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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 01/06/1990
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Espanola, NM

Security and Prosperity


In spite of the fact we have hope that sooner or later we'll be visiting the Akal Takhat, but still we sing the song, "When I shall walk on the cold marble again."... It is a real expression of longing. Longing to belong is the spiritual side of the man which not only gives him the prosperity... the power... but it gives him a perpetual dimension which the human lacks because of the insecurity, because of the low level and mediocre level of consciousness.
Try to understand that each one of us has a soul... each one of us has a mind... and each one of us has bodies - mental, spiritual, physical, subtle... all combinations. We have a life... the breath of life... without which we cannot even live. Our real master, our real employer, our real relative, our real owner is the breath of life. Moment the real owner, the Master, the breath of life abandons our body, the mortal falls. The immortal, the soul, leaves. It takes the shelter of the subtle body and a subtle weight leaves the human as all the designs and ambitions are gone.

The purpose of being human in this life is to become immortal. There have been humans by example who trusted in God, who believed in God, who dwelt in God, and their perpetualness is still remembered. They are called prophets, messengers, guides, teachers... spiritual... non-factual. They were factual people who brought home the realization of man's concept.

Because you must understand how beautiful this earth is, and jobs here and richness here is beautiful maya and we should have it. "Maya mohnee jagat ta gholee chaliaa saaray saa-ee." This is the concept of this maya and some people do not love it to the extent they do not want to move out at all. They tie their loin cloth and they go into a mountain and they live by whatever they can get by, and they do that kind of stuff... and there are some people who just show off their spirituality to everybody, but that all is total physical. That's a maya. Spirituality has more maya than anything else you can see.

And I was talking to somebody and he said, "I freaked out with God. God didn't come through me. He didn't come through when I called on God." I said: "Here is a contractor who wants to deal with God." "Naak nat kasam hath kirat takay deh. Jaahaa daanaa ta kanaa, naanak ka sachay." We are just like a camel has a nail in his nose and that is like there is a string to it and the man very politely keeps that string and the camel... though very powerful and high, tall, big animal... starts walking behind him. And this is that in our nose there is a little nail with a string. "Kirat thakay deh." Kirat is action to survive. Any action we do to survive is called 'kirat.' "Kirat thakay deh." Kirat gives us push, pushes us through. "Jaahaa daanaa taa kaanaa"... where the written food is, they will eat. "Naanak kaa sachay." Naanak, that is the truth.
But we are planning. We are planning to become immortal on the earth. But we forget the earth is a reflection of heavens. Let us suppose that again the earth will face that which it faced in the past of human history, that forty two years there was not a drop of rain. It is the story of this earth on which you live. I'm not talking of Jupiter or talking of any other planet.

Forty two years there was no rain. As at Noah's time, there was so much flood that 81 feet of water came on the planet earth. "Nao naysay panee chariaaeeaa, oojo baar kujaalaa." 81 feet... 9 foot is the one lance, the nine lances the water came up rushing... and the entire planet side of the humanity, the living everything was washed away. It is called 'break of the north pole.' Ice cap broke and everywhere there was water. But there was a time also which took 42 years of no rain, and that's why you are sitting in this small sea, you call it Espanola, Santa Fe, and this all everything here dried up.

So what I mean to say... if the rain doesn't come from the heavens, or what you call the sky or space or up top, for a couple of years, then you won't have a chance to survive on the land, it doesn't matter what. Even now people are complaining because of the drought. Water table has gone down, and things are topsy-turvy. However, heavens and earth have a relationship as maya, and the self has a relationship as the mortal and immortal have a relationship. A mortal is the expression of the immortal. Don't confuse yourself with God. Rich is that one who has the reach. Immortal is that who has reflected through the mortal. The immortal exists in the person here. Question is here and now. Your tomorrow is what you have done today, and how you took care of your yesterday.

