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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 07/23/1996
Category: Master's Touch Course
Location: Espanola, NM

Use Your Body for Higher Living

If a person does not understand his body by the age of 27, complete in all aspects, that person never enjoys life. Simple as that. Your development period is 27 years of age. Your living period is another 27 years. And your dying period is another 27 years. That’s how it’s proportioned. Your achievement is during the first 25 years. Your time within yourself and with your family is the next 25 years. For the next 25 years you roam the world to share and experience. Then for the next 25 years, you wait to go home. That’s how these systems were set.
But instead of maturing at 25, as men you start maturing at 15, and at eleven or twelve as women. So you mature ten years earlier than the natural rule. It is good for the body to not have any sexual intercourse before 25, it doesn’t matter what. By the time you are 25, you have 25,000 things going on, so you are already consumed. Your semen is thin, your ejection of spermatozoa is elementary. It’s way too fast. Your marrow exchange is not solid and your bone structure is not properly built. Therefore, when you grow up as a human, you are one-third less, and that you cannot compensate by any diet, by any build up, by any Mr. Macho Gold Gym, or any of that.
One premature sexual discharge does not allow the brain and the neurological cells to develop. Therefore, all those who indulge in sexuality, in sexual intercourse earlier than 24 years of age are commotional, and they pay for the handicap for the rest of their life.
It’s natural. It is not something that you should worry about. You think you have a little penis down there, and she has a vagina, therefore, they've got to meet? You think sexual satisfaction is great, sensual excitement is great, but you forget that you have a nervous system in the body. You have an area of development which medical science has refused to accept, and that is the quality of the marrow in the bones. When the quality of the marrow in the bones is not acceptable, then the bone structure is not acceptable. That’s why if a woman starts sex early, when she grows up she has a problem with her bones, which they call a “calcium problem.” You know the doctor has nothing to worry about—the death is yours, the pain is yours, the incompleteness is yours, the handicap is yours. It’s not the doctor’s fault; he is trying his best. He’s charging money for it. Why should he worry about it? You started early.
One wet dream is equal to six physical, excited intercourses. And you can count your wet dreams. The pressure of a wet dream on the nervous system is like the whole roof fell on a person, because that intercourse and sexuality is through the nervous system and mind. So the body pays for it.
It’s amazing. When people tell me dreams, and I have not dreamt in my whole life. I do not know what to say. I’m 67 years old. Some people dream for the whole night. They are drowning, really, or they feel on fire. Do you think a dream is not real? A dream is very factual mentally. Simply you are not totally aware. Otherwise, if you are totally aware, you can read the whole dream, exactly as you would see during the day. But you know how much energy it costs, what a toll it takes? Have you any idea?
Then you have your day-dreams. Oh, sitting in a chair, thinking. “Hmm, hmm. There’ll be an egg, there’ll be chickens, there will be a poultry farm, there’ll be a million dollars. I’m going to Las Vegas, I’m going to have a billion-dollar lottery.” Those who leak down will never develop up. (YB points to his head and Third Eye area.) Period. Therefore, eighty-four percent of people have no intuition because they started sex early.
Then over and above that, the one who was blind then started walking through the graveyard, so he’s bound to fall. First was sex; second was the hallucinogenic drugs. That’s it, that completes it.
You know, it’s very funny. We have never been given a chance. Nobody ever told us that we have to be ripe. Unfortunately, here in the United States, we don’t have parents. Parents here don’t give us values. They give us love, they give us money, they give us assurance. These are technically all false. We are built on absolutely false security and false values. So naturally when you have become 18 or 20, you are supposed to gradually start handling yourself. By 27 your tendency is known as to whether you are mature or you are immature, and that’s how people value you. When at 27 people start valuing you less than you should be valued, you start getting angrier, angrier, and angrier. What can I say? Then there’s no life, there’s no living; there’s a handicapped living. I hate it from day one. It’s not my personal cup of tea to live a handicapped life.
But what can you do? You want to fill a bucket, and you have a tap underneath, and you leak out, and leak out, and leak out. You think you are conquering a woman or conquering a man? This is your victory? You do not know. Then you have headaches. Tylenol, Tylenol, then Tylenol Extra-Strength, then Advil. You know what you are living with? What is a headache? You know what a headache is? Your control room is not functioning. And you think the pain goes away with Tylenol? No. The function is there, hurting, but the sense of it is gone. So you mute your sensory system, you mute your senses, you mute your sense of pain. And you mute, mute, mute. Then you are all muted—no feelings. Nothing. You are the ugliest creatures on the planet. You never live original and organic. It is not your handicap; you are handicapped by development because you are not developed. You are not allowing yourself to develop twenty-five years in total maturity from marrow to nervous system. You don’t care.
