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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/03/1989
Category: KWTC
Location: Espanola, NM

The Path of The Kundalini

powerful healing effects of: 1: The shabad "Prabh Joo..."
and 2: The new mantra: "Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rang
Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rang".)

I just want to know something. How many people are learning music from these very highly qualified people? (Referring to Master Darshan Singh Jatha.) Could you please raise your hands? You know what you are missing? If you really want to learn the music of the soul and the mind, these people are volunteers here, spend some time with them. They are real.

Do you understand what I am saying? Hmm? You waste your time on many, many things and money and everything. They are here just to give you the sargam... the rhythm between mind and soul. Harmony.

You know, I'm not against rock and roll. It excites us. We are highly excited people anyway. We need rhythm, we need balance, we need harmony. And these three people are from that... how many people... raise your hands... are learning? Raise your hands! What's wrong? Your hands are so small? How many people THINK they should be learning? Jesus Christ! Please, this is an opportunity! They are here for a few weeks. And this is a very rare treat. Is that understood? Don't spare yourselves. It is something very beautiful. They can really do it and they know how to do it, too. He's a professor. See how beautifully he plays? Come on, play it.

(Shabad: Prabh Joo...is played.)

There is a story which I might not have told you, and I have to tell you with very strong reservations, therefore I will lie a little to protect. No, you are great truth. Damn you! You do not know what truth is. You use truth to hurt people. I am going to lie to protect people. That is better than truth. So I won't be very honestly open and straightforward, as it happened. So my lies are my lies and don't worry about it. And you can keep your damn truth with which you hurt everybody without discrimination and even a human sense.

There was a situation -- see it is a lie, but I know the situation. When you don't explain a situation, it is a lie. There was a situation in which I was involved. And that person (now I know whether person was a male or a female, relative or non-relative, but I'll say 'that person'), that person created a practical scene in such a joking manner that pain was unbearable. And mind you, Gareeb ko sa mat sardar gareeb rodegaa, sunai gaa-oh ka chaanai vaalaa too jerse... don't touch a poor man. Only poor man, humble man, meek man, will cry in pain. But one who knows him, when he will know about it, he will tear you from your roots! And when a yogi loses his temper, heavens at that time have earthquakes! I'm not lying to you. And when a man of God tolerates insult, at that time angels have to leave heavens to turn to be humans to save the balance of the planet earth. And it is true what I am saying. This is what scriptures say.

And situation was so confronting and so painful that it was not tolerable. The balance and the integrity of totality was shattered. And to say nothing, I walked down to the basement and took the hukam. And this is the shabad which came: Prabh joo too ko laaj hamaare. It has a nadam naad in it. Nadam naad can create the agam naad in motion. The sound of these words are very powerful. And when it came up, already somebody has recorded the message... Play!

(The shabad "Prabh joo ko laaj hamaare" interspersed with 'Aad gure nameh, jugaad gure nameh, sat gure nameh, siri guru deve nameh,' is played.)

Now this shabad is the start of the Sukhmani, it is the slok... first slok... (Aad Gure Nameh, jugaad gureh nameh....) Is "noo keinande Mangala Charan." Kavach Bandh. Kavach Bandh is what protects you from four sides. Kavach is the most powerful defensive thing you wear around your body that you cannot be attacked. And this 'Aad gure nameh, jugaad gure nameh, sat gure nameh, siri guru deve nameh,' is Kavach Bandh hei, is a Mangala Charan. The utterance of it can conquer death. Do you understand what these lines mean? Forget about the small little teeny-tiny things. It can cover death! Conquer death. (Shabad is played again.)

Sometime for the fun of it... no, no, no! I know you are Western and you don't want to go into the ritual. Religion is nothing good, and bah bah bah, and everybody is a con and they want your money and all that stuff, and you are the only one who runs the world and rotates it, otherwise it would have stopped, you know. I know you very well... but just for the fun and joke of it, try this shabad, and experience it. And if you have any integrity, in the sense of learning your power of intuition, and you want the prosperity... that old man who has the third eye open and two closed (referring to Master Darshan Singh, the ragi), you learn from him the melody of it. It is very strong. Do it. Even if you do not like it. It will give you something more than you can expect. You understand what I am saying? Aren't we are going to... for my birthday we are going to chant this shabad? Next line of the shabad is 'rahao.' And then there is a whole explanation. I think we are sticking to those two
lines. Is that true? That's all it is?

Oh yeah, Siri Ram! Your student has come. Can you stand up? A child, now young and beautiful and born in Mexico in my own hands, and I have hugged her, and hugged her, and hugged her and now she has grown up and she has come to be with Siri Ram to study and be her assistant. Right? Look at the shy. This Mexican shy, can you believe that? Come on, smile! Yeah! And by her side is a young lady... her mother. Thank you. They are on a date.

Do we have that other tape we have made, 'Sa Re Sa Sa?' Can you put that on, too? I'll like to hear.

(Tape of new mantra: "Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rang - Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rang" is played.)

This is the path of Kundalini music.

You know that old man with third eye? He can teach you harmony of the sound. You know what that does? That takes away ugliness of the life. He can teach you the melody which can take away from you the ugliness of life. Of your own. And no words to be said. You understand what I am saying?
This tape, which is here, it's the path of the Kundalini. This tape shall live forever. It will bring peace to those on whose forehead it is not written. It will bring prosperity to those who do not know how to spell it. It will bring you good luck when you have done nothing good, ever. Because this is the lotus, this is the opening of the lotus and turning the Mother Divine power back to the navel point. It is a path.

And the other one is prayer. (Referring to shabad: Prabh Joo...) I gave you gift so that you can give it to your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and especially to your old relatives who are on the way out, but they do not know where to exit. This is your gift you have to send to all those who have never loved you, but told you, "You are crazy," and you have to tell them, 'This is the humble gift in the Name of God for health and happiness from those who you called crazy, but they are the beloveds of God."

Play it!

(Tape of new mantra: "Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rang - Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rang" is played.)

Very good. We are getting late. Tomorrow I'll like to have the third picture of the third eye, you can see what I draw. Where are the painters? Stand up. You? Good. Where is the other one? Two? Seva? Good, three. Okay. But I tell you... oh, she has gone back huh? Oh, I'll call her tomorrow. See what she does. There is a picture of the third eye... third eye of the Mahan Tantric, I have drawn it. You have seen that, isn't it? Okay, I'll like that to be drawn very pretty. Distinct.


May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.

Thank you. Oh my God! look at this! (Opening present.) Very good. Well, when I came here, I had the intention to eat my plums. I didn't get the chance. I'll take them back. Where are you? Give me in the jeep. I was hungry to begin with. Hello. You will draw, too? (Opening more gifts.) We are creating artists. Thank you. Blessings. Gracias.


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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