who do not have complexes are those who live by the virtue of their soul, all the time. It's a mental process, with no diversion. If we believe, "I'm a spirit, I'm among the spirits, I am from the Great Spirit, I have to merge in that Spirit," all problems shall be solved.
"I am blond, I am brunette, I am a woman, I am a man, I am black, I am yellow, I am pink, I am Japanese, I am French," I don't know. "I'm Spanish, I'm a gringo. I'm a redneck, I'm a blue neck, I'm a pink neck. I'm a lesbian, I'm gay, I'm straight, I'm a hetero. I'm a prostitute, I'm a pimp, I'm a holy man. I'm divine. I'm religious." The whole thing is garbage. Total. It's called “Mental Garbage.” Really. Honest to God. It's not untrue. You may not like what I'm saying, and saying it chokes me up. What an unfortunate humanity you are.
The tragedy is you live by complexes, and you don't recognize them. You don't. You are so stupid, arrogant. You are an arrogant mammal. Will you ever learn the reality of you, that you are just a spirit—always were, are, and shall be? You can understand it when you see that when you die, the spirit leaves, yet everything is intact. You know what dies with you? Your complexes.
What is your purpose in life? To axe your life? What are you—choppers? Why can't you just be fine with a fun living smiling spirit?
Just before I came here, I was yelling and screaming—I was the Administrator—making decisions, shifting, doing. Wow, you should have seen me. When I was there, I was there, and I knew what I had to do because that is how the spirit guides me. Now I am here. Did I bring papers, notes? I am here as I am here. There's no need for me to have a victory. I am the victory.
Man without a complex is nothing but a living victory. It is as simple as that. You can never win. Every day you win, every day you lose, every day you have problems, every day you eat your own garbage. For God's sake, stop it. Doesn't it stink and smell? You have to eat your own dirt? Are you so sick? Don't you know you are pure, you are positive, you are spirit, and you have nothing but to be? To be, to be. And the light of your spirit you share, you glow and glare, and you have fun.
You have physical, mental, and spiritual complexes. You have even put your spirit into complexes. This is the most funny, most idiotic, most insane thing I have heard: "Oh, I am an old soul, he's an old soul, he's my soul mate." And they screw each other. Can you believe this soul-mate business? Souls have started screwing. God bless America, this great country! When I heard that, I said, "Wow, we've had it."
"This is my soul mate. I want to marry her." Souls marry? Souls don't marry. They don't. Really, they don't. Souls don't marry, and souls don't mate. Souls have no mate. Everything is a soul mate. The entire existence is one soul, as there is one sun and there are a million rays. That's how it all is. And there's no complex, therefore no reflex, therefore no impulse. When a human acts under impulse, as a mammal, as an animal, that human shall never be redeemed. You have to act under intuition. If that is not developed, then you have to act under your spirit. Nanak said that the safest thing is: "Act just with your spirit." Just be. Be to be, because you have been gifted to be. Don't try to drift and create a rift.
You know, the funny part is, when we are young we live in our second chakra. Some have a tendency to start living in the first chakra. Well, sixth and seventh are your chakras, too. Why don't you live in them? It is all you. If you can live in the basement and the first story, you can also live on the sixth and seventh stories. But you don't want to live in the sixth and seventh stories, because you will not find mosquitoes and flies there. They can't go that high. Your meanness, your ugliness, your untruths, your lies, your hookery business, when you come to the sixth center, they won't work. Therefore, you can't go there. You have been a human and how can you act as an animal? By impulse.
How can you deal with everything in life with a complex? It'll be judgment, and judgment is not good. That's why you always like to put on make-up and try to look beautiful, try to look this way and that way. Because you are worth nothing. You are a worthless creature. You know it. You have no value. You never value yourself, why should anybody else value you? So, you add your value. (YB demonstrates a person doing different poses, as if they have different hats on, different clothes on, different make-up on.)
You think you have to do something. No. You have to do nothing. Because you have come from nothing and when you have come from nothing, nothing has made you something. Just be that, and you will be honored. And once you are honored, you will be loved, you will be respected, you will be desired, you will be admired. All that you want, you'll get. But you won't get it without being what nature made you to be. If you betray your Maker, time and space shall betray you.
Call yourself anything, be anything, label yourself with anything. But there is no identity for you, except your spiritual identity. There's no grace in you but to learn. There's no achievement other than to become learned. There's no power but to share what you have learned with all and everyone. Share with compassion—you'll be compensated, and you shall have no complex. Then all that is there shall come to you; then you don't have to go to anybody.
