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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 09/23/2002
Category: KWTC, misc, Teacher Training
Location: Espanola, NM

Living Consciously

I don’t agree that people live consciously; they want to have money, a house, a car, etc., etc., etc. A person who lives consciously doesn’t care, he knows these things shall come, there is no problem with it. Conscious living is: you try to become a saint; conscious living is, you try to become a most graceful, truthful, compassionate person.

Conscious living has many, many virtues—so many virtues that you don’t have time for this belittling nonsense. When you belittle yourself nobody can help you. You were born naked. Weren’t you? Can you deny it? It is a fact you can’t deny. So why you are upset now?

You need caliber, and over and above everything, you need tons of kindness, tons; mucho, mucho kindness. When somebody is very unkind, rude, brutish, abusive, at that time, if you can smile, you have learned kindness.

You are the leaders of tomorrow. You have to walk with your own consciousness, creativeness, clarity, purity, sympathy, service, sharing, caring. You have to. You have to have endurance and patience.

When you have consciousness, you will know that this planet belongs to God and it’s His power which prevails. You will surely be happy. There shall be no sadness in your life. Learn. Learn from a little flower how subtle its life is, how beautiful and soft its petals are, how great its fragrance is, how beautiful its color is. Can’t you look at one flower, and figure out all the subtlety? And develop an understanding at that time. You and that flower are the same thing. Yes or no?

Technologically and psychologically you are social animals, social mammals, and you have been trained in a certain way, to feel a certain way, to believe in a certain way, and to know things in a certain way. In these next eighteen days you can come out of all restrictions and reservations. You can be as wide as the sky—akasha, as solid as the Earth permits you to be, as liquid as the oceans, as high and mighty as the mountains. You have the right to be everything and then nothing. Out of nothing what will grow? It shall be something! Then you don’t care for fashion, you don’t care for this, you don’t care for that, you have to care for nothing, because you will have reached the point of feeling, understanding, and enjoying that, “you are you.” And that’s what you need. Somewhere in life you need to be you, not what your religion wants, not what your society wants, not what your country wants, not what your neighbors want. No, you have to be you. Then, serve all with a big smile on your face. You will be loved.

…God is not outside you. He is within you, and feel Him within you, so when you lie, just understand, the guy is hearing it. When you are doing something, which is mean, God doesn’t like to tell you but He knows it. It is that sensitivity of knowledge which you have to achieve. It doesn’t matter how powerful or expensive a car may be, if it doesn’t have brakes, an accident is inevitable. If your mind doesn’t know how to stop within the psyche of the circumstances of the flow… to create a universe and unisonness in you—you have not learned to live as a human.

YB Teachings, LLC 2002

Let Your Ego Go

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan

The Divinity in its infinity has created a human machine so complicated and so sophisticated that it is beyond imagination. In spite of the fact that now we have all kinds of machines and we are checking the human inside and out, still we are unable to find the total reality. The problem is that we do not have the sensitivity to know who we are. We have all the sensitivity to know who others are and what is going on. But somewhere it is necessary for us to our own mind to absolutely, totally relax our own minds so that we can deal with people.

For one minute think of the fact: God has made all. Or you can think that you have the right to check and do everything yourself. Your checking is a waste of your energy, your age, your privilege, your beauty, your youth. All that. If you don’t do it, then you have the freedom for relaxation, for peaceful growth, and your cells can rejuvenate themselves. That is what Guru Nanak said: Don’t interfere and get into trouble for nothing. You have been made to live; your destiny pre-written in detail, and later on you were given the body.

So sometimes we do not understand why we are suffering. Suffering, why not? It is a part of life. Suffering is a part of life. Loyalty is a part of life. Sacrifice is a part of life. Egolessness is a divine part of life.

When you waste your energy, the fact of it is, you become smaller and smaller in your thinking and ultimately you become so small, you cannot think of the Universe. And when you do not think of the Universe, you do not think of the Creator of the Universe. This Universe into which you were born is like a university of life from which you have to graduate. You have to grow to become something. Just as when you are born, you grow. You have to start today and get going. Live, live well. Live with a smile. All will come to you because God cannot abandon what He has created just as you cannot abandon what you have created. You cannot let your ego go. God cannot let you go—though you do not recognize and are not factual about it.

When you think too much, you become full of thoughts, then you worry. And when you worry, you squeeze, you contract. Your joy is gone. Your happiness is over. Your money is of no worth. Your home is of no use. Your children do not even look at you. All this you create and then you blame others. Let your ego go.

May Guru bless us in peace, tranquility, and prosperity so we can be bountiful, beautiful, and happy and always think of God in us as Ang Sung Wahe Guru.

