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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 06/22/1989
Category: Summer Solstice
Location: Ram Das Puri, NM

Believe Nobody, But Trust God

There are certain commercial ideas. First I should do the commercial.

By 1992, Europe will become one country. Do you know that? And we have plans to be there at that time. Some of you may have the intelligence and the capacity to deal with Europeans. I tell you what are the requirements we are looking for. Person who is very mannerful and with full etiquettes, who has extreme powerful tolerance and who has a business sensitivity. We will need those people to establish our European command post. We are making Amsterdam our headquarters. Our manufacturing will be in Hamburg. Our sub-distribution center will be Rome. We are a pioneer in the United States in health, and now we are crossing the health into the general stores, but with Europe we'll start as general all the way.

There's a lot of interest in Europe for what we do. We don't need teachers there. We have 325 doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists working for us already. We don't need public relations, we don't need anybody to convince.

At the moment, people in Rome just are Sikhs by standard of a Sunday. Other days they are 80%. But that's a trend of the time being. But there are a lot of people. I was so shocked when I was in Germany that at one week's notice, how many people can come and how many can make it possible to come. It's surprising.

This course which you have gone through... three days... was not designed by me. I don't take responsibility. It was meant to teach you something and that's what I'm trying to explain to you. I know you are Americans and you are Western, and you are crazy. You have been told that life is granted and it is in your hand. My dear, it is not true. Look at the system of life. You have spirit, power, grit, all those great things you talk about that come from your soul. You have mind, sharpness, intelligence, and you have body -- physical appearance. But just remember one thing which you normally forget, it doesn't matter if you follow anything or not. That physical body is just one body. You are a combination of ten bodies. They ought to have a balance.

You have three minds, granted. You are given a negative mind because you have the right of life. Job of the negative mind is, whatever you see, whatever you hear, whatever you smell, and whatever you feel, the negative mind is to process it to let you know what is the danger for you in it. Then you have a positive mind which should tell you what is the benefit of it.

You never reach it. What your positive mind does is it just goes to the subconscious and pulls all the previous hurts and pain, and duplicates and triplicates your negative mind. Then you must process to reach the neutral mind to tell you what it is. That's why either you trust people or you don't, you love people or you don't. Your life is very cut and dry. Cut and dry life is like a desert. It's a land, there's no life in it. There's no joy. That's why there's no joy in your life.

My idea, 20 years ago, to teach you Kundalini Yoga, (tomorrow is our 20th whatever, call it anything), my idea to teach you Kundalini Yoga was a personal risk. Kundalini Yoga has never been taught as we do. I broke the rule. I had read the scriptures and it is prohibited. When I came, I talked to myself and then I said, "Okay, what is the risk? Let us do it. If I die within one year... and blah, blah, blah, whole thing... it matters nothing." When I came in this country I was not Mahan Tantric. I didn't have any power. And I didn't lie.

One thing you must agree with me. I, you can call me anything in the world, but I am a very daredevil. I only believe what I know. Because you call yourself my student, but you have not followed my number one quality. My one quality which is very excellent is what I say... I mean it and I deliver it... otherwise I will never say it. And I have never subjected myself to anybody. My love of Guru Ram Das is just that true. I have never subjected myself. It doesn't matter who you are, what you are, or what you think. It matters to me very little, because you must understand, like you, I also am a slave of my own karma. In my last life if I would have talked as well as I am talking today, I would not have come. So we are very promised friends and we are promised people. I have to do my job, you have to do yours. You can pick it up or you can drop it, it is your problem.

For you, woman is great, wealth is great, all that nonsense is great. That's all here -- that's the means -- and you'll be extremely a mean person if you are stuck with the means. Just don't forget the end. End is very simple. From time immemorial to time immemorial, end is only one: "I am, I am." "God and me, me and God, are One." Or, "Sat Nam."

Sat. What is 'Sat?' (Students: Truth.) Dead wrong! There is no truth. Let me tell you certain things. There is no such thing as God, there is no such thing as truth if you cannot identify yourself: Nam. Nam is noun. Nam is the name of person, place or a thing.

