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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Category: KWTC
Location: Espanola, NM

Wisdom for Women

…Why have you come to KWTC? The answer is you want to live consciously. That’s all. So whatever we discuss here and review in our teachings, I’d like you to apply in your life. If you do, you will never have a fault, default, or pain in your life. Don’t misunderstand my life. I have to manage so many corporations, and so many people, and all that. Granted, through all that, I have a very tranquil self. You know how I get rid of my frustration? By elevating others impersonally.

…Woman has never been taught scientifically, socially, through the scriptures, or otherwise, how powerful she is. You have sixteen times the faculty of a man, therefore unfortunately, when you are wrong, you are sixteen times more wrong also. That’s why you have trouble. When you’re right, you’re sixteen times more right, when you’re wrong, you are sixteen times more wrong. There’s nothing you can do about it because you have the faculty to be a mother, so God provided you with the ability to protect yourself. It is a given faculty, and every woman carries it. So your power is way, way more than you think it is. Is that understood?

…God has given you sixteen times more courage and more comprehensive biological physical strength than a man. Have pity on this guy! He doesn’t have all your bio-chemical action, he doesn’t have the mental lunar reflection, he doesn’t have the sophistication and softness, and he doesn’t have the nervous system to deal with it. And he’s still alive!

…Your spine is nothing but a burst of light. And your structure is just like a lighthouse. If you think, ‘I am a lighthouse,’ you will be delightful.

…Don’t create an “impression,” create an “impact.” A woman without impact and a man who cannot hold his grounds, who is not firm, lose the game everyday. The greatest inner need of a woman from a man is his solid firmness, his roots. A man needs fruits. But there’s one thing that comes in between the roots and the fruit, it’s called a trunk. If you do not nurture the bark of the trunk, you’ll smell like a skunk.

… In the song of the” Noble Woman” it explains that every aspect of life can come be victorious if you understand nobility. Your songs and smiles can conquer the world. Your songs can educate your children to become the greatest people of tomorrow. Your smiles can keep your man home.

...Never say “I” when talking to your husband, always make it “we.”

…Woman without grace and man without courage cannot exist happily. Their life is full of pain and self-torture.

…The sun is stationary, shining, and warm, in spite of the clouds. The moon is bright, beautiful, and reflecting. Take these two elements, and you’ll find the character of man and woman. Reflect your man, and you’ve got him. If he’s warm and shining, firm, stationary, and stable, he’s got her.

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