You know, it is a funny thing in America with muscles. "Ooh, ooh, muscle, ooh muscle." What is this muscle? You can walk with muscle four miles an hour. You can try your best. You can walk about eight miles an hour. I have seen people walking twelve miles an hour, fast movers, they call them “shooters.” But in a car you walk seventy miles an hour. You can build up a lot of machine and lot of support, but your machine cannot build your marrow. It can’t build your bone structure. It can’t build your neurological cells. It cannot build your hemispheres of the brain. It can’t.
Woman gets sick in this country at the age of thirty-five. It starts with having a problem in the menstruation, with the sexual gonads and glandular system, and with the ovaries and tubes and all that stuff. Normally a woman who is well developed will not have those signs and symptoms ‘till she is sixty-five. Thirty-five to sixty-five is a lot of years.
Sex is a bewitchment to you. It's just, “I’m lonely.” You are not lonely. You are lonely because you have not known yourself. That’s your loneliness. Your loneliness is that you don’t know who are you and how developed you are, or how good you are, or how complete you are, how competent you are, and how much you can take. You are very lonely. And this loneliness is stretched through every walk of life.
Then you learn to cover your face and your lips. Your lips are not red; you know you are sick, so you put on lipstick, you put on rouge, you put on mascara. You know you are not beautiful. That I know you know. That’s why you put on make-up.
Another funny thing is what you do to your hair. I asked somebody, “What did you do to your hair?”
She said, “I don’t know. I wanted to do something, and the man who designed my hair went berserk too. So I was berserk, he was berserk.”
I said, “You look like a butch. Do you know what you look like? Look in the mirror.”
She said, “I look horrible.” And then three hours later she met me; she had a beautiful, most wonderful bald head.
She told him, “Son of a bitch, razor it out.” She took the cap off, and I said, “Wow.” I said, “What is this?”
She said, “It was too much, so I started all over new.”
What can you do? You have just become enemies of your eyebrows. (YB demonstrates someone pulling on his eyebrows.) Monkeys do it. You have no hair left.
You know, when Genghis Khan told Kublai Khan,1 “This time if you go and build China, you have to win China forever. I don’t want a defeat.” Genghis Khan had conquered China, and China revolted again. Kublai Khan just conquered China and ordered one thing: “Every woman shall have bangs, and if she doesn’t have bangs, behead her. Every male should have his head half shaven. (YB indicates with his hands the area from the browline up to the tenth gate as the area that was shaven in men.) If he doesn’t, behead him.” Kublai Khan ruled China forever.
And I’ve asked so many women, “Why do you put these bangs?”
They say, “We don’t want to see these wrinkles.” What is so neurotic about having wrinkles? You have wrinkles inside your head. The brain looks just like a walnut. You have wrinkles all over in you.
Glands are the guardians of health. Your glandular system doesn’t work. The glandular system does not secrete. If you don’t take a cold shower, your capillaries are not going to open; your inner system is not invigorated; and you don’t match up to the sensory system of your body. You cut your hair, which is pure protein. Then the body has to replace it. You think you are joking. Do you want to see the power of your hair? Take your own cut hair, mix it with earth, and put a plant there. Then take ordinary earth, and put a plant there. See the growth. You’ll figure it out. “Oh, I couldn’t keep it long. I just had to cut it.”
And there’s another beautiful thing which people do to their hairs. “Oh, I cut my ends. They were split ends.” If they were split ends, it means your brain is over-fatigued and tired, and you cut your hair. Now that has to grow. It means a horse with an already broken leg, who is running with three legs, and you broke another one, so the guy has to jump on two.
But unfortunately our system is a three-chord system. Everything is complementary to each other in three ways. That’s why we survive. Normally we should fall apart.
The greatest loss which you have is when your personality impact is not there. The word you have never heard is IPI — “Individual Personality Impact.” If the IPI is not at least six, seven, eight, out of ten, that person lives with that much less impact. The average person's IPI is two, three, four. So you live only one third of your impact. That’s why you have to talk all the time, you have to argue all the time, you have to reason all the time, you have to speak all the time, you have to convince all the time. With such a low IPI, how can anything survive? Food business, marriage business, divorce and marriage—because you don’t have IPI. Sometimes you buy clothes you never wear, but you want to buy. If your IPI is not at least six, then you are a compulsive shopper, compulsive eater. All compulsory sicknesses come from having an IPI less than five. Forget it. It’s too much for you to handle. You always project what you are not. And you make up figures, you make up statements, you make up stories. That’s why there are more books on fiction than on facts.
