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Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji
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Lecture on: 12/31/1988
Category: Summer Solstice
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

- 1989 - THE END OF AN ERA -


Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Akharee Naam Akharee Saalaah, Akharee Giaan Geet Gun Gaah.
--19th Pauree of Japji Sahib

Akhar. The word. 1984, 3, there was a fight between devil and divine. We were attacked. In 1988 we elevated, and between these four years of test and trial, we have sacrificed almost over 80,000 people. It was not a small situation, but we stood our grounds. We were in the grip of the boa constrictor and in a couple of hours we shall be free of the total grip.

Tomorrow morning you will be walking into 1989. If you understand that, 17, 7 and 1 = 8, the period of infinity starts with us. After all, how do you keep the account of life? Through words, through figures. And exactly the universe, the seven plates of the universe, the seven seas on the planet earth, nations, they move through their style, destiny, through their orbit, through their axle.

Let us not forget this day where our nation got in 1947, betrayed by a rich Sikh and he sold our entire future in spite of the British intervention. He was a Sikh, too, and politically strong. And there was a very great man who could figure out the entire nation, his name was Giani Kartar Singh, was called the 'brain of the Sikhs.' He laid it flat what the Sikhs needs, and the leader at that time was Master Tara Singh. He understood what the Sikh needed, but the most treacherous, rich Sikh, Baldev Singh, sold the entire nation. But in spite of the fact a treachery happened, the facts couldn't be denied.

The pain in the psyche of the Sikh nation continues. If you understand the Sikh history, it's a wonderful Sikh history. It's a history of sacrifice and excellence in the face of treachery, betrayal and lies. But some people just understand what is happening here. They do not understand what is happening up there. There have come times when it has been estimated and understood that it is very easy to wipe out the Sikh as a nation. It is not that today the effort is being made. This effort was made many, many times in the entire Sikh history of 500 and some years ago. Sikhs have produced the greatest saints, greatest martyrs, and greatest elegant philosophers, greatest people who experience God, but on the other hand, Sikhs have also created the greatest men of treachery who betrayed for everything and anything, and people of no morals, no ethics, and who absolutely have no will. They were Sikhs, too.

So basically, in this balance, this nation has survived. And it continues to survive. Among Sikhs there is a one Guru, there is a one nation, there is a one religion, and there is a one experience. But unfortunately there are more bifurcations and more sections than you can even count. Let us not talk about the social and the political situation. That will settle down. It was a rough time, it is over, the clouds are over. After every storm comes the sunshine. Tomorrow a new day shall dawn. And within months the sociological, the psychological, the political and the interplay shall change. Not that somebody in England has had a meeting and decided, or somebody from America has made the decision, or somebody in India is deciding, or some prime minister is telling somebody. Russia is a great superpower, you all know, but could they stop the earthquake? Could they? And could Reagan, the great President, stop Mount Helen's burst out?

There is something beyond everything which works His was, and decides things. Not the nations, not the super powers, and not the powers. There is one power which is power of all powers, and some people call it "God," and some people don't. Some people use God just to show off among the society, among the peer group. Religion is not a reality to most of the people. There are 22 religions and everybody practices bogusity of it. It is very funny if you understand religion. Religion is a personal experience of totality. It is a bewitchment of Infinity. Religion is not what you understand religion to be. It is so unfortunate that I am sitting here and I am talking to you about religion. You have universities on religion, you have professors, you have chairs, you have more synagogues and temples and churches and there are more swamis, yogis, padres, priests, rabbis. But if anybody, or everybody had understood would there be that much pain in the world? If reality (which religion is the science of reality) would have
found out, mankind would have suffered to the extent it is suffering? If reality is found out, if religion is found out, if religiously we feel that children are the gift of God, would our children be suffering the way they are suffering? Would they have been as insecure as they are? No. I'm not asking you to answer me. I know the answer, too. No. If you would have found Guru and if you would have dedicated totally your everything to the Guru, would you have been insecure yourself?

Saaee aapanaa simaree-ay chad bagaanee aas. Have you understood? No. Not true. You know there is a God, but it's not in your head. You do bow to God, but your head has not acknowledged it. Man has a vendetta, man has a vengeance, man has a fight. Man's fight with God is open and absolutely straightforwardly it is an open, declared war. Man accepts God. It is in his own mode. Every religion says, "God is omnipresent. God is omniscient. God is everywhere. God is whatever It is. All things come from God. All things go to God. Ik Ong Kar. One God. The only God." All is absolutely lies. When it comes to believing, when it comes to trusting, when it comes to acting, everybody has a different God. What a hypocrisy. What a lie we all live. It is so strange to me sometimes, it is so puzzling.

