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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 08/13/1989
Category: Gurdwara
Location: Espanola, NM

Anarchy and Infinity


First I offer my apologies to the congregation that, for international reasons, which is also Guru's work, I got stuck... and heavily. Sometimes a man of my life... there are emergencies which I never predict... never wanted to deal with them... but when they come on my shoulders, I don't find any way to get out of them. I knew my heart was here, my spirit was here, but I was dealing with that as it was.

I'll be very short and sweet. I'll tell you the salient features why things are the way they are. You can accept them, you can reject them, you can deal with them, you can deny them -- it doesn't matter. Man... (or a woman included in English), man means family, man means wife, man means children, man means woman. It was a man's world when English was the language. So....don't blame me for speaking English-English.

Man can work everything with all his intelligence and with all his good luck, with all his sadhana, and everything. I mean, everything. I am including everything. And then man can get out of that, this one thing, it's called 'status.' That's all. No individual on this earth is powerful enough to gain anything more than a 'status' in life. Number one.

Number two: when you gain a status, it comes to you for a million reasons, not one reason. Then you have to understand the basic language: Ek maa-eh jugat vi-aa-ee tin chelay parvaan. Ik sansaaree ik bandhaare ik laa-eh di- baan. There is a one force. They didn't say there is 'One God.' Because God remains within Itself. The creative power of God is the generating power of God. That is female... always. Ek parkaas, sagaree bhay-ee naal. There is one man, and everybody is his wife. So in the cosmic infinity, no status can be considered small other than that.

So female principle is the generating principle. Identity principle is the God principle and generating principle: Brahma. That's why they gave three heads to the Brahma. And my asking you is to understand this, first of all, that whatever you can create, that Vishnu, the organizer, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh has to take incarnation any time. And Krishna said, "When on the earth, the undharma..." And undharma when I say those two cities which I can't even pronounce in name today, in Bible, that Gomorrah and something. (Sodom). Well, as you know. Unfortunately I am blocked on those two names. And when that situation happens, God reincarnates, and he told Arjuna: "I only reincarnate when there is adharam, unrighteousness and untruth, and when applied consciousness is totally shut out by the mankind." And then Krishna did not stay there, but actually there is always a tragedy of war in which mankind kills the mankind, and nothing is left and God creates incarnation so misguided public be guided to
certain corner, and something is saved like Noah saved something, Krishna saved few, and Rama took care of few. Nothing is much left. Just keep the species going. And according to the Mexican calendar, we have gone through the fourth time and we are reaching the end of the fifth. And I believe their calculations because in mathematics, those people who are gone from down there, Mayans, they used to live right here. So this is a very sacred land.

And "Hopi" means a man who dwells on Hope. So you call them "Hopi Indians" and they call them the sacred elders and warriors. And these elders, when they came to me to tell me about this land of Guru Ram Das Puri, and I said, "How you used to heal?" And one very old man who took about 3 pounds of chicken and beef, whatever that was, I couldn't believe because he was my guest, and that's all he eats. So after all that meat he ate, he told me, he said, "Can I get...can we talk differently?" And I said, "What, 'differently?' " So we went on the side and he told me I will build a mile and a quarter circle like a Kundalini energy, and I was shocked when I heard that man, who couldn't see, couldn't walk, couldn't get up, and that meat was sitting in his stomach like a pregnant woman. And he told me that I will build mile and a quarter circle and it shall be white with a line and sand, white sand, and a line, and I will make it wide enough and big enough on this land. And anybody who will walk on his
heel through that circle will be healed, doesn't matter if he knows anything or not. And I said, "Okay." And he said, "That's what the secret is that I want to give to you.

Well, what we are talking here is that the Vishnu is born all the time because life has to be maintained, and status has to be maintained. Status cannot be destroyed. And if you destroy the status you destroy the reputation, because then it looks like something was given to you and you are not capable of handling it, and then people freak out at you. And then you blame and they claim and you blame and there's a quarrel and it is always going on. And that's what situation is. Guru Gobind Singh created a Khalsa and gave them the niaaraa pun, the individual individuality. And also what he did was, that he gave status with it.