You think you are a human, but if you ask your dogs and cats, you are their pets. Once a girl came to me and said, “I have to go now. My maid did not show up and I have to feed my cats and my dog. I can come back.”
The next day she never showed up. The next time I saw her I said, “Well, what were you doing?”
She said, “My cat was sick.”
You don’t love human as humans. You love them as pets. So your love is a bewitchment of a pet-ism in which you are already handicapped. When you are young, in your pet-ism, you make love to each other because nobody answers anybody. You feel the relationship is very unique. Then the moment reality hits home, you are the biggest war-mongers among your loving relationships. And finally, after stretching it to whatever point you can stretch it to, it breaks down in a divorce. For this society of ours to thrive, we need about four divorces—each with a new refrigerator, new house, new curtains, new carpets, change of the colors, painting, a few parties. Some people are engaged and dis-engaged, engaged and dis-engaged, as if they are like machines. Life is fun, isn’t it? With all this reality, still we smile.
In Western civilization it is, "Get whatever you can." In Oriental civilization, everything is a circle, mature; the world you desire not, you deserve first. You are walking on shallow ice, on raw ground, acting as you do, and not qualifying yourself with basic strength. That is your handicap, and that will show up in you as a Teacher. You are not a strong, elementary individual who has the basic strength of character. So some of your character will be weak, and the student will see it. They may not say it, but they will see it.
One thing you must understand. When you are an idiot, everybody knows it except you. When you are handicapped, everybody knows it but you. But you always have a habit of putting on make-up—mental make-up, spiritual make-up, physical make-up, and you try to make up for something which cannot be made up.
So all of a sudden, a woman cannot live with this husband. This husband cannot live with the wife. Wife cannot live with her man. Girlfriend cannot live with boyfriend. Two partners cannot live as partners. It happens because you are handicapped. You are weak inside, and you live by a make-up. But you look different, you project differently, and you show differently. It's a funny thing—when you are a teenager, you are the biggest known insane of all times, because you think all the money and love and affection of the parents is covering you. But your ass sooner or later is not going to be covered. You will have to walk by yourself. And similarly this happens to a Teacher. Have you seen in America so many Teachers came, they all fell apart. They boosted up like shard,2 and they came down like this. (YB raises his arm up in the air, then drops it suddenly). Just like firewood, because they didn’t build steady grounds.
After twenty-seven years I am teaching the first Teacher’s course. Do you know how I used to pick teachers? “Hey, you two get up. Are you married or not?”
“Oh yes, we are married.”
“Go to such-and-such a city, and start a center there.” And people stood their ground. Some of them are still there, enjoying, and being. But now we are teaching how to be a Teacher. Why? Now the Age of Aquarius has come on us. We have to deal with the whole world, so everybody has to have this hands-on work. That’s why.
Some of you may feel your friends leave you, or you feel your students leave you, or you feel your relatives leave you. No, no. It is all relative. People relate to each other for emotions and feelings, and emotions and feelings change. Each thought you get with the wink of an eye has to turn into a feeling, an emotion, and a desire. Then it becomes a neurosis, a psychosis. It’s a continuous process of the intellect. The intellect lives by it. The intellect keeps on bombarding thoughts and thoughts and thoughts and thoughts and thoughts, and millions of thoughts go into the subconscious, and then the subconscious becomes loaded. Then it unloads itself in dreams, in fantasies, in nightmares and, God, when it starts unloading into the unconscious, then you've had it.
A Teacher has to project from the innocent self, with nothing to make-up for—with no wrong projection. How are you going to do that? It’s very funny. You think with all your rotten habits you can still be smiling. It’s just like a person has rotten teeth and starts smiling, with all their black and eaten-up teeth. As with rotten teeth you can’t smile, with rotten habits you can’t live. You can survive, I have no objection to it.
If when you were young you lived a life of adultery, when you become an adult, you start handicapped. But one thing it is difficult for you to face is to be an adult, to be mature. And the thing you hate to face is old age. In old age you become unwanted, single, unattended, unloved. What a tragedy it is. But go to the Orient and see how the older people live. Early in the morning, children can’t even wait, they rush to them to listen to their experiences and stories. Once I knew a very old man, and I asked him, “Wow, what is life?”