YB Teachings, LLC 2003

Human Longing

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on July 10, 1991

Your longing to be beautiful is based on your grace. You want to be happy, you want to be worshipped, you want to be radiant, but you have been trained not to do a thing. Who supports that longing? You? No. The planet Earth? No. The angels? No. The longing in you is the one thing which God shall serve.

Pooran paar brahm paraa paar brahm parameshwar.

That infinite God of all infinity, shall serve longing.

He is infinite. He is sovereign. He is imperial. He is free: that great sovereign becomes a slave before human longing. Understand and value that prayer is the power of the person. Your prayer has to become so powerful and pure. Then how can anything go wrong?

Once you know your status and your depth, and you have earned that status by your longing, God belongs to you. There are two ways to live: either you hassle and sweat and die, or you sit tight and firm in the glory of your longing, in the best of yourself and your grace, and all will come to you. When your ego conflicts, then there is trouble, because fear will come. The moment you are a victim of fear, trouble is everlasting: if one goes away another will come in. God, who rotates the planet Earth, can take care of your routine. What is that key strength in you as a human being that can make God work for you? It is your longing.

There is only one power which nobody can defeat, it’s longing to belong. Your strength is your longing to belong to that identity which is the reality, which is the Infinity.

The concept of longing to belong is the human concept of ecstasy. That ecstasy, the power of Infinity, is where you can find the totality of God which comes as a sense of longing. Without a sense of longing, all is nothing.

YB Teachings, LLC 1991

3HO’s 25th Anniversary

January 5, 1994

Excerpts from Lectures by Yogi Bhajan

We started a healthy, happy, holy way of life, and that became 3HO. It is a dream come true. It is a very pure path in which every human was worshipped equally. Everybody is a potential teacher. There is no 'yes' and 'no', rather there is a set discipline to follow.

We built a foundation called the 3HO Foundation: a Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization of people. The first song I sang was, “We are the people, the people of love, let us people love today.” Certain little things started happening in a very unique way with all of you. All of those who have left, all who are with me, who shall be with me, or who shall leave me, all play a very important role in the development of 3HO—a lifestyle of the Age of Aquarius where humans shall be first and foremost purely human, and will do everything graciously.

I came with nothing and I shall leave with nothing. I own everything as though I own nothing. It shall all belong to the generations now and to come. I have just played a role as a custodian and a caretaker. I have taken ownership with a great perfection. My basic idea is very simple: don't let anybody down, don't let yourself down, and don't participate directly or indirectly in any letdown.

That shall be the legacy of 3HO. A group of young people had the will to conquer the times, and made a space for themselves in history. Time could not conquer them. And this is not a small thing, in spite of what you may think. This 3HO shall be the most important legacy on this planet for the Age of Aquarius. Sooner or later people will experience a tremendous amount of emptiness which always brings a void. A void brings unhappiness. Then people will want to find a place where they can be healthy, happy, and holy. It all fits in.

Who could have dreamt that after twenty-five years we would be what we are today? With all the heaven and hell we have gone through, we have survived with a very unique pride with which we have walked tall in the face of the entire Universe. Today anywhere you go you will find that this is a living legacy which is not only for now, not only for the next one hundred years, but for the coming two thousand years of the Age of Aquarius, when mankind will find shelter in the 3HO way of life. And then, you who are here now, who are just considered to be a handful of people, shall be considered as the most Divine. Isn't it amazing?

This small little thing, which was started to give people a way of life, with love and dedication, shall prevail in the coming change of the Age. All the energy which poured in to build this foundation, to me is a wonderful experience.

YB Teachings, LLC 1994

Healing in the Aquarian Age


Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan

You have to understand the process of healing in the Age of Aquarius. You have to know how to feed the psyche. You have to know your touch is as good as God’s touch. It is not sensual, sexual, or social. It is a healer’s touch. You have to beam the psyche into the being of a person to make it realistic. What will give the healing is the flow of your soul energy. We call it “psychic flow.” It belongs to your inner self. Please understand that healing is a process.

First of all, before you touch anybody you have to make sure that you are as pure as possible. As a chiropractor, you need to purify your being before touching your patient, or else you function just like a machine—crick, crick, crack, crack, and the matter ends. If you don’t purify yourself and heal yourself of all the inner duality, negativity can prevail through the flow of the psyche. If this is the case, we stop one disease temporarily, but ultimately cause permanent disease.