There are people here... they are so scared and so angry they do not even know what God is. And they are spiritual people. You talk to anybody. They will convince you, little bit, even the atheist who doesn't believe in God will convince you for hours why that person is an atheist. I once had a talk with an atheist, and for three hours we talked, between me and that person, and I was doing something. I took that from a movie theater, that clicker. When you go into a movie theater, the man at the gate, as many people goes in, he clicks. And then later on he comes and sees, tells the ticket seller how many tickets they have sold and how many people have gone in. They used to count seats before. Now they don't do it. They do it by clicker. You might not have noticed it. So I just borrowed a clicker and any time he said, "I don't believe in God, I don't know God, I don't understand God," I started clicking. I pressed the hand. And that's all I wanted to do, I was doing. And he never understood what I was doing. In
the end when we conversed with each other and he said, "I'm sorry, you totally believe in God, from your conversation I have understood you are good debater. But I really am not convinced there is a God." And I just took that thing and I read. I said, "My God!" He said, "What?" I said, "You named God 400 times between me and your conversation. And I don't think I did that much." He said, "How you know?" And I took the clicker in front of him and I read the number to him. I said, "What do you mean? It says 400." I said, "Yes, it is a very even number. Prayer number. 4 is prayer. 0-0 means Infinity. Whenever you said, 'God,' from you, directly or indirectly, I didn't care, I just clicked. And look how many times you denied God or you accepted God." And then I told him the story of the Saint Peter. I said, "God wants to know who meditates on Him in trust and faith."

And when we say, 'meditate' it means we clear our mind of our garbage. There's not one thought you should always think that your mind will not clog up with different varieties of stress and strain... demands and needs... insecurity. I think the people who think they are not insecure, they are in ecstasy, they are in this and that, I think they are statues. I think if you get up in the morning, and you get up in an absolute negative mind and conquer it in one second, you are much more a saint than a saint himself. I think you must have a virtue.

Virtue of life is not to relate to insecurity. And I tell you why. This is all the spirituality I understand: If you do not relate to insecurity, security (which is God) comes through, and if you infinitely do NOT relate to insecurity, the infinite security which is God, shall be handy. Choice is yours. I can't make your choice.

And in Sikh Dharma the very presence of Akal Takhat, the undying throne, shows you the rulership of God. We celebrate the day today to commemorate the memory that Akal Takhat made itself the sacrifice.

And circumstances and environments are changing so fast. Whole world is going through that changes. Watch my words. In 1972 I told you very politely that '84-'88 are the harshest periods. Yes, they were. And look, one year '89. Now we are entering '90. Look what has happened in that one year. Can you ever amazingly understand that all these things which have happened?

I was in Berlin. I went to that church to see. They told me: "No, let us go to that victory gate which is the place where they removed the wall." And I said: "Within the end of the year, this place will be all open again. It HAS to happen" And all those people, they came here, they said: "Yes, we believe when you came and you stood on that stand in that church and you said: 'this wall is not going to stay.' They said, 'No, this is a manmade thing. God doesn't want it.' And we believed then and we believe now."

Ever you thought that the two most super powers who were talking nothing but animosity for years, who did not know how to talk friendly, they forgot how to talk friendly. Now they are talking friendly. But they sometimes do not know how they talk friendly. "Yes, we have friends and we have understanding that things will come out. But still we have to walk with caution."

There are a lot of people here who say, "Sat Nam," to each other with caution. There are a lot of people who have built psychic Berlin walls between each other. There are a lot of people who have their governments, and if you tell them to expand or contract they are like that guy who is forty years the Romanian chief. I do not want to name him. But they are just like that. They think they know all. They are immortal, they are forever on the earth, they will never go away. Everything is because of them. If they tilt the balance, the whole universe will go away.

There is a very beautiful Chinese proverb. Chinese says: "We know all is that. That all is. But we have to say something to be something.

So what we have done? God created an infinite universe and we created an infinite insecurity."

I was going to share with you that the most beautiful thing is that we are not the master of our strength. We are slaves. We are actually prisoners of our weaknesses. And we are so insecure... our weaknesses, our likes and dislikes... I tell you, you might be meeting some people, they are very beautiful, they are intelligent...