There are two things you can always be afraid to do, and one is yoga and the other is Sikh Dharma, because the two things are very identical. They both have do's and don't's... and specific. You read Bible, there are 10 commandments, and that's it. And commandment contains, "This is what you'll do." And there is no section which say 10 don't-commandments. There are 10 commandments of 'do', but there are no commandments of not-do.

In Sikh Dharma there are principles to do and principles not to do. In yoga also, nam and niyams. In yoga it's yam and niyam. Niyam is what you do. Yam is which you don't do. What you don't do comes first. What you do comes later. So in the Guru's language there was a little kindness. He told you what to do and also told you what not to do. But one thing Guru Gobind Singh gave us is:

"Jab lag khalsa rahe niaaraa.
Tab lag tej dee-o meh saaraa.
Jab eh gahai bipran kee reet.
Meh naa karo in kee parteet."

I will give divine radiance to the
Khalsa who will live as distinct.
But if they adopt the common ways,
I will not satisfy them.

--Guru Gobind Singh, Sarab Loh Granth.

I am going to translate it in American english. That is: "When my identity remains my identity, and my personality remains my personality, and I project my identity and personality to my status beyond and above me, and when my status becomes dear and darling, and the priority and the love of my life, I go blind and my reverence totally blinds me into that personality of that status, then I maintain the status. I everyday with every breath of my life reincarnate like Vishnu all the time to keep my status alive and well and make it shine... polish, brighten it... and people see it. And that is the way I achieve my salvation." But Guru said, "If you cannot do that, then you'll fall apart, you will be disgruntled, you'll be unhappy, dissatisfied, you will just barely maintain yourself and you'll not be fulfilled." That's what it meant, very clearly, consistently.

One of the questions I was asked, question was very direct. It was asked of me and I have the right to give the answer to the sangat, also. It was asked, "We have seen you yelling, screaming, and pretending to be very angry but also know you are never angry. We also see you acting and reacting very harshly sometimes but you are always next minute smiling, polite, and you make jokes and you elevate people. He is a professional. What is the reality? And how do you reach that stage and how you achieve that understanding?"

Well, folks, it is a very simple answer. In the presence of the Siri Guru Granth I tell you: I don't believe in insecurity, because first time I was taught to write "insecurity," I wrote: "in-security." I misread it. My understanding of that was in-security. "Insecurity" means going into security. I never have, even today, meant it to mean "insecure." I don't believe it. I don't understand it. It's not a word of my dictionary. Yes, in English dictionary there is a security word and that's Indian security. As far as I am concerned, insecurity only means: get into the security. Like house means to me, when there is a storm, get into the house. Am I clear in my understanding? And also, all my Sikh Dharma, 20 years here, and my Yogi Baba, and Sikh Dharma of all my 20 years in India (it in all includes about 40 years) I have only believed on thing: insecurity gets insecurity; security gets in-security....

Man is just, you collect the bird of the feather flocks together. When you are secure, you will have all secure people around you. When you are insecure you will have all insecure people around you. And the best thing to solve your life problems is get into security. When you are very insecure, find out where security is, and get in. It's very simple. It looks like a joke to you, but it's a mental situation, if you agree.

And secondly, I was figuring out this morning, my logic, my reason, my intuition, my Yogi-ship, my spirituality, and my holiness and my corruption and my knowledge and my insanity... or, two things, you add everything, put it together. I found it out that whether I am secure or insecure, or I know or I don't know, I don't think Guru will abandon me. God may. I mean, I should not say this. You all believe in God, and I don't. For that reason I don't believe in God. But God is too much everywhere. You know? The guy doesn't know what to do. I mean to say, if He would have done everything right, why would have there been suffering? I started questioning a long time ago.

Rather, thanks to Guru Ram Das and his personal miracle, I actually wanted to be a yogi to conquer God and get all the powers and tattwas and siddhis, and I knew everything, and I did everything. I'm not lying to you. And I can switch things... and you know, it was too much... too bizarre a situation. Then I found out to myself, what am I doing? "I am stupid," I told myself. Then I went to Guru Ram Das and for four and a half years I wiped those floors and it brought me mental clarity, and I'm grateful for that. It's not that I don't know things what you know. I know what all you know. But about God, my concept is very clear. God is everywhere and God has sent us here. That's all God could do. Send us here. Now, are we going to find our way back to God or are we going to get lost? We need a guide, and that's what Guru is to me. And I feel it is also Guru's ego not to abandon us, because he gets in trouble.