Whether you are a medical doctor or a chiropractor, or other type of healer, life has a challenge. And that challenge is, you have to be egoless. You have to just become, without self, a healer, or a doctor, at that moment, for that purpose, that mission. You cannot have any deviation. If you deviate, then your psyche will interlock with the patient’s psyche. You can interlock the body—that I understand. You can tune into the mind, I can understand that. You can tune in the spirit, that I can understand. But if you do not tune into the psyche, your entire healing will be useless.

Healing is a process of personal super divinity. It is a power of touch. You should be so prayerful and pure, and your touch should be so powerful and impactful, that the entire body of another person may change to the desirable end results. Without this, as healers, we get burnt out. That’s why a lot of people do not last long in the health and healing professions.

Your mind should be fresh and beautiful. If your domestic atmosphere is one of fighting, quarreling, and negation, it will interfere in the process of your healing, because your psyche will not penetrate and reach the target.

You are a cause, not an effect. You cause the charge to affect healing and if your charge is very low-grade voltage, and your psyche is not fully with you, the effect will be very low-grade, too.

As a healer the first thing to tell every patient is to breathe deeply. Help your patients get rid of shallow breathing. Shallow breathing means no oxygen, no workload-carrying habits, no endurance, no patience.

Secondly, wash your hands after seeing each patient. This is not only for hygiene, but also to change the energy.

When you finish with a patient you should take a break and resettle yourself. It is not about how many people you see each day, it is about how many people you heal. There is a difference between healing and seeing.

Healing is nothing but the play of one’s personal psyche. It comes from dedication and devotion. It comes from the highest state of purity, and it comes from the power which is God. It’s not what you think it is. It is a caliber to collaborate with the flow of the psyche of two.

YB Teachings, LLC 1999

Paying Attention

December 3, 2002

The very fact that a man is born is so he can study and see deeply into the life around him. From his first breath of life, if he doesn’t get into the habit of penetratingly paying attention to everything, to reach to the core of creativity, he loses the chance to be certain, and doesn’t understand the message and doesn’t understand the Universe.

God created so many things. Ultimately, everything is in balance. Nature is neither a friend nor an enemy; it is simply indifferent. When a human pays attention, then he understands the meaning of indifference, the life purpose of it, the glory of it. And also he can see the darkness and sadness of it. Such an involved human being comes out of all circumstances with absolute sensitivity and fairness of purpose. He enjoys life and extends that joy to his own self and to others, and lives a very fulfilled life.

On the other hand, people who do not pay attention are unfortunate; they want to get attention. They forget the purpose of life. When you want to get attention, you have to play so many games, show so many colors and shadows; you have to lie and tell bigger lies to get people to hear you.

In the long run, people who get attention paid to them by unnatural means are very dull and extremely cunning. They do not have strength of character. They cannot see that they can be liked and loved for their organic beauty, nor do they develop wisdom to replace their organic existence so that they are naturally liked.

If you develop the habit of paying attention, then you reach the heart of everyone. By paying attention, you attract warmth, wisdom, analytical reach, and superior understanding of another person and his qualities, faculties, and facets, which are the elements of his character. That can add to your own character and characteristics. In this way your life runs smoothly, sincerely, cozily and warmly and there is great dedication and strength of character in your words. Everybody likes you, even though you do not know why.

There are none in this world who don’t have wealth, value, virtue, and the sixth sense. If you can realize this, you will look on any individual and his universe and his space in a simple way. You will know the beauty, the essence, and the exaltedness of the person.

When I became an adult, I reversed my childhood cycle of getting attention to paying attention and I was so loved, so liked, so gifted that I couldn’t believe how, with that one little change, my life could become so vast and I could cross any hurdle. Instead of pretending to have tears in my eyes, I tried to put on a face of smiling beauty, and I got what I wanted. No doubt I was born rich but that was the time when I understood and liked the meaning of richness.

In the same way I understood courage; in the same way I learned to walk tall in my life. I found out another secret. God walks with me in every nook and corner of my life. I always have a companion. I simply pay attention to it. It is there all the time, through thick and thin, and my journey of life is getting completed. Walk with me and pay attention. Surely we will enjoy it and we’ll make the journey so happy that we’ll never get tired. That is the way to walk.

YB Teachings, LLC 2002

Pioneers in the Age of Aquarius

Summer Solstice

June 20, 1993

You have come here from all the lands, and you will keep on coming here from all the lands for centuries to come. This land has its karma and this land has its dharma to enrich you whenever you come here, as it has done for centuries. It has a practice, it has a habit, and it has blessings. It is the dwelling place of the guardian souls of this planet.