Let me tell you something in a very simple, dramatic way, how you can find God. Easy. You don't have to work for it. Don't even do sadhana, don't become a Sikh, don't become anything. This all we do only for one thing, that we may become self conscious of our consciousness. None of you who is a human being, whether you are a woman or a man... you are ugly, dirty, small, big... it doesn't mean anything... you get up in the morning and you are a human being. Your intellect, the shashara gives you a thousand thoughts per wink of the eye. So your mornings shall be always in doubt. Whole day you will use your intelligence if you have it, to solve it out. Then comes the night and then you will sleep only if you have become victorious.

Now let us talk in English. Parma, karma, dharma. Doubt, action and reaction, and faith. A lot of you are very bored when you hear the word, 'faith.' "Eeeh, what's faith?" Faith is nothing but applied consciousness. When intelligence and consciousness get together, it becomes applied consciousness. You may be very intelligent, but you are useless. You are no good. Intellectuals are never intelligent. Intelligentsia are no good. So what do you want to be? So you have to develop something which is intuition and intelligence with your consciousness.

So just remember what is dharma. I'm not talking to you. I'm using you for the coming generations to follow the suit. Dharma, religion, reality, infinity, bliss, sat chit anand. Truth. Mind, clarified mind like ghee, and bliss. It is the product of intuition plus consciousness. That is Dharma. It is not difficult. There is no 'sat', truth. Not possible. Don't be fooled. You can buy it, you can sell it, and everybody like me who teaches, it is all a business. Some are good businessmen, some are small, some big deal, some small deal, some can make fool of you, some can make tool of you, some can make whatever they can make of you.

Let me tell you what reality is. When I was the commanding officer of armed guard in New Delhi, one night I just said, "Let me go and check the armed guard and see how the armory beat is." Well, it is a natural instinct. So I didn't tell anybody, didn't telephone anybody. I just put on my own civilian clothes. I got up on the cycle, peddled it up, and I went there. So when I entered, the sentry on duty he said, "Halt. Who's there?" I remember it, because it happened to me, personally. I just stopped. Well, I am a professional soldier, there was no problem. Then I heard the bullet, that bolt and bullet clicking, and he cocked the rifle. He said louder than before: "Password!" And I knew that if at this moment I'll not say it, something would be right coming through me, and it would be hot and it would shatter, and I would be in pieces all around. And I said whatever the secret password was. I knew it. I announced it. Then I stopped. And he clicked it back, and I knew that the bullet had gone back out of the
chamber. And then he said, "Pass friend. All is okay." I had a little sweat on my forehead. Normal. Your parasympathetic reacts a little to it. And I walked in, and at a little distance, when he totally recognized me, he shouted, "All's well. O.C." Within the stir of the second the entire guard followed and when they recognized me they gave me presentation of arms. I walked in, inspected it, wrote my note, and I walked out. Got on my cycle, and came home. That's all God is about.

Mantra is the password. You are laughing. It's true. Your mantra is your password and your courage, the grit to identity, is "Sat Nam." Sat Nam trikirtam naam jappe mere jeevo. Sat Nam tero poorbolo. Eh, Sat Nam, Sat Naman, se akasam, deh ta ta mehta kasam. Through Sat Nam all the creation came. Eh five words hei. There are five words, that there are five tattwas. Sa-Ta-Na-Ma.

You know, everybody has a nickname. God has a nickname, too, and that is Sat Nam. True Identity. What is 'true identity?' What is this 'Sat Nam?' What is the truth we are selling to each other? It is a business. That is identified in our own song. That's why I told you yesterday, if you believe in your song you can never go wrong. That's why I came today, also, to teach you 'Sat Nam.' Sat Nam is not what I tell you. There are scriptures and books, there are 22 religions, 8 religions --all talk about Sat Nam. They do not still know what it is.

You know what 'Sat Nam' is? Anybody? Sat Nam is your first line on the "Song of the Khalsa." Repeat it. (Sangat sings: "Many speak of courage....) Now let us NICELY sing it. ("Many of speak of courage, speaking cannot give it. It's in the face of death that we must live it.)

That is Sat Nam. It is your American song, it is in English, and this is the true, exact, truthful meaning of 'Sat Nam.' When temptation has the whole universe in the palm of its hand and death is confronting you, you stick to your own reality. Humph! Less than that 'Sat Nam' is, on the scale from one to ten -- five, four, six, two, one. Hmmm?