Well, let's deal personally. Not too much "Guru is great and Guru is everything." Normally we talk like that. Today I'm not in the mood to talk like that. Today I am in the mood to talk just on a one to one basis. I feel God is great and everywhere and doesn't know what is going on, and He created everything perfect and everything imperfect. That's where God is a mess. And so are you. You create everything perfect and imperfect. You build everything and then destroy it. God has three aspects. First He creates, then he maintains, and then he destroys. Well, Guru can't afford that. So I think in my selfish way I am better off with Guru. I'm not asking you to come along, but I'm telling you, because this is the question I am being asked these days, every day: "How do you go through your day?"

First of all, I always listen to the Gurbani and one word or two words sits with me to munch on, and they are enough. And secondly I think if I am going to fall, part of the Guru... if God is Guru and Guru is God, I'm not a fanatic Sikh, so please forgive me for that... little part of the Guru is going with it, too. So somewhere Guru has a little personal investment. And it's good to believe that way. That way prayer becomes very direct, SOS prayers. That's what I believe. I don't believe this long prayer, "I, I, I... Ah, Ah, Ah..." whole thing, and then say in the end, "Come on, give me $25.00." That's not it. Just tell him: "I need $50. I'll settle for 25, but I'm asking for 35." Simple deal. And Guru understands our language very fast and things happen. That's what I do. I'm not very observant about a lot of rules.

But unfortunately my luck was not with me when I went to India. They took me before Akal Takhat, made me Siri Singh Sahib, and fixed me, and I got nailed that I have to carry that status. And now that status has done some... for those who are Singh Sahibs and Mukhia Singh Sahib's, I want to give them a word. They fall apart. And why they fall apart? Because when I decide and feel things, I do feel them as Harbhajan Singh. I do. I'm not telling you... I have all the feelings, and the worst feelings, that you all have. But, and I have more doubts, because intelligence and intellects are my Chinese ball -- I play with them. There's no big deal. I'm rational, irrational. I can create and un-create. My mind, it has no... I have built my mind to have no horizons. My mind is horizonless. So anarchy is my friend. And I see in that anarchy... (anarchy, when it is practiced, it is called 'anarchy', when it is realized it is called 'Infinity') and that's what God is. And you don't know anything about
God. And this thing I always found out: five million people do not know what God is. It is such a ridiculous thing! What we have done is taken a genie, put him in bottle, and said, "This is a genie. This is a genie.", and we hang it around and collect the money and build churches. Thanks to the acid rain they are all falling apart. But what I am trying to tell you is: tomorrow you will build the gurdwaras also, the same thing happens.

What we have done is, God is an Infinity. Infinity, when realized, is a wonderful asset. But when not realized, it is anarchy. So my mental anarchy is great and I don't mind it. But under the circumstances, I want to assure you of something, that within that anarchy there is a polarity. You want to stretch out thin. That's anarchy. You want to do things beyond practical. You have to have a dream that's wonderful, but you have to have a practical reality to it. That is you. That's what you are.

So God has created you out of His own anarchy to find out, to realize His own Infinity. So I mean, God is fine. Keep Him in a box. That's okay. Make a pedestal, put Him on it. That's okay. God can enjoy Himself. God created us, that's one mistake. Secondly, He's maintaining us, that's another mistake. Thirdly He has to finish us. That's the third mistake. But after He finishes with us and we are finished with Him, we have got to go to Him. And that's our problem. It's not God's problem. For God's sake, realize it! God is very clever. He's everywhere, He knows what we are doing, and He doesn't know what we are NOT doing. We know what we are doing, and He knows what He's doing. But after a while you have got to go back to God. And that is all what is called "maya."

Now, I see you very beautifully. You fix everything in this ground sooo deep! If the foundation is required 10 feet, you put 30 feet down. And you have sooo many things attached: MY children, MY wife, MY.... I used to do that, also. Then I said, "My, my, my, my... what?" I came to conclude, and I'm asking you this question, have you ever understood your friendship and your relationship on the basis of caliber? Projective or identity? Caliber projective identity and feasibility of accomplishments through harmony. What is the relationship which has no harmony? And what is that business that doesn't make profit? And what is that projection which is wrong every minute? And why do you want to satisfy your emotions and not your reality within you?