It’s a human history. It is a path that will always be there—that will live, will flourish, and will expand. This path belongs to those who are not cold, whose hearts have not become stone, whose heads have not become so swollen that they can't hear the voice of the soul. This path will belong to those who will do justice to themselves, who will listen to their souls as well as their mental and spiritual passions, who will not be spiritually blind or fanatic, and who will not be too lazy to walk. This path will belong to those who, with all their strengths and weaknesses, will still serve others. And I promise you that those who shall serve others, the Almighty God shall have no power but to serve them, that is the only way. Your power is not in your strength and weakness, in your show and your capacity, in your titles and your achievements, in your money, and in your playing games. Your power is to uplift others. Those who uplift others, God shall uplift them, because it is God’s Will to uplift everybody. When you live in your Godliness, He will not let you fall.

We are all pioneers in the Age of Aquarius. No man can give a man anything other than love. No man can give a man anything other than hope. No man can give a man anything but service. The only thing you can do is act like a forklift - go into the dirt and lift the other person and put him on track, so he can proceed. You will ask me the question, “If I start doing that all the time, what will happen to me?” Then the big forklift called God will come, and He will go into the dirt and lift you up. Is there a better deal than that?

Please remember, we are here to start an era, to start an Age, to celebrate the transition from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age. We are here to celebrate that. We are the pioneers. We are the pioneers of the Dharma. Let’s bow our heads in prayer and let us open our hearts. Let us walk on this blessed land for a few days in spirit. With these words, with your likes and dislikes, your loves and hatreds, your affection and understanding, I hope you will carry the Guru’s That which takes you from darkness to light. words to all the lands, cross the boundaries which have never been crossed, touch the boundaries which have never been touched, walk into hearts which have never been open, shake hands which hate to be shaken, go and bring people out of their holes so they can be holy, and pull people out of their heights, so they can save their height in the eyes of God.

You should be smart, learn the art, and go across the world and heal God’s creation. This is your job, and what you are actually going to say is, “Hail, hail Guru Ram Das The fourth Sikh Guru, embodiment of compassion, healing, and service. and heal the world.” Your job is to heal the world and elevate and uplift everybody. Everybody shall be healed. Take a person from his lower self, from his ditch, and raise the pitch so he can be uplifted. The mantra of the Age of Aquarius is “keep up” - help keep everybody up. When you never let yourself down and never let anybody else down, God shall serve you. He shall never let you down.

May God guide you on this path. May you understand that you are blessed children and you have a job to do. May you know in your heart that God belongs to you always, within and without. May your sorrows never touch your tomorrow, may your blessings be for all, may your happiness be shared, and may your smiles give hope to others.

YB Teachings, LLC 1993

The Clouds of War

March 16, 2003

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan

The clouds of war are hanging on us. The entire economy of the country is at a standstill, and people are in disarray, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow. But people who practice calmness and stillness, who have meditative minds, know that what is happening is not what many think. Time has brought the Earth to all this, and sometimes things happen which are required to happen.

Jo upajio so binas hai paro aaj kai kaal. Naanak har gun gaa-ay lay chaad sagal janjaal. Siri Guru Granth Sahib, p. 1428-29.

One who is born has to die, and death has to take its toll.

We are not permanent here. Nothing around us is permanent. Everything moves on. So is the spirit of the Universe. As the Aquarian Age has to come, the Piscean Age has to leave.

Kuaar hoay sabh milangay, bachay sharan jo hoay. Those who will get out of this madness and muddiness of the time shall meet again for peace and tranquility.

They shall take the true shelter of God in their hearts and on their lips. They see the spirit in everybody. There's no reason to worry. Things are many-faceted and happen as God wants them to manifest. If all the wishes of mankind would come true, there would be no life to live, nor rebirth. When our consciousness elevates us into sensory human beings, then we will see the reality, feel the reality, and flow with the reality rather than with maya.

Therefore, my request to you is, do not let your calmness go. Do not let your peace of mind go. Be with the Guru through this time. Your spirit shall be content. Out of that contentment you'll find yourself with a lot of richness. It is very essential at this time. The majority of the world is living in a terrible fear. Nobody knows what is happening. There's too much information available to process. That is not the way. Just feel, within yourself, content and satisfied, peaceful and unique.

You are walking on the path of the Guru, where you must glow in that radiance and that truth so that others may recognize you are people of peace. That's the way we are. If life is that short or long or small, it has a reason for it, a purpose, and you will do your purposeful living on this planet. That's why you are here. You have the right to prosperity and proportionate happiness within yourselves and with each other. I pray, and pray deeply, that nothing should upset you. The Guru has designed your setup to guide you. Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice!

YB Teachings, LLC 2002

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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