Temptation. Temptation, you want to know temptation? It is in Japji.

Je jug chaare arajaa, hor dasoonee ho-eh.
Navaa khandaa vich jaaneeai, nal chalai subh ko-eh.
Changaa naal-o rakhaa-i-kai, jas keerat jug le-eh.
Je tis nadar naa aava-ee taa vaat naa puchhai ke.

--from 7th pauree of Japji Sahib

That's temptation. If in the four worlds, je jug chaare arajaa, your life is more and more and more, and it is ten, ten, ten, hundred times more, Je jug chaare arajaa, hor dasoonee ho-eh. All over the world and beyond the world, you are known, recognized, respected, revered and blessed. Navaa khandaa vich jaaneeai, nal chalai subh ko-eh. People love to introduce themselves to you. They love to walk to you. They just come to be around you. They feel good. They want to be happy with you. Changaa naal-o rakhaa-i-kai, jas keerat jug le-eh. Your name is worship for them. When they speak your name they feel good. Friends don't sleep together and they are not tied in. Only you know somebody's a friend when you name somebody, "I know so and so," and if somebody knows who that is, they say, "Ummm huh...." You know, it works. Nam works always.

Somebody told me, "Well, how the Nam works?" I said, "You know the governor? You say, 'I know Mr. Governor.' 'Oh, really? You are so...' It works." That's why people take pictures, signed, and all that. They just recognize identification with something you love... adore... and which means something to you.

When there is a tremendous, absolute temptation just remember, whatever you get here is earth. It has nothing of ether in it. Hmmm? You don't think that way, huh? That's why Guru Nanak said, "Sochai soch naa hova-ee je sochai lakh vaar." Thinking won't think, if you think a hundred thousand times. So you have to have intuition to think that way. Not think that way, but to feel that way. Not to feel that way, but to experience that way. On the spot, on the moment, of time and space. Remember, those who seek to learn from time shall always be hung up in space. Because time creates space. Timelessness is what you are.

I have come today to acknowledge you. I have not yet recognized you. Acknowledge is enough. You went through these three days. You are clear. From clear to become real, now is your task. I did what I was supposed to do. Hand of God brought you here. It was not my temptation. But this course is meant to create that effect. And in life remember: all sadhana, all teachings, all bhakti, all shakti, all powers have only one thing to give you: what is that? Clear, clear! From what? When the reality, real, becomes clear, it is called crystal. It is not purification and it is not sublimation which can give you what you need. It is that crystallization -- gem quality. Carbon is a carbon, my friends. Nobody buys it. Charcoal is a charcoal. For $5.00 you can get it, as much as you want. But when it comes to the same carbon diamond, then starts to be cut... uncut, da, da, da, da, da. And sometimes one little diamond can buy the whole town. Carbon. No big deal.

What carbon does? You know why we love diamond? It turns the sun energy into our life energy. It helps the prana. It is a friend of prana. It has no other value. It is a damn carbon, no big deal! Crystal is better. Man got very tired of it, and he created CZ. You know that stone? For $20, you can get this big one? What they call them? (Cubic Zirconium.) Oh, whatever they are. And some of them are better than the real diamonds.

But we have a path, we can't even accept it. No, no! Diamond is diamond. You know why? Because our ego does not know what is the profit or the loss. Our ego only knows real, non-real. We are never clear on real, non-real. Who's real and who's not real, we are never clear. Why? We don't have intuition. You do not have any strength. You are all bogus. Hypocrites. Why? I'll tell you simple thing. Without intuition, what you know what is what? Your intuition: you don't have horns, you don't have hoofs, you have no skin, nothing. You have no protection. Your protection is intuition. And why I studied Kundalini Yoga? Not that I like it. It was the most difficult thing for me to study. I wasted so many years. You know why? It gives you intuition.

In America I don't use it most of the time, because it scares people. You know everything. And if anybody knows that somebody knows everything, God, they don't even come near it, because then emotions, feelings, drama, trauma and neuroses has no place. Tell somebody, "Don't drive the car for three miles, for two miles, because in thirty yards you are going to meet an accident." And if, luckily or unluckily, that happens and you become a show because you said it, next day, rather than being grateful to you that you said it, person leaves the road when he sees you. "Oh my God....What he is going to say? God!"