Today is a new day, a New Year's Eve. '88 will stop in a couple of hours. Longitude and latitude has already changed it in many places. The world is nothing but longitude and latitude, angles and triangles. It can never change.

I was talking to the kids yesterday, I was surprised. Some kids came who do not know what are the tattwas. They do not know what is an aura. They do not know there are 10 bodies. They do not understand anything. But they are human. They hope to be human.

We all talk about maya. In one gurdwara I had a great experience of maya. There was one jatha who was talking about maya, against maya, the whole thing, and collecting money at the same time. It shocked me, absolutely. In the end I asked him, I said, "You did kirtan absolutely for one hour and a half. You took every line from Gurbani against maya, and when it came to counting, you were the first one who did it. Now what impression you give to these kids who are sitting there looking at you?" And not maya in the sense of dollar, two dollars, five dollars.

Religion is considered so cheap. It is considered so bogus. It is considered as a convenience. Religion is nothing but a mask or a make up to let everybody know, "We know God." You know God but God doesn't know you. You think God is that idiot identity, absolutely has no sense, it has no feeling, it has absolutely no attitude, it has no projection, it has no inflection, it has nothing? You stupid human beings. You think that you can play with God by virtue of which you live? You can lie to something which is in each cell of you? You know how blind you are? Your eyes can only not read even the boards on the freeways and highways. I watched that way car was being driven, and instead of going to north we went to south. Instead of going to south we went to north. Simple slip can happen.

But look at people when they talk, hear them. Hear them. Hear them. Hear them! Do they not pretend to be better than God? Do they not tell you how successful, how powerful, how wonderful they are? Is it not today Reagan very happy that he installed his Bush and it is going to grow into a tree? I think he is. But he doesn't know what he has planted or what is going to come out of it.

We all truly believe that whatever the sequence we are facing, consequence is going to be wonderfully beautiful and everything will be under our control. We do not understand there are three powers: I, me; you; and us. All total of it is there and over and above that is the One who has the strings.

Every known has an unknown. And every unknown has a total control of the known. Unknown is to be discovered. Known is known anyway. There are three truths: one is the individual, other is the geographical, third is the ultimate. That is why Guru Nanak was very straightforwardly kind to let us know, "Aad sach, jugaad sach, heibhee sach, naanak hosee bhee sach." Have no doubt that truth shall be. Lies do not live very long. They can't, because they are maya, they are chaya, they are shadows.

So understand today it is end of an era which will not destroy Sikh Dharma, which will not reduce Sikh Dharma, which will not or has not given a piece of land to Sikh Dharma. This thing has given, these four years of sacrifice by the innocent blood, this baldhan, this satya, this power, which has been sacrificed at the altar of freedom, sovereignty and infinity has given not a piece of land, but a great peace of mind. Mind has become one with the light of the Guru. Otherwise how can a small batch of people stand up to the mighty cultivated power of the man's machinery?

But look at our history. We stood against Mogul empire, and we brought it to the end. We stood against and with the British empire and we brought it to the end. And we stood India, with and against, and we'll bring it to the end. Just understand, Guru Arjan Dev gave a sacrifice. Out of that grew miree and piree. Before that it was only piree. Guru Tegh Bahadur gave sacrifice, and out of the panth, Khalsa grew up. Many times Akal Takhat gave its sacrifice. Each time a kingdom appeared and we lost it. Loss and gain is our power.

And today Akal Takhat again reminded us that it has to be free and sovereign. It's chaotic. On one side the Akal Takhat issuing orders, "Put somebody out of the Dharma. " Later on the entire thing changes and they rescind the order of the Akal Takhat. But when such a mockery happens, when such a chaos happens, when the fish touches the bottom, it rises up. When things come to ashes, Phoenix rises out of the ashes. This is the history of all nations, and that is our history, too.

People have doubt, "What shall happen to Sikh Dharma?" Delhi Darbar has opened up its coffers. Anybody can get a truck and a permit. Everybody can come and claim and blame and can be absolutely rewarded. Every mouth is being silenced. But it will not change the page of the history. It will not change the flow of the times. The blood of the innocent will not go to waste. And there's no reason for all of us who have walked unto the walk of the Guru, to even fear and misunderstand the circumstances which are going to follow.