Sikh Dharma is a very practical thing. It is a science of life and it is an art of action of life. It is a very artistic, sophisticated thing. But also... forgive me for being personal... I am Siri Singh Sahib and you know how great of a Siri Singh Sahib you got? You know?... If there are certain people who do not practically help me, you'll be seeing me walking naked and absolutely insane. That's the Siri Singh Sahib you got. Majority of the time this planet earth and its whole problems look to me like a grass blade. I can't even relate to it. Those individuals who work 18-20 hours to shake me all the time and tell me, "Hey man, open these earthly eyes. The third eye doesn't work." I mean to say, I have dreams too, and I can space out myself.

I was telling that day there is one beauty in getting old. You want to see the practical in it? I'm going to put on this television camera. One thing about being old is (makes snoring sounds), and nobody bothers. "He's an old guy, you know? He's spaced out." And that's the beauty of old. Young people you can't do it. You have to put on a make-up, you have to put a charm out all the time because you are on sale, and old man is already sold, whether he was well-priced or low-priced, it doesn't matter.

So what I mean to tell you is, it is a fun to get old! And getting old is okay provided you don't get senile. Being young is okay if you are not on sale. You are prostitutes. Selling your identity, your purity, your loftiness, your higher consciousness... and there are beautiful gems in you. And every individual has got them. I don't ever ever agree that anybody is wrong. I think the wrong is only that some people could not put out their right. That's all. And when you cannot put out your right, there is only one thing, and it is insecurity. So that's what I am explaining to you, all that "insecurity" in English means to me is "get into the security."

And let us spell "insecurity" in a Sikh way. I-N-N-security. You will never have trouble in life, you will be prosperous, you will be happy, and you will get rid of the enemy if you add one 'n'. There is a one word... Yesterday man was telling me. "I want to win this woman. I want to win this woman. Siri Singh Sahib...." "Oh God...this is a monkey call." And I said, "Okay, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru." You know, 'Wahe Guru' works that way so good in me, I couldn't believe it. "Yi, yi, yi, yi, yi," says somebody. You know, I say, "Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru." It is the same thing. And I said, "You can't win a woman. No woman is able to be won. You can mess her up, you can kill her, you can deny her, you can accept her, you can rape her. Whatever you can do. But no woman can be won." He said, "No, that's not possible. I'm going to win. I'm going to prove it to you." I said, "You are an idiot." "No, no, no, please explain it to me." I said, "That is what you should have told me. Why this
15 minutes you have... my drums are hurting and mucous is going back. My throat is getting sour. Why can't you talk to me decently? You are American, you don't know good manners? Because you are on telephone you are not face to face with me, you are yelling and screaming?" He said, "No, I am sorry. I was upset, and whole thing." I said, "Look at the sky. Sun is sun, and woman, luna, is the woman. How many times sun has won the moon?... Never." He said, "Never?" I said, "So, never." I said, "Win is three letters. Spell it with me. W-I-N. It means "wisdom, intelligence, and power to nurture." Nurturing capacity."

If you don't have those three qualities you can't win anything... Period. You are out. Don't even bid for it. Wisdom. Have you seen in English dictionary what is 'wisdom?' Applied consciousness is called wisdom. Then intelligence. Intelligence, intelligence, and intuition, knowledge. Intelligence, intuition and knowledge. Three become applied, and consciously applied, and it is called 'wisdom.' Halleluiah. Are you with me? Jesus Christ, you never understood that!

I was going in a car yesterday and Guru Terath was driving. And I said, "Guru Terath, do you know what this p.m. and a.m. is?" And he said, "Sir, I'll tell you something very funny. You know what these knots are?" And he explained to me the whole thing, p.m., a.m., and this knot, and the whole stuff. We sometimes use words and we be with them and we understand nothing about them, and where they come from, and what their root was and what they meant.

So, we are very aggressive and we have a very powerful situation of life to win, win, win, but we do not even understand what this 'win' means. "Win" means wisdom. And wisdom means a lot which I have explained to you. And then intelligence, and then you have to nurture.