I did my Ph.D in communication and I teach you today a lesson in communication. First talk apathy, then talk sympathy, then speak truth. Poke, provoke, confront, elevate. You know what I mean? First your job is to merge with another person. Make him feel that you realize somebody's pain. And then make him feel his pain or her pain is not in vain. Then become a beam, and then assure the person you can tame as a team that person's pain.

Pain is a very beautiful thing. If there would have been no pain, there would have been no research. Dis-ease. It is the uneasiness in us for which we look for comfort. What is the comfort? You know what is the imagination of comfort is? "I should sit in a beautiful silken bed with a canopy and everything should come and go. I don't have to move." That's almost dead. (Sangat laughs) Nobody wants to sweat. Americans realize now in the past 10 years, they are running marathons, because this is a cold country, and you have got to sweat, otherwise you will get arthritis, paritis, karitis, meritis, everything. And Americans started running because they realized, God, car into car into car. When car was in your life, I walked into your life and I said, "No, no car. Ik Ong Kar. There is but one Kar called God."

So please remember that today we are sending you back home clear and clean. Now, from now onward, your job is to become real. I shall be teaching you a meditation tomorrow, personally. I am going to come about 2:00, if I can make it, if I can survive your these three days. This teaching with television is just teaching through a satellite. It is the same thing. It doesn't make any difference. I shall be with you. And we'll do a job. But, massage your butts today. I am not lying and I am not telling you and you did maybe a lot of work and you have done it very well and go home as fast as you can. Whatever you want to do, do it. Don't be persuaded by my commercial. I told you in the beginning, I am doing my commercial.

So read my lips and take care of your hips and I'll give you a few tips tomorrow so that you can get rid of your sorrow. Isn't it a poem? Really. Take care of your hips...what is next? (Sangat repeats.) And I mean it.

You know when you see me sad and complaining and all that? I am a very good actor. That is a drama. Why I do drama, you'll ask me. "You are a Yogi. We trust you. Why you lie to us?" Because I can do drama so that you may not have to do trauma. Trauma is drama plus hysteria. You can't stop. Drama everybody can stop. Trauma is you become into it. And if you really believe in trauma, then do one trauma: believe nobody, but trust God. This is my last line to you. If there is any spirituality... any consciousness, any grace, anything you are... never disbelieve God. Because God is the biggest actor in the planet. He created this earth for His own reasons. He never tells anybody. That's all what Guru Nanak says. And one line which Guru Nanak said, you should learn, too. "Ant beant hei." The end is endless.

If you believe in God, directly or indirectly, through me or through anybody, you have got to trust this one thing. And in the words of Guru Nanak he says so:

Ant na sifatee kehen naa ant. Ant na karanai den na ant.
Ant na vekhan sunan na ant. Ant na jaapai kiaa man mant.
Ant na jaapai keetaa aakaar. Ant na jaapai paaraavaar.
Ant kaaran kete bil laa-eh. Taake ant na paa-e jaa-eh.
E-ho ant na jaanai ko-eeh. Bahutaa kehee-ai bahutaa ho-eh.
Vaadaa sahib oochaa thaa-o. Ooche upar oochaa naa-o.
Evad oochaa hovai ko--eh. Tis ooche ka-o jaanai so-eh.
Jevad aap jaanai aap aap. Naanak nadaree karmee daat.

--24th pauree of Japji Sahib

This I am going to teach in the Ladies' Camp. This pauree is... through Guru Nanak... came to you. It has these following powers: whosoever perfects these words, by uttering, by singing, by remembering, shall have a mastery on five tattwas, three gunas, 8 chakras, 10 bodies, and Infinity. I swear it is true.