I had a very shocking experience once. I went to meet a man, a man of caliber. America knows him. And in his office you walk through a long corridor. I went through that corridor and on both sides of the corridor are his Ph.d. and his achievements, totally beautifully decorated on a wood and a glass and it is so prominently enlarged, done, that even a man with absolutely very bad eyesight can very well read. Then you go in his office, the office walls, in the corners there are four, five beautiful pieces of art, but the walls are decorated with his whole stuff, and I was very appreciative. Then my psychology came handy. I said: "This man has to do this facade. There must be something wrong with him. Otherwise why man should waste that much time to convince that he is very well read?" Yes, the idea was true. Within seven minutes of conversation I said: "Oh God, I am dealing with an egomaniac who even doesn't know how to spell it." He told me, "Oh yeah, you come from India!" I said, "Yeah, originally I am
from India." "Oh, what do you know of the Western world? We are different." You know, I had a sense of humor. I said, "I don't see two noses on your face. There are only two eyes. Is there something different between you and me? We have the same thing." He said, "Oh no, I don't mean... I mean in thinking... East is East you know." I said, "You are very mistaken. My east is New York and my west is Tokyo, Honolulu. Which one you are talking about?"

You all won't believe it. I have never seen a man nonplussed so badly that he couldn't say another word for about three minutes. He looked at me and looked at me. And I said, "You are doing thoratic." He said, "What's that?" I said, "It is a yogic science in which you fix your eyes and you don't move." "Oh, I am doing something Eastern?" I said, "Yeah, East is not that bad. Sun rises from there. Though sunset is very beautiful, but sun rises from the east. And in the west people sleep very late. They are not going to see sunrise. So don't be upset." His total idea is to convince that he is special. Environments were special. I could see when the door opened and I went in for the first step. All along.

So what I am trying to tell you is that you have a little scheme in your head what you want to be. All right, let us establish this: that you have a scheme as a mortal, and you want in your hidden society and self, an idea to be immortal. And that is where God comes in. God doesn't belong to those who believe in it or trust in it now. God belongs to those who have a very humble, hidden thought that everything is God. God doesn't belong to you or to your existence. I'm sorry to tell you that. You are the most stupid, idiot animal -- not worth a worm which died yesterday. I'm telling you in the most polite, religious language, and if you just want me to go a little further, it will be illegal on my part to say that.
If you do not have the subtle, little ray of light, deep in you, that all is God, the worst and the best, the good and the bad, then you don't exist. Moment of nonexistence is salvation of self into the flow of infinity as a human. I am still searching for a man who lives his spiritual status. I am deeply searching. And don't misunderstand it -- I search in myself, too! Your spirit is pure. It is part of God. Therefore no way you have to find God. You have already found it. It is in you. That's your master, that's your employer.

When I see people buying Christmas presents, I like it. They enjoy Christmas. They give each other presents in the name of the spirit. You know that Santa Claus is more known to the world... as well as Mickey Mouse. They are the polarities. The most popular items on this planet earth in 1990 are Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse. Do you know both don't exist? There's no such thing as Santa Claus. It is man-created, and it got created in Manhattan and in Bronx area? Some people overbuilt their socks too long and they wanted to sell it. And some people wanted to sell it. Manhattan firm called the Bronx firm. "Hey guy, what should we do with this stuff?" The guy came with a cartoon and with an idea of Santa Claus and the socks were going to come through the chimney in every person's life. And do you believe in whole year what we sell, in one week we sell equal to that. One third of the whole sale of everybody is sold at Christmas time.

What is there in a Christmas? A spirit. A gift to each other in the name of spirit. That's why Christmas looks good. You call it 'Christ.' Jews call it something else. Sikhs call it 'Guru Gobind Singh's birthday.' Everybody gets to that time when sun is smaller and night is longer. Man has created something to relate to the light and spirit. That's all it is.