We shall return to India in 1991. We shall be asked and requested to return. There are no hopes today. When I told you in 1984, "Let us go, all of us, and go to the Harimandir and have a sip and dip," you mocked. Those who went, they enjoyed, and after that we couldn't go. We shall not be asked to go for a while again, but we shall go. The circumstances shall very rapidly change. Our environments and our life will change. And as the time will show its power, its light and its brightness, circumstances will change for this nation for the good of it. Because this is a nation of God. They are not specially chosen ones -- they are the blessed ones.

I am not saying that all the fruit will ripen to its sweetness, but everything never rots, also. Just understand the God's will and the free will, they always collide in circumstances. Just understand, what they have not done to us? We were denied to worship in the gurdwaras, we were denied entry. We have been legally sued again and again, as a class, as a dharma. Implantation of treachery and betrayal has been continuous, but has that affected us?

For a Sikh, the power in him is in his sadhana. For a Sikh, power is in the world. World he can create and conquer. The only handicap which happened to a Sikh is, when he separated from the Guru. When the plant is separated from the water, the signs are it shall die. When water deserts the land, it becomes desert. When a Sikh does not get up in the morning and pray with his Guru, that Sikh cannot maintain himself, that Sikh cannot sustain himself.

I tell you something very simple. Hazarat Abraham one day got up to meditate and he saw the angel Israel or Gabriel, whatever you want to call him. He was writing a list. He asked him, "What are you writing?" The angel said, "The name of those who love God." He said, "Okay. My name is there?" The angel said, "No." He said, "Such a long list, man. I love God. Why not?" The angel said, "No, your name is not there. But can I sit here and complete the list or not? Your name is not there." He said, Are you sure? Thank God. Complete the list."

Next day he got up again to meditate and he saw the angel sitting there, very dozy and sleepy. He asked him, "What is wrong today? Don't you have to write the list?" The angel said, "One name only." Mohammed said, "What is the list today?" The angel said, "List of those whom God loves." He said, "Oh, my name will not be there." The angel said, "Yours is the only name. That's why I'm sleepy. I have no work."

A lot of you must be loving God, but have you created environments of character and commitment that God can love you? Every religion teaches you how to love God. Sikh Dharma does not teach you how to love God. Sikh Dharma teaches you how God can love you. You know, you don't understand this religion at all. The tragedy is that you have not understood the basic fundamental religion code of conduct. Sikh Dharma does not teach you how to love God, how to find nirvana, how to go in heavens, how to sit on the right side of Him and left side of Him. Sikh Dharma tells you to become Him. Sikh Dharma is a very great religion. It has examples. It codes the examples of those bhagatas, shared the bani with those bhagatas who made God to dance -- for whom God danced, for whom God made mud-pies, cow dung cakes, for whom God ploughed the field, from whom God served the langars.

When Kabir was tied down with a dead stone to be thrown, chained to die under the water, not only Kabir came up but he sat on a miragshala, he sat on his meditating sheet. Sikh Dharma does not ask you to find God. Sikh Dharma does not ask you to pray to God. Sikh Dharma tells you, "You are the God. You are the creation of God. God dwells in you and you dwell in God." Jot sang jotrali. Light merged with the light. You are the light.

But unfortunately the majority of the other religions which teaches those limited scales are in majority, and you are the growing majority. You are the tomorrow of those who are your yesterday. Please understand religion in the sense of reality. Don't take vendetta and vengeance. Loving God won't solve the problem, but if God loves you, that shall solve all problems.

That is why Guru Nanak in the very first few lines says, "Amrit velaa sach nao, vadiaaee veechaar. Karamee aavai kaparaa naderee moakh duaar. Naanak avai jaaneeai sabh aape sachiaar." He puts a seal of confirmation on it. "Nanak thus knows this way." And when a Sikh does not get up in the morning, he's not lazy, he's not restful. How can you rest in misery? How can you rest in discomfort? How you can rest in tragedy? How can you rest when you are unfulfilled?" How can you rest when you are poor? How can you rest when you are stupid? Where it is written that the stupid man has rest?

And surprisingly if you are a doctor or engineer or blah, blah, blah, you put a lot of things on the wall to show who you are. But you are afraid to put on the wall the picture or the painting of the Guru. You can keep in your pocket the picture of your wife, the picture of your family, but you are afraid to keep the picture of the Guru in your purse. Sikh Dharma tells, "Naam chit aavai." Anything which reminds one of the God, the Guru, is a blessing.