Isn't that so simple? Didn't God make everything for a human—environmentally, physically, psychologically, biologically, and personally so simple? And you make it complicated. Why? You have complexes. Why a complex? Because you never know who you are. It's very simple.
Somebody asked, "How can I get rid of the complex?"
I said, "Make one complex: 'I am the Grace of God. I am the Will of God. I am God.' If you're going to make a complex, make it a big one, so all can be contained."
We all have to learn to be real, and our reality is that we are the spirit. We're born by spirit, we live by spirit, we die when spirit leaves. Our identity is nothing but our own spirit; our life should be nothing but our spirituality; and our existence should be nothing but our own reality. Everything else is a complicated affair in which we put ourselves in prejudice and jeopardy. You could put on all the make-up in the whole world, but the One who made you knows better.
There was one girl who said to me, "I don't like my nose."
I said, "What is wrong with your nose? It's so good, it fits well."
"Oh no, I don't like my nose. I have to get a nose job done." So she spent six thousand dollars to get her nose job done. Nose got done.
After about two months she came and asked me, "How does it look?"
I said, "Ridiculous."
I said, "Because it is not your nose."
"Oh no, you are prejudiced."
I said, "Yeah, I am prejudiced. But it's not your nose."
I said, "It's not your nose."
"What do you mean about 'why'?"
"Oh, because you know people appreciate me."
I said, "People don't appreciate you. And the doctor didn't appreciate you. Tell your doctor that he has to re-nose you."
I said, "I'm telling you. Aren't you finding difficulty breathing at night?"
She said, "Yes, but he said it'll go away."
I said, "No, it will increase. You will not breathe."
Six months later she had to go for a major operation, huge, humongous. She came back. She said, "How does it look?"
I said, "Worse than before, but at least now you'll breathe."
I said, "Did they put tubes in your nose?"
She said, "Yes."
I said, "See?"
"But why did it happen to me?"
I said, "You had a normal nose. Your nose was a straight nose. That straight nose had the direct ear contact with your pituitary. The moment they cut that nerve you were finished."
"What will now happen to me?"
I said, "Un-standard sleeps, headaches, and sometimes your head will eat circles." (YB demonstrates a person who's head is rolling around in circles on his neck.) She is still alive, and all those three things are true.
Somebody got his ear fixed. Now he has a problem. He hears like a dog. He hears all the high frequencies. He can't even drive a car. If a police car goes by with its siren on, he has to pull over to the side and stop the car.
Get this "job" done, that "job" done. Doctors are a help. They diagnose. But God made you. If you don't like yourself, kill yourself. What is the idea of being yourself? The idea of life is to be, to be. You can live with your ego and say, "I don't like myself. I want to like myself this way, that way." It's fine. God likes you the way He made you. Did He consult you? Did God have a session with you, face to face, as when you go into college and work with your college advisor, and ask, "Okay, come sit with me. Hello, how are you? I'm sending you to Earth. What're you going to be? How would you like to be?"
And you said, "This, this, this."
And He said, "No, I'll give you this."
Was a contract signed? Was it?
Class: No, Sir.
YB: Then what are you doing here? He sent you here and you want to forget that fact? You created these complexes to help you forget it? Aren't you ashamed of being human?
When I came to the United States people told me: "Oh, you need money. Oh, you need to be able to drive. Oh, you need this. Oh, you need your social security number."
I said, "Am I a dog that I need a number?"
"You have to have it."
I said, "They will send it. Don't worry about it. What I have to have, God has to send to me. I'm not going to go and get anything. He's going to give me everything."
You know that first lecture I gave? The Art and Science of Liberation? (Find this lecture in the Resources section.) Get that paper somewhere. It was a great lecture, organized by the YMCA. So many people came—that is, I came and my driver came—it was fun. I gave a full lecture, even though they advertised the wrong date, and he tape recorded it. The next day all the people came, and there was no me, no lecture. But they did play the tape. Everyone loved it. We have printed it so many times. It's the very first lecture we printed in the United States.
You don't need make-up; you don't need to make up for anything. You are known by your spirit. You shall project out by your radiance. You shall be loved and honored by your excellence, or stupidity, or by your ignorance and arrogance, as the case may be. The art is to be smart. To be smart is to be small, which can contain all. Write down this formula:

The art of success is to answer the call of duty with grace and compassion.
The art of happiness is to serve all, and all shall serve you.
These are three fundamentals.

Put on that tape The Yogi. Focus the eyes on the tip of your nose. Breathe through the "O" of the mouth. Make a clear "O" of the lips. Inhale deep. Hold the breath. Shuniaa. Synchronize the entire being. Let it go. Relax.