I'm asking, "Why cannot we do it all the time?" What is the difficulty in us? Why can't we figure out that God is still the owner of this planet earth? He rotates the earth, he will take care of the routine. I know 99% of you don't believe it, what I am saying. I cannot DIS-believe it, because that is my whole practical life. I have to go by my experience. I cannot go by your experience. But I urge you. It is not that time has not been cruel with me. It is not that space has not betrayed me. It is not that I have not faced debauchery on every step of my way of life. I'm not trying to tell you that I am a hero. Not at all. I am telling you that life has the most cruel confrontations, but within you, like in the burning desert, there is a little well of water which is cool and calm and it has a few palm trees with dates full on it. It is an oasis. So please do not lose the living life in the diagram of perpetual insecurity.

Actually, people who believe in God are worst when they are insecure. They are worse than the atheists. At least atheists are honest. They openly deny: "There is no God!" But those who believe in God and are insecure, they are the worst!

Let me tell you something which is going to be very, very true and I don't want you to normally go out of your way to believe me. Normally you quote me later. "Oh yeah, he said it. We didn't listen to it." But normally you have your own ideas about life. But now it is a very serious situation. Our years of prosperity are ahead. We can damage ourself by relating to our past uptight calamities which we have faced. It is not only that we only went through the financial crisis as a whole nation... as a Khalsa nation, as Sikhs... but we gave eighty-some thousand people, they sacrificed their lives. Innocent people. People who had nothing to do with anything. They were innocent, young, promising people of tomorrow. They lost their lives. But that's over with. But now even they do not know what to do. A lot of things are coming to light which are explaining, but still Akal Takhat stands twice incomplete. It was attacked... sacrifice was virtual... and then it sacrificed itself again. And it stands with us, exactly in that
status as we are. It is a holy symbol of a royalty and spirit. But on the other hand, it stands, still, without a Golden Dome, and without completion. It reminds us that now the time has come when things will complete themselves. And that is the time their spirit is required.

I'll ask you to start here, in 1990, with a one promise: Everyday you will give up your little ego and you'll believe a little bit in Infinity.

All right, I agree with you, Infinity is awake and fake and nobody knows it, and it is too much, and man cannot take it. I understand that. And I understand that you all have to work hard. You have children. You have families and you have challenges. I mean to say, I know, you are in the world. I'm not denying you that privilege, but I'm asking you: why don't you give the chance to the Master, the Guardian Angel, the God who created you, to fix up your tomorrow? Give it a little chance.

You have done 20 years, you have conformed yourself to a reality. You have come to an understanding. In 20 years, now, the demand of the time and the space is that you should every day trust Infinity a little bit and give God a chance.

I will tell you my own story: One day I was going through book very fast, sitting under a street light, and I didn't have anything for putting a book marker. And these little things which fly with the light. When I opened the book I just screened through and one will fall in it, and sit there. So next day I handed over the book to the owner. I said, "Thank you very much for lending me the book. I have gone through it. I think I can go through the exam very very well. But this book has a lot of markers, so don't... I couldn't tell them to go away, I couldn't tell them....they wanted to be here. There must be a purpose."

Later on he passed very good and I got good numbers and he said, "You know, I went through that book and I opened where those bugs were and I just read those papers and they were all the questions." I said, "You know, these things in the heavens became the markers that night, and I didn't know what to do with this stuff. So I told you." He said, "I didn't open the whole book. You know how big it is? I just went through those pages and I was fine."

Sometime little things, small things, mean all the things.

So let us start year 1990 with one simple message: Let us love ourselves in a very small way. And let us love everybody all the way. Let us trust little bit, little bit. I mean, I know you care for friends, you care for your job, you care for your children, you care for your future. There's not a one item on the menu that you do not care about. But I just want to tell you, don't forget the owner of the whole thing is God Himself. The spirit, the breath of life. Your ego is not your owner.