When I wanted to be a yogi, I happened to be a Sikh, and I wanted to play games. And you know I believe in victory. I am not lying to you. I just want to win. I am just that kind of man. And I did all the stuff which I can't tell you. If I start telling you what I can do and what I did... I worked on it. It works. I went to a great saint and I said to him, "Competition is hard and I want to win." He told me I was already winning. If a woman is in trouble, she has a pauree that can conquer the basic creativity, Aad Shakti, and that is: "Ekaa maaeh jugat dekho". There are two slokas and 40 paurees, adds up to 38 paurees. And that creates the entire naad system of the aad. Aaad, naad. Guru Nanak didn't give you Japji to do a paat. Word is 'paat.' Paa-t. Ti-a. Ti-a means base. Asan. Asan means tia. Paa-t. Paa, get. Tia means place. Where? In the heart of God.

Some days you say, "Why we get up in the morning, take cold showers, banis, ehhhhhhhh?" No, no, no! It is a damn selfish work. It has nothing to do with God. It has nothing to do with public. It has nothing to do with anything. It is your time for yourself. Sadhana is not for anybody. Sadhana is for you. For your personal purposes. It is self-clear, self- real. You become clear by reading banis. That's why there are five banis you have been told. One of the most important is Japji. 'Ji' means the soul. 'Jap' means the repetition of your own soul. When you repeat things, when you clean the cloth, you mess it up many many times.

You know, I learned from you that machine. When I came here I didn't have a shirt. Shakti gave me a shirt. It was a bush shirt of her son. One day it was so stinking, I said, "My God, I have to clean it." Somebody told me there's a machine there, if you put one coin, a quarter and stick it in, it will get clean. Well, I don't know what wrong I did. I still do not know. I put the coin in all right, I stick it in, and I never found it back. All I found was this much little... I don't know about machine was mad at me or I was mad at her or my coin was no good, but that's what I learned. If you do not keep your shirt clean, that plump (hand over belly) that which I found out, that's what you'll become in life. You know, we make paper out of it, what do they call that? (Pulp.) Pulp. My shirt became pulp. And I learned. All what you do for yourself, putting that money... coin... and making it clean, if you really do not clean, it will end up as a pulp. And many lives are nothing
but a pulp. You know it and I know it. Let's not lie to each other. Don't lie, because in you lies the God Itself.

You do not understand, what is a lie? When you cannot face anything, you bypass. To gain what? Time and space. And that is what avagavan is. That's what the recycling of life is. Don't do it. If it is wrong, sing a song, say it. Who cares? If God doesn't care, who cares?

I tell you funny story. Now and then I'll let you have the blind walk. I was telling somebody whom I love very much, very spiritual things, then I noticed her aura didn't change, and I said, "My God, this person is deaf, not listening to anything." And then I stopped. I said, "Do you know?" And the answer came, "I am thinking." I said, "Guru Nanak said, 'don't' think.' She said, "But I am still thinking." I said, "Have you heard me?" And she said, "Kind of." And I said, "Well, God has heard, don't worry. Job will be done. Go, go, go now." And job was done. A month later she said, "Job was done." I said, "You didn't hear. Somebody has bigger ear. You have very small ears."

A lot of people feel I manipulate. No my dear, I save you from manipulation. You play with the maya. If you play with the maya, you'll end up with chaya. 'Chaya' means the shadow. You'll end up with shadow. Shadow is not reality. Reality according to Guru Nanak is you: 'Sat Nam.' Identify! So wherever you go, you are Sikhs of the Guru or you are man of God. There are two things. Identify. Whenever people ask you who you are, tell them who you are. That's your password. Your destiny name is your password. Do you understand? That is what you have to be.

Now I'll tell you the Catch-22. Those who live for their destiny, the universe lives for them. Those who live for the universe, they have no destiny. And that's the truth. Hey, listen to me! Watch! When I came here one day they were going in a car. They said, "Let us go on a freeway." I said, "No, no, no. Don't do this. Please. We'll pay. I don't want to go on a freeway." That much I knew about America. They said, "We'll make it quick. We'll get on a freeway." I said, "No, don't be a thief. Don't cheat. Please." When IRS wanted to give us an exemption, I told Shakti, "They said, 'give us a budget,'" and I told Shakti, "Make a bogus budget." "What? No bogus. You are a yogi. What are you telling me?" I said, " 'Bogus' means which doesn't exist." She couldn't understand. And I couldn't understand 'freeway.' This is how we started. I still cannot say 'turnpike'. I always mispronounce it. But I don't care. I met it. You should also identify yourself.