What I'm saying today to you is, "Learn to be a Sikh." Power is not proportionate. How much super powers you have? "Riddhi, siddhi, nao niddhi. Kisai kaamanaa aaee. Batiaa nirankaar dee pavitar taa to paaeh." You can't get to anything in the world with all occult powers and all meditation and everything. Only one thing works: your own purity. That's what Khalsa means. Prosperity is proportionate to your purity. If you think anything else will work, forget it.

You might see a man with a loin cloth, absolutely naked, sitting in a jungle, not inviting you, and you may experience a king going there and bowing to it. There sits a Christian Pope, 108 acre of land is totally his country. Every head of the state goes there and bows, to Vatican. It's a great privilege. It is not what his budget is. It is not how many people he has got, or how many divisions of army he has. It is the proportionate purity he has for the Christian world. Every politician, every emperor will go there to save his hide. Nobody can hide from that guy. Even the communist countries which do not believe in God, when he goes, they sweat. God knows what he's going to say. What is his power? His power is in his purity. It's not in his prejudice, not in his projections, not in his preparedness for war and peace.

China took away Tibet, killed so many people. There's a one man, the Dali Lama, you can't handle him. Because when a man of God listens, every mind hears it, every heart throbs with it, every impulse receives it. Electromagnetic field of the psyche in the proportionate centripetal and centrifugal force creates the reptile into the sense of its own harmony, and the psyche into the cross of his gamma state always relates beyond any conception, perception and known facts, and that is called mystery. Therefore just remember, law of God is the law of God, and planet earth has no more proportion than a ping pong ball. "Tin maeh raho rank ko karahee, raho rank ke dhaare." In the second of the second of the second, he makes the king the beggar, the beggar the king.

Sikh of the Guru owes everything to Guru. That is why he bows to the Guru. And today is our day that we should rejoice, we should bow, and we should ask Siri Guru Granth to bless us so that all that darkness, the cloudiness, the twisters which went through us, is gone. Now Siri Guru Granth guides us to victory. Now we ask, "Rakhe rakhanhar aap ubaarian. Gur kee pairee paaeh kaaj savaarian. Hoaa aap dayal manaho na visaarian. Saadh janaa kai sang bhavajal taarian. Saakat nindak dusht khin maaeh bidaarian. Tis sahib kee tek naanak manai maaeh. Jis simarat sukh hoeh sagale dookh jaaeh."

I was talking to a great official of government of India. We were joking. He said, "Now tell me, Yogi ji, what Sikhs can do? They should come to peace, they should come to terms." I said, "Sure. First you come to terms; they'll come to terms." He said, "But how we can make them understand?" I said, "You cannot make Sikhs to understand. They know. The tragedy of a Sikh is that he knows the impulse. He may not pinpoint, but a Sikh will always know honesty and dishonesty." He said, "Everybody knows?" I said, "No. Everybody need not know. Only one we need. If one knows that you are not honest, everybody knows that you are not honest." I said, "Temporarily you can buy and sell them. Temporarily you can control them and direct them. Temporarily you can go and kill them. But they won't give up." He said, "Why not? We are trying our best." I said, "You are trying your best, and they know the best." He said, "Have you understood in the entire universe, is there anybody who is baptized by the double-edged sword? Is
there anybody?" He said, "Do you mean we do not trust God?" I said, "No, you don't. You shave up your face in the morning, he grows up in the evening. There's a fight going on right on your face." It's true. It's absolutely true.

Man has never accepted God and God has never let Himself go. He grows the beard, he shaves up, and on every television in America you'll find biggest shaver on the planet. Man has never been able to get rid of his beard because that is the sign board of Akal Purakh. Undying God. If you really want to know what is the real value of the beard, ask the one who's a koda, who doesn't have beard. Who's hormones took away from him the male appearance. You know what they do? Ask the man what is the value of the hair. They spend five thousand dollars and needle the whole scalp and grow up hair. Look at these guys. Ask the woman what is the value of the hair. Ask her when she wears somebody's wig. She will tell you. But when you have something, you do not value it. When you don't have it, then you understand.