Now, the nurturing quality is minus here. Your nurturing quality is give gift -- take blessings. Bring flower -- get a kiss. Paint a Garden of Eden -- and have a sex. Take to a best restaurant -- and have a good night. And those kind of things. That is buying a day. That is just buying a day. That is buying an opportunity. And if that doesn't work, then you start laying guilt. "You are no good, your nose is tilted, your eyes are twisted, your lips are not fine, and bah, bah, bah, bah." And then either you work through sympathy or apathy, or through projection or through threat. So, love and threat I know are two powerful things and you work with them, but you never achieve with that something. But consciously if you will live, and that only can you live if the word of Guru is at your heart... Look, there is a one thing fundamental: Don't EVER live with head. Give head to the higher self and live with heart. And heart must be presided by Guru's wisdom. You will NEVER have pain in your life.

So, I think I have taken over time. First I came late. My apologies. Second, I over spoke. And thirdly you must be very hungry and looking at the langar and the prashad. And I have my international problem. I am going to a broiling day today. And I didn't start it right. Those days are with me.

But what I am trying to tell you something very... not a good news, but I'll try to put in a good words. Look, let us not lie to each other. I came twenty years ago. I kept harmony. But whatever I built, I have built it for you. I didn't build it for myself. And I treated you as my children, as my daughters and sons. And, it is very painful to hear... but I also had a relationship with me and you that you are my heirs. You'll carry on. These grounds will remain green, these flags will keep flying, the cannon will still be there where it is, and I do not want you to improve anything, to clutter everything. And I do not want to destroy everything to take away the beauty of it. And that's what you have to do. And it's painful to see that you are not ready.

I and my wife... she willingly, and I unwillingly... decided that our future is because of Guru's grace. And between me and my wife you might be thinking sometime we disagree, but I am a heavy load and I prevail very heavily when I... and especially my habit is when I love somebody, I don't want any error. Nothing wrong.

One thing once Premka said to me which I always regard -- (that's our ex- Secretary General who left and who made the law case and put us through the broil) -- but whatever she said, all ugliness, but she said to me one very wise thing which I always appreciate and I repeat it because Guna vakeejeeaa vaasalaa: take the merits into account whether it comes from enemy or it comes from a friend. She told me, she said: "Siri Singh Sahib, I am leaving you with a broken heart, and you are very dissatisfied with me, and I have let you down. And God knows if we'll meet again or not. And perhaps we'll become enemies. I do not know what will happen. I hope not." I said, "Well, that's all American style, but talk to me what you want to say." She said: "You know one thing very wrong with you? I want to tell you there is something very wrong in your personality and that you should change." I said, "Please tell me." She said, "You do not let people commit their genuine mistakes. People love to commit their genuine mistakes from
which they learn and they feel good."

I said, "My dear, Premka, let me hear this and I appreciate and I am very grateful to you. And hear me clearly. I have never seen any genuine mistake in a family which does not come back to the head of family and it's around his neck. And honey, I cannot afford it. That's why I became intuitive, that's why I compute everything, that's why I see the practical." I said, "Could you tell me if you know projection self of the individual basic elementary prices to reality of circumstances and the positive political actions so, and social desirability, and getting the good will, and comparing to the reality of sale and administrative costs thereof, and that of the material uniformity of the supply and press of the quality, minus the labor problems, and having and projecting as such for that to work it out, and in the circumstances to plea, and also project a deficit fund and a defending fund for all the circumstances to be integrated called 'business'?" Did you hear all?

These are 45 things I have counted on my fingers. If you don't know those 45 things you don't know business, neither your personal nor your impersonal. And I know you don't know. Because I went to a business administrative school here in Harvard. Because Mahan Singh has done his degree from there and he only knows seven things. Period. Because Christianity has stopped everything at seven. Eight and nine don't exist. Eight is Infinity, and nine God and His blessings. Seven is elevate, elevate, elevate. That's why every building has an elevator, and no staircases, only emergency staircases, very uncomfortable, very out of balance. Cut cost, kill people.

However, what I'm trying to explain to you is, you have certain ideas about me. I have certain ideas about you. My wife feels these days very insecure because she doesn't know how you are going to act tomorrow. Because there are twenty years to her memory. She doesn't know what to do. And there are twenty years to my memory that you are going to be fine. But I am a man, and she is a woman. So female has a mother aspect and that means nobody should go wrong. That is her attitude. And my attitude is, everybody has the right to go wrong, but they are supposed to keep right. You understand the difference between sun and moon? I give you the right to go wrong, and she doesn't like it. And in her mother aspect, she freaks out when she sees you not coming through. And I don't mind because ultimately I feel the end is Guru's mission and Guru will carry it.