I know sometimes you act very obnoxiously in a most belittling way when it comes to challenge to your ego. Whatever you cannot handle, you handle it very angrily. And anger gives you insensitivity and makes you immune, and cuts you off from the inflow of Infinity. Anger is not anything but the energy that you want to use for your life everyday, you blow it up in one day. Anger is many ways. There is one anger that is very evident, visible. In ten minutes person blows up like a volcano. There are other angers very subtle. They are most dangerous people. Their anger is inside. They are manipulators, jealous, angry people. Anger has many vicious ways to come and eat up the human being, because it is a light force. It is what they call the 'devil.' It eats up the will. It takes away from you your will and competency to be loving, to be sharing, to be trusting, to be understanding, to be flowing. All that is gone because of your... it is called 'cold anger.' We call it 'white anger.' White anger is a state of
mind in which you are in the very, very core of your self, and therefore because your core of anger is with your own spirit and soul, therefore you pretend that anger... will share that anger... in everything. And sometimes it shows up in your work. Sometimes it shows up in your art.

I met in Albuquerque that day an artist. I couldn't believe it. He created marvelous pieces of art. But they show anger, anxiety, pain that even the touch of those things... It was proven that the man has gone through nothing but tears in life. Each day your mental action, mental thoughts shall be manifested in each tomorrow.

You perhaps do not know, it is called: 'act of karma.' Each day one negative thought will create a one negative scene tomorrow. Because the cycle of the earth on the axle is 24 hours, and psycho-magnetic field and psycho-magnetic identity must classify within 24 hours. And psycho- electromagnetic field and psycho-electromagnetic identity in projection must manifest something in one year. That's the orbit on which the earth rotates around the sun.

These are two laws you can't change. That's why the Siri Guru Granth... the word as human wisdom to purify our mind... needs to be in your heart. It should be with you in memory. It should come handy when you freak out, when you blow up your fuse, when you get scared. Because at that sign, as a Sikh, it is dangerous. You are forgetting the basic fundamental teaching of Sikh Dharma: "Ang Sang Wahe Guru."

It is very surprising. You feel your friends are with you, you feel your wisdom is with you, you feel your intellectual self is with you, you feel your intelligence is with you. You feel everything is with you. You feel your children are going to be with you forever, your home is going to be forever, your water supply is never going to go away, your pipes can never burst. I mean, you feel everything is with you. You never feel that God is with you.

You chant "Wahe Guru" (that is your Gurmantra) and you never feel it is with you!

Sometime I was very kind to somebody. The person said: "I do not know WHAT to do!" I said, "Do nothing. Just to everything, say: 'Wahe Guru'... Ang Sang Wahe Guru: God is within me and with me. Every breath of life, 15 times per minute come and tell me so." And I don't want to feel it. What has gone wrong to our feelings?

Well, what has happened in 1989 is an old story. Let us start the year '90 with one word only. Once I was told in real estate there are three things which work: Location, Location, and Location. And in prosperity three things work: Security, Security, and Security. Because security manifests prosperity. Security manifests the entire manifestation. Because security is the rule of harmony. You have to secure two wheels so that they can go into absolute harmony. You have to get everything to the pivot so the force can move. And there are no two forces other than the lens and the lever. Lever moves which you cannot move. Lens sees what you cannot see. And you have all those two powers. The only thing you lack in your life is that you are not secure. A person who is not secure has nothing to do with harmony.

Some of you think that status... the money, the wealth, and the friends and the relationship... all that can work it out. My friends, it is not true. If your tire bursts out, you can go on it, but if the axle breaks, there is no car yet made which can make it to the destination. There are a lot of ways you can maneuver your life, but you have no life, you are rather a burden to life when your axle breaks. And every life has an axle, and that is the spirit of God, the breath of life... the most important thing the mortal has to see is that immortality is the axle of life. It will serve us here and hereafter. Stupid person should not think that he is here to be here. No. We are here to give the message of heavens. We are here to take with us the goodness into heavens. It is a journey, my friend, through which we are going.

I am very fortunate to be with you and to be in the presence of Siri Guru Granth. And your prayers are virtuous. They gave me the extension of life and they gave me to serve you. And it will be recorded in the time of the history that when the Golden Temple gates got closed, so did my arteries, and so God gave you a chance to do and test your prayer, and your prayer brought me from the death back to the life.