He said, “Oh, God, I should have become old and handicapped as I am fifty years ago.”
I said, “What’s the difference?”
He said, “Look how many people are serving me.” There were seventeen kids sitting there.
I asked them, “What do you get out of this man?”
They said, “Man, his beautiful experiences and stories. He tells us all that he has done in life and what should not be done and what should be done.”
I looked around, there was food for seventy people because everybody brought something. They just wanted to come and be with him and feel him. You will not have those days. You’ll go into those rest homes.
I was traveling from Los Angeles to Sacramento, and there was a man sitting in first class next to me. And I said, “Where are you going?”
He said, “I’m going to Sacramento.”
“There’s a retirement person's company.”
I said, “Who are you?”
“I’m this, I’m that.”
I said, “Where do you live?”
“I live in the Bible Belt.”
I said, “What have you been?”
“I have been so and so.”
He said, “My wife has died, my children have grown, I’m alone.”
I said, “What do you mean, ‘alone?’”
He said, “I have a twenty bedroom house. It’s a palace. I built it. I and my wife used to have dreams, and....”
I said, “How many acres is the garden with it?”
He said, “Forty acres.”
I said, “Oh yeah? How many servants do you have?”
“How many cars do you have?”
“Huh. What don’t you have?”
He said, “I have everything.”
“Why are you lonely?”
He said, “Oh, I am very lonely. My wife is gone. I can’t live in that house anymore.”
And I said, “You are getting out at Sacramento?”
He said, “Yes.”
I said, “Take the return flight, go back home, and every Saturday invite one village in your area to your grounds.” He’s doing it even today. He’s the happiest man. He opens up his home and his lawns, spreads out food and everything, and sends an invitation to the village that, “You’ll be my guest this Saturday. Come on and enjoy.” They sit on the lawns, have food, and the children play. He gives them some gifts, and passes one day. And it takes him one week to prepare for the next Saturday. He has a purpose. He has tons of money. He doesn’t need anything, but he didn’t have the tool to smile.
You have a tool for sex, you have tools for being hookers, you have tools for everything. But you do not have a tool to smile from your heart. And the heart which does not smile shall not have a good head in the long run. And that’s the problem. These observations are true. This is called immature undeveloped human beings trying to act as mature and developed adults. The handicap is in your childhood. You never let the cup fill to the brim. You leaked it out too early. And that leakage, babies, will cost you life.
When I was living in Hollywood, I saw what I saw, and I asked God, “How come?”
And He said, “Well, that’s why I’ve sent you here. Look at it.”
On my right side my neighbors were groupies. On my left side my friends all were gay. Not just this out-of-the-closet business, but real—as a religion. They used to call me the “Gay Master.” They were not afraid. I was very proud of them. They were very real.
I was living among them. Where our ashram was is the biggest gay area in Los Angeles, and I was in residence there. My first experience was that I found out they are very truthful and straight-forward.
And they used to ask me, “Do you hate us because we are gay?”
I said, “No. It’s natural.”
“When the imbalanced parents love in an imbalanced way, either you create a neurotic or you create something like that. It’s a sensory system.” Sex is a sensory system. Sex is not what you think sex is. Sex has nothing to do with being gay or not gay, or being a lesbian or not being lesbian. Sex is not in the private organs of the human. Sex is in the pituitary. And sex is not what you think sex is. Sex is by smell. And because no human has a real body smell, therefore, there’s no real sex. What are those colognes out now? There are many names. “Obsession.” “Possession.” “Realization.” “Excession.” Put a little umm, that’s it, you are dead. You are gone. You have no original smell. When this nose has smelled that Obsession, Possession, Realization.... Therefore, in any sexual relationship, there’ll be no reality, no affection, no realism, because it’s provoked by a wrong smell.
The pituitary by smell must order the central nervous system to go down and prepare a person for that. Do you know that? Many of you might not have heard it. Sex is performed down there, but it is created here. (YB points to his Third Eye point.) This is called the “Command Center,” the Sixth center, ajna chakra. It is the center of creativity, of command, and it commissions everything in the human. And this works through fragrance. This is true. That’s why in your life you shall always choose the wrong partners.
It’s very funny. Two people wanted to get married. I said, “Well, do you already have a sexual, sensual relationship?”
They said, “We are very established. We are very much for each other, blah, blah, blah.”
I said, “Okay, you will take a bath together for fifteen days, and then come back to me.” Well, after fifteen days they didn't show up. I said, “Okay, we’ll wait.” After a month they showed up. And I said, “Well? Are you going to marry or not?”