But, this summer we have fought between each other very harshly and I admit it and she may deny it a little bit, but she has to admit it, too, because I told her: "Let it burst out when we are both are alive. Let us see what is what. And if you feel as a mother nobody should go wrong, pick up a stick and go and beat on their heads." But I also told her: "Discuss it with Guru Terath. It is a felony." And I told her that as a spiritual teacher, under no circumstances do you have the right to beat on the head of a person to wake him up, and she doesn't understand that. That's the heart of a mother. She's too motherly. And I have tried my best that this "too motherly" in you, I hate. And she said, "No, you hate everything anyway. How can you go through it?" Now, tell me why not? Premka told me to give you the right to commit a genuine mistake. And she said, "No." And I said, "I believe 'no' but people don't want to listen."

So what we are trying to do... and I want you to spread the mission... I have made a compromise with her. I am she... she's a doctor in psychology... we'll deal with all your problems impersonally. I will not like to know (though I know everything, but it doesn't matter), I'll pretend not to know your name, address and everything. Nirinjan will keep the secret. And I'll take her motherly psychological input and I'll give you my direct hit. In between, you can work it out fine, but please don't have this poison of insecurity in you.

This is one year which is going to be very hard, and this is the last year because we are changing from boa constrictor to prosperity and we have that saliva on our body yet. So I mean... yeah, in twenty years I have never taken a loan. And I have just taken $250,000 estate loan this time to cover some bills which I have to cover for you. I'm not saying that I am very healthy about it, but you know, I have to match up. And I also want to build credit. You know what I mean? I always lived on cash and I'm tired of it. I want to see how Americans live with these plastic cards billed to the height and 18% and they don't even wink. My God! And they don't even care! It surprises me how your blood money goes into the interest. That's what the Muslims... The Muslims won the world only on one issue. The business was in with the Jews, right? And Christianity was prevailing in kingdom. Jews got limited. They have never exceeded five million, six million. Thank God for the process of holocaust and they say: "If there
is a second holocaust we won't even live," so now they are growing. I am going to this temple and I invite you all. I am going to speak on the concept of God, and I am going to speak in a synagogue and I am going to be sooo beautiful! I never speak like that here. But in synagogue and in churches I speak very good, because there, there is something to speak. Here I know you are all ten times better than me, or trying to be better than me, so I don't have to speak. But, however, just understand. Muslims make a chronic law -- I mean, it's not a thedic(?) law, it's a chronic law that they will not charge interest. Charging interest is totally a sin. But now, you know how they do it? They don't call it 'interest' because they have no interest in interest. They call it 'finder's fee' or they have different names for it. They work it out.

But one thing you must understand: Take interest in your prosperity by not paying interest. That day the girl was telling me, "I am paying bills." I said, "You are ill." She said, "No, I said, 'bill.' " I said, "No, you are I-L-L, ill." She said, "No, B-I-L-L, bill!" I said, "No, you are I-L-L, ill! Now, do you know that your card is charging you 19.3%? How can you afford to pay it?" She said, "Well, you know... I don't know." You have your own scriptural things, because you act by impulse. "We'll pay later." Why don't you pay first and buy later? Why don't you commit first and discuss later? Why don't you experience first and achieve later?

Strength is not by logic of the truth. Strength is not by the rationale of the truth. Strength is not in the truth itself if it is not experienced. Yes, wood has the fire in it, but it has to be burned. Yes, truth IS God, but it has to be experienced. That's why Guru Nanak said: "Jinee naam dhyaaeeaa ga-y masakat ghaal. Naanak te mukh ujale ketee chutee naal."
I think if I am not with you very long... because I am here by your prayers, and your prayers are getting short now... so, I mean, if I'll be gone... gone home... I hope you'll understand the motherly aspect of my wife and understand it deeply. And I also understand the principles that tomorrow you will keep the grass and the pastures green. And I hope that from today onward you will enter the realm of insecurity with a different spelling and I have learned it from the commercial, you know? "How do you spell relief?" You understand that commercial? "How do you spell relief?" And it is "Rolaids." So, how do you spell insecurity? You'll spell insecurity: I-N-N dash security. (Inn-security.)