I am not denying that my life is because of me. If my horoscope tells so, it is not true. The truth is that my life, each day, is because of your prayer and your longing and your love for me, and your asking me to be with you. That proves that your prayer works. And that is my personal testimony that your prayer works. If it works for me, it definitely will work for you. And prayer IS the power, believe me! Read my lips if you have to.

Let us be kind and gentle to the fact of reality that God is never going to abandon the planet earth. Therefore the Creator is not going to abandon creation and the creatures. Let us start our today with ecstasy of consciousness and feeling of oneness with God and with each other. Let us make a resolution that each day we'll say little bit good-bye to insecurity and we'll rely on security little bit more. And that each day, that little bit in a small way, shall go all the way. In the end you will find it is multiplied by 365. That many days are there. But if you're really smart, do it by the hour. If you think you are really smart, do it by the minute. And if you have a real computer consciousness, do it by the second.

Time has come, my friends, to realize what we have come to realize on the earth, and time has come to realize that heavens are on the earth. And watch my words, trust them not (though you won't want to): Those who do not realize heavens on the earth do not know where heavens are. And cycle of 8.4 million lifetimes is reserve path and many many times they go through this cycle for nothing.

I am very grateful to somebody who gave me the video tape on "Life." And that video tape you all should have. And I'd like to send a copy to you, too, or you can have it. It tells you all about life, how from a little point, a little mucousy point, we all started. And how many lives we have all gone through. If you just see that, I think you will not like to go through that again. I mean, how many of you want to be an eel in the bottom of the ocean? And how many of you would like to be all that stuff which it shows? Thank God you have all come out of it, consciously!

I hope the 1990 will give you a message that we have done well for two decades. We have done a great service to humanity by serving ourself, and trying to uplift ourself into the spirit of God, in believing that there is One God. That is the first word of Sikh Dharma: "Ik Ong Kar..." There is but One God, and total universe is His creation. Now is the time to come out with a love and affection. Each day do it. Because I want to ask you that.

Today I see everybody has that little book. They call it "Day Management," "Table Management." So everyday you make your appointments on it. Make first opening appointment in the middle of the day to calculate how much insecurity I have given up and how much security I have trusted. Make it an appointment for 15 minutes with that... Organizer, they call it. Yes, yes, yes! And they are very costly these days. I saw one organizer, I couldn't believe the price. And it tells you everything, and when you open the page it starts singing to you to cheer you up, it sings you a song. And when I opened it on the Christmas day, it started singing Christmas songs. It gives you one minute of the day, best inspirational song. Unbelievable! Just open the page, there's nothing you have to do. There's whole... in the body of it, there's whole chipmunk situation going on. And it does the whole thing a man can do. And amazingly, if there is an urgent appointment, so urgent that you do not want to miss it, you write that and you press
there at a certain mark as 'urgent.' Whether it is in your bag or it is in your hand, it will create a hell until you read it. It won't stop, doesn't matter what, until the batteries of that thing are lost. But that's too long to understand. So with that kind of modernization and mechanization in life, don't you understand that time has come for you to facilitate your own thoughts to feel God is with you?

And one word I ask you to learn. One line. I'm not asking you to do pranayam for thirty hours and then you'll be fine, or if you can fly in the air you will be wonderful, or if you give one billion dollars as charity, then you'll be nice. Nothing. Don't do anything for me or believe me or trust me. But for your own sake... everyday, everyday there are 8 hours of the day you work... 8 hours of the day you do everything... and 8 hours of the day you do lot of things. There are 24 hours. You make it a point that one plus for that, the Infinite, 24 for you. 25 times you have to say for yourself: "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." In 24 hours you have to say 25 times, to yourself, not for me, not meditating on God, not closing eyes, not doing any yoga. You can do it while sitting on a toilet seat. It doesn't matter. It is all you. You have to have no ceremony for it. But make it a promise that the whole year of 1990 you will say everyday, 25 times, "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." These are five words, these are five sounds. It will develop
intuition in you that you need it. It will let you see the unseen, hear the unheard, and know the unknown.

My prayer is that we are walking on a path of Infinity.

My blessing is, let us make it together.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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