Somebody in Tucson called me. There was a student meeting, and I went there to address them. He said, "How you know you are a yogi?" I said, "I am the only one who knows. Nobody else." "Have you found God?" I said, "Yes." "Where?" I said, "In the English dictionary." Well, God is only in one place. English dictionary. It doesn't exist anywhere else. It's true. And remember if you know the truth, if you know the future, if you know everything, and if that hurts somebody, don't speak it. Then you'll say, 'what should you do?' Pray. What is a prayer? Pray. Prayer is what? Prey on the bad luck of that person, and eat it up. You'll be benefited ten fold. Don't hurt, don't insult, don't abuse, don't undermine, don't hit below the belt. Don't attack the weak, don't betray the friends. Live as God made you to live. That's called 'Akal Moorat.' You know, Guru Nanak said 'Akal Moorat.' Then he promised you, 'Ajoonee Saihbang Gurprasad.'

You have to do a long walk tonight and you have already changed the weather of the valley. I will be watching at 3:00 the news, and it said, "There's no relief from the heat." I said, "My God, they don't want to change the report. What should I do? People are freezing up there." That's why today there's no freeze, rain, hail because we felt yesterday that you had a taste of it, and you were not very prepared for it. So just remember, you are clear. And now it is the time for you. "Aapane athai apanaa aape kaa-is bhaaee." With your own hands take care of your own self with the trust of divinity. Don't please remain divided on this issue. God is everywhere and you are nowhere. Wherever you are, God is. Standing on God, walking with God, under God, over God, left God, right God. Don't do your number. And God has one number: One. Ik.

Did I say good things? (Yes, sir.) You liked it?" (Yes, sir.) You should like then. One day you have to speak like me. Ten times better than me. This planet earth shall be yours. Don't believe me? I tell you why you should believe me. 5,000 years ago there was no Judaism. 3,000 years ago there was no Buddhism. Five plus thousand years there was no Hinduism. And 520 years ago there was no Sikhism. When they told me to cover this shelter, we had the money. I said, "No, no, no, no. Christians worshipped God in caves. Let us worship in shelter." We do not drive those fancy Rolls Royce's and Mercedes because they are very comfortable. Car is a car. But we drive them to say, "Those who believe in 'Ik Ong Kar' will have a nice car." It's all relative. Sometimes people ask me, "Why the flags are flying?" I said, "Just to identify." Watch my life and watch my words and watch everything. Everything which this person has done, has done with one intention: to identify.

And you see my seal? Have you seen Siri Singh Sahib's seal? There's a banner underneath. What it says? (Sangat: "In God I Dwell.")

What more to identify? People may feel anything, it doesn't matter. What it matters in life is, it isn't the life that matters, it is the courage you bring to it. Feel it and identify the feelings. Deal it and identify the dealings. And seal it, so time and space cannot get you. I'm not going to say louder than this because Saram is going to give me an injection tonight otherwise, and I don't want to be sick, so, I'm supposed to take care of my throat and I'm doing very well. And I wish you well. I wish you a happy summer. And a hard terrible tomorrow. I have to do what I have to do, and those who feel macho and stick around for 2:00 tomorrow, I'll see you. It's not essential you attend the class. You can play, you can have fun, you can go and eat enchiladas.

You must know, first lesson of mine in United States was in YMCA... Alhambra. I went there to teach. You know how many students came? Me. I gave the best lecture of the world to the walls. You know what that lecture is? "Liberated Man." We have printed it so many times... that was the first lecture which I gave in Alhambra, YMCA, the Concept of a Liberated Man. And it's very simple and it's very spiritual, and it's very easy, and it's very true. The man who drove me had a tape recorder and he taped it. And there was a Mexican girl who transcribed it. And Shakti printed it. It is still the most elevated, real concept of spirituality. So don't feel guilty if you cannot come. You may have an appointment. But I'll reach at my appointment -- 2:00 tomorrow here. And we'll do a class. My personal advice is, 'Don't come.' I am going to do it anyway, so it is not obligatory... but if you care to come, then bring your water with you, and a few Kleenex, and we'll have a real class. Okay? Is it clear?
(Yes, sir.) Well, who's the teacher today? Well, take care of them. Thank you very much.


Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles, CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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