Put on his Gobinday, Mukanday tape. You will never be free if you have the concept that you have a complex. You will always live in dirt. You will always eat your own ego-maniac, self-created pain. Your life will be nothing but a tragedy. You will be hurt, you will be hurting. The more you hurt, the more you'll be hurting. Neither wealth, nor the environment, nor the services of the Earth can save you. You are from the Heavens, you came from the Infinite. You are here, and you have to go back to the Heavens and the Infinite. As long as this Earth is important to you and you have less Heavens and more Earth, there shall be pain. Even with everything intact, you'll be hurting. And the more you hurt, the more you'll hurt.
You are not real, you are not human. You look human, you act as if you are human, and you know you are human. That's your ego. But you have a complex. And you have reflexes. You are not spirit. As long as you are not spirit, you are not going to be happy, you are not going to be, and you are not going to have fun. Spirit is the fun, spirit prevails, spirit is your decoration, spirit is your make-up, spirit is your being, spirit is your identity, and your spiritual projection is your power. Instead of that, you are isolated; you are always hiding behind your hide or behind your walls or behind your curtains, or behind your emotions, commotions, and your dramas. Well, who are you? At least a bottle of Coca-Cola has written on it: "Coca-Cola." It's a trademark.
Who are you? You are a "hu-man being." "Hu" means spirit, the light. (YB makes circles with his hands over his head, and out to the sides, referring to the auric field or radiant body of a person.) "Man" means the mental, the now, being now. Now you are the spirit of your mind. You are the bright light of yourself. That's your identity.
Therefore, because of your complex, you cannot accept everything as spirit and everything cannot accept you, so you create more complexes. Therefore, you have no compassion; you run amok; you make no sense. It's a natural progression: you grow, you have a youth, you have warm blood, you have strength; and as you grow, you will grow weaker and emptier. Is that the see-saw you came here for?

Put the Gobinday Mukanday tape on. There should be an answer for our pain, so that we do not live in a self-caused insanity. No sound. Your whole upper body from the navel point must dance. Use your spirit, your power. The spine must dance. Power, power, power!
Create the sound from the force of the body, not by clapping. The force is so strong, believe me, that the body will create the sound. Your nerves are stronger. Your ribcage is a drum. Beat it. Come on, do it! Your elbow must hit the ribcage. Hit it! You know where Breath of Fire came from? From this. You are doing Ashtang Agni Kriya. Get into it. You are losing ground! Come on! Try it once, experience it, then tell me. Don't do it half way. Watch, watch. Power. You have a genetic force. Keep going. Relax, relax. You are enjoying it?
Class: (Applause.)
YB: This is Ashtang Agni Kriya: The Eightfold Fire Kriya of Kundalini Yoga. The mantra is Gobinday, Mukunday, Udaaray, Aaparay, Haariang, Kariang, Nirnaamay, Akaamay. This is an Ashtang Yog Shastric Mantra. How many of you have gone to a rodeo? You know, where they ride the bull and all that stuff? One thing they do, they ride on a horse, and they tie the calf, and they measure the time. Perfection of this mantra can make a person a rodeo-rider with God as the calf. I'm not kidding. True. This gives you a real Breath of Fire.
Play this tape back from the beginning. You have to do this. I'm very good at it. You create a sound. It's the seventh rib, "from which God made a woman." Remember that? It means the entire creativity of humanity is based in the seventh rib. Nobody understands—nobody made a woman out of that little bone, but you know.... This is how they explain things.
Watch. Here is how you get the power. (YB demonstrates.) Understood?
Class: Yes, Sir!
YB: Ready. I want you to experience it. Get it, get it, get it, get it! The breath will become Breath of Fire. Come on. Come on, let's make it today! Now, now, now, now, now! Hallelujah. Come on! The Saints are marching.... Breath of Fire. Bravo! Hard! Wow, come on. Powerful breath. Powerful. Shalom, brother, Shalom. Peace will prevail. Fire your own fire. Burn your karma. The soul is just a prisoner of the ribcage. Free it! Free it, and free it now! Hit hard!
Inhale. Relax, relax. Now you are getting spaced out. You have to do other things. I just walked in without a program. If we pull it for fifteen minutes more, then forget it. What we have done is just a start. Slowly and gradually we'll develop the fire, our God within us, pure, powerful, and all prevailing with which we shall burn the karma, the cause and effect. The soul is a prisoner of the ribcage. We shall be free, now and forever.
Have a good day. Thank you.

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