And I'm very surprised some people work in Akal Security that they do not understand how to spell inn-security.

So please, my prayers are with you. We had a wonderful summer and a very broiling time. I had a wonderful summer. I don't say it, but it is the nastiest and the most broiling time of my life. I went through it. This is how it is, that I came out of my little bit of sickness. I had a little bit of strength. And I started looking at what is going on, and it shocked me. It shocked me that the Ranch has not been trimmed in the month of February. It has shocked me. It has totally shocked me. It has totally blown my mind.

That means we have wasted one year to give enough energy for the winter to the trees to build up the sap and the bark to survive through the winter. I am not a doctor and the guy who works there is a doctor in what you call?... he is a tree doctor. And I am going to pay $535 for Sopurkh's desert cooler which was totally disastrously put together and the girl was dying because there was no air and one day I said "what is going on?" and went up there and I said, "Where this air cooler has come from?" They said, "It is from your dome." I said, "It used to freeze me in the dome with air. How come here she is not having any air?" And I found it out, it was a very un-professional job done.

So may I ask you something as a sangat, whosoever did that work... that $535 is going to come from where? It is going to come from Dharma. Everything we have is ours. And then three hundred thirty some dollars because somebody did her plumbing and put a wrong socket in it and that busted and her whole carpet and everything busted with it. And if this is the kind of job which you people are going to do, with what face you are going to see the world tomorrow?

One thing travels faster than you. Remember that. And what travels faster than you is your reputation. We have built a very good reputation in New Mexico and I want you to keep it.... maintain it. Even if you have to reincarnate like Vishnu all the time, please do. And don't mess it up. We have spent a lot of time and we have been respected a lot of times because we did one thing: we acted straight, simple and with a smile.

With these simple few requests, I conclude my day today with you, with a perfection that next year if I don't live, and I don't come for summer, you will see that the Ranch and it's trees (which the parents pay the money for at their children's birth and all that... I mean, just don't take it lightly. This is our religion! That's our altar)... that those trees are trimmed right? And grass is nurtured okay? And bushes are gone? And, when you do work like coolers and putting some pipes and sockets and washers and all that, you know, don't do a cutthroat job. Because you know what is yesterday? Where you have goofed. And don't remember it. You know what is today? Where you have possibility of goofing and you can remember it today. And you know what is tomorrow? When you are going to face your goofing and just use the word 'sorry' to get out. But you can't, because 'sorry' is no word at all. 'Sorry' means you goofed and you couldn't do anything today.

So please remember... and one thing.... Siri Guru Granth, my living Guru, forgive me forever... I am going to give this example, it is not holy. And I am going to give it anyway. I hope you forgive me. If not then I'll have the problem. I saw my dogs and their house and their run, and I saw there were some little trees and I was surprised, "Why these trees are not removed?" And I found out that behind that tree, every tree around that tree, there is a dog poop. So one who cleans that dog place let those trees be. So I said, "If I get these trees taken away, again these little trees will grow up and this continues." So I got a truck of those stones, what you call them? Gravel. And I put it there, so at least if you do not clean it, everybody will know it. So you think you can care and be square and be nice and pretend to be okay, and then do all that stuff?

You know what 'third eye' means? Third eye means it sees what your two eyes do not want to see. That's Kundalini Yoga. I'm sorry to give a plug for it. Fanatic Sikhs will never like it. "Oh God, how can... he's a yogi! He's a Hindu! He talks always about yoga! It is not a Sikh Dharma!" And these Indians are crazy! They don't know what they are talking about. But the capacity of a third eye is when you can see what your two eyes cannot see. And the capacity of consciousness is when you can achieve what your intelligence fails to achieve. And the capacity of prosperity is that you project practically so right and so sensitive that you... I'm not asking you to learn anything, but just learn from Mercedes Benz. Nobody can beat that car. They charge what they want, they have what they want, they do what they want, but they are the only one who can give an ad, "One hundred fifty years ago, this car was running and it is still running." That's the only one company which can put an ad on our
television in America to tell us that a car can run 150 years.

And you know what you can do as Sikhs? You belong to Ik Ong Kar. You can say, "Our Ik Ong Kar will run forever", and less than that I don't want to say Guru should bless me.



Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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