They said, “I don’t think so. We have different thoughts now.”
A human who’s not organic is not original. And any relationship which is created on an inorganic state, on an unreal status, will not last. I was just discussing with my builder. He was going to build a room. We decided on a price. He said, “I'll do it for thirty-five thousand dollars.”
I said, “Okay.” We agreed.
He came back today. He said, “You have to pay me fifteen thousand dollars more.”
I said, “What for?”
“Oh man, everything,” he said, “is wrong.” Because when he opened up the whole thing, the structure was totally not what he thought it was. He said, “I have to rebuild the whole thing.”
That’s why you have to divorce and remarry again. That’s why you have to fall in love, again, and again, and again, and again. And then, you are dead. And never again.
It's a serious talk today?
Class: Yes, Sir.
YB: It seems like you don't like it. This is your story, folks, as seen through a mirror.
I normally don’t say to people everything that I see, because people get scared. They don’t come around. It’s a lot of difficulty. If once, out of affection and love of my life, I say it and it happens, then they say I have cursed them. I don’t want to curse anybody. What for? It’s not my happiness that you are weak, or you fall apart, or you do not enjoy life, and you do not share your blossom beauty with everybody. It’s my personal feeling that you be super, super, super happy all the time.
Happiness is our birthright. We are born to be happy. We are born to be so happy, that out of all calamities, tragedies, and whatever it is, we can go through it happily. That’s how happy we are. We have been provided longitude and latitude and happiness to that brim. But we start early, and when we reach the middle of life which is like the desert. Tthen we have no protection, we have no juice inside like a camel so that we can go on.
It’s not that I don’t love you. I love you, that’s why I am here, that's why I decided to come here from India. I said, “I’m not going to go and visit and come back and take anybody’s money. I’ll take their money and be there and spend it on them.” I taught you for thirty-five dollars a week when people used to charge three hundred fifty bucks a course. I have never taken money from any student. What comes is yours. What you gave is yours. What is left here is yours. I’m a good parent, I’m a good worker, I’m a good man. I earn my livelihood in honest ways. You have to learn to handle the business of your life in a business-like way.
Business has its own identity, as life has its own identity, and you can’t shift it. You can’t be married to somebody and play a motherly role. You’ll be divorced. You cannot marry somebody and be a husband and try to become a father—you’ll be left. She left the father’s house to marry you, and you have started acting like another father. Wow. Hell, what does she want with that? Wow. You pursued the man, you locked in the psyche, you understood it, and then after that you don’t understand it? What you understood, you don’t understand now? Divorce is inevitable.

YB: There’s a hope today and let’s see if we can do something about ourselves. You will see how handicapped you are by this exercise. If you reach a stage of pain, which will be horrible, and I’m not saying it won’t be, then you have to cross that so that the brain in its balance should work. Brains in balance work.
The mound is touched, pressure put, then release. Put on a very systematic tape of only the drums. The one from Europe. Let me see how they do. I’m very relaxed today. I’m going to watch how you do this little exercise. Hallelujah. We’ll check it out.
You will use the word “Har” when you put a pressure from the navel point. “Har” from the navel point, with the tip of the tongue. That’s all. Not very difficult.
(European Drum Tape is played. Class begins reciting “Har” on about every fourth beat.)
Be alert, be alert. It’s a very good, tricky beat.
Bravo! Reach out and touch the heavens.
Inhale. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Make fists. Inhale deep. Hold the breath, and squeeze your entire being. Shift the energy to every cell. For God’s sake, don’t stop it now. Cannon fire, exhale. Inhale deep again. Tight, tight, tight, tight, tight. Toe to top, tight. Tight. Shake up the whole thing. Cannon fire out. Last chance. Inhale deep. Shake up the whole being. Whole skull, toes, top, knees. Relax.
We have hope, don’t we? Tonight we will have a unique class. What time do you eat at night? Just eat at about four-thirty, so that by the time I come you’ll have a little left in you so that you can do it. We call it “Dance of the Navel.” All right?
Class: Yes, Sir.
YB: And if you eat less it will be a great experience. I can't explain, you can’t understand, so it’s okay. We are going to get into it. There’s nothing outside of us. It’s all inside of us. Nanak said if you search outside you are wasting time. It’s inside. When we feel beautiful inside, fulfilled inside, inside our own inside, wow, it’s so good. See you later.


YB Teachings, LLC 1996
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