When in Canada I came, I was 40 years old. I had started growing this white-grey hair., and they started showing. Then when I went to India I went with a jet black beard. When I came back, almost half was white. So in 84 days I learned what it can do. But somebody just asked me once, "It takes about two dollars just to put something on, and it'll all be black, no problem." I said, "It has taken 40 years." I said, "Let us calculate it. You think I am worth five or ten dollars a day?" She said, "Yes." I said, "Forty years, make the days, and multiply by ten. That many dollars have been spent so they started getting grey. All it's telling me is to shut up from the black deeds and start looking towards the white corner." I said, "It's a natural process. It's an acceptance."

You can do two things: either accept God as It is, or deny God as It is. Get up in the morning, you accept Guru every day. Or you deny Guru every day. Every day's accounting, every day's balance sheet, "Karamee aavai kaparaa naderee moakh duaar." Every day's balance sheet is every day's balance sheet. It's not going to be today or tomorrow. It'll be in the end, the credit will show up, or debit will show up. Sikh understands it. That is Gursikh. Gurkee sikh leh. Talk the wisdom of the Guru. Guru's tell you that with every breath. Breath means time-wise, 15 times a minute, average breathing takes place. If you read the Siri Guru Granth and its sutras and you take the entire seconds of the year, and you multiply it with 15, you'll find the Siri Guru Granth sutra, and the breath, exactly the same number. If you add into the leap year, you take the sutra of the Rag Mala, that will fit in.

Today we are told we should not read Rag Mala. We can read 1429 pages, and one page will give us a stomach ache? It's my Guru. Whether he wears mala, mund mala, raag mala, dand mala, what do I care? Guru is Guru. I'm not subjecting myself whether my Guru, which mala my Guru wears. My Guru has worn a mala. It's inferior or superior, it's bad or good, it's none of my problem. But you do not understand, in this scheme there's a scheme in it. They want to create a doubt on the Guru in your mind and heart. They are telling you that your Guru is not true. They are telling you, "Guru granth jee maanio pargat guraa kee de," is wrong. That's what they are telling you. And I am telling you,

"Gur kee nindaa sune na kaan, Sees bhet kare kirpaan."
--Old Punjabi Saying

(Literal translation: A Sikh can never tolerate slandering against
the Guru. He offers the head of the slanderer on his sword.)

This is also a teaching. Sakat sang naa keejeeay dooro jaa-ee-ai bhaag." These people are not worth listening, seeing, and being with because they are initially creating a doubt on the Guru.

I was discussing that day, I said, "Tell me, 20 years ago, which American used to bow to Siri Guru Granth? None." I said, "Now you have got a stomach ache? Now you are giving them the printed circulars? Now you are creating in their mind Siri Guru Granth is not perfect? Now you are telling me Das Granth is not real? Don't you understand Masa Angar is a Saki? Don't you understand Sikhs have proven every step?"

They will ask you to read Anand Sahib, and they will ask you a question. "Why don't you read 'Anand sunaho vadabhaagio...(40th pauree)?" First of all the word is not 'Anand.' Word is 'Anhad.' "Anhad sunaho vada-bhaag-ee- ho sagal mannorath poore." This question was asked at Amritsar in Akal Takhat. We didn't answer. We kept calm and silent. Next day we brought a staircase, we put five steps and we put the fortieth step. And we ask the Jethadar Akal Takhat, Sadhu Singh Paura, I said, "We have brought a beautiful stair. Could you just go on it?" He said, "This is a practical joke?" I said, "No, it is a practical way. In Siri Guru Granth Anand is written. We'll read five, we'll read six, we'll read seven, but we'll not jump over. Sunday chetanee karenge gurbane daa. Guru ke manange." We'll accept the Guru as Guru. We have no right and mockery. He said, "Panth says!" I said, "That panth doesn't exist which tells the Guru. Guru made the panth, panth made the Guru. It's an interlocked relationship and it
shall not be changed." He said, "You American Sikhs..." I said, "Here you go." I said, "We are Sikhs of the Guru Gobind Singh. We live in America. We live in Canada. We live in Japan. We live in Chile. We live in Brazil. We live everywhere in Europe." I said, "We are going to live all over the world. We shall be 9 million, whatever the number is." He said, "You really believe it?" I said, "That's what Guru said. I believe my Guru, I believe what Guru says."

I have no problem. Life is simple. I'm not willing to make my life complicated. I shall read Rag Mala as it is. I shall accept Siri Guru Granth as my Guru and the Guru for me and my children as it is. It shall never ever be a holy book to me. It shall be a living Guru to me. It is not an Atma to me. It is a Para Par Param Atma to me. I shall live for it and if time asks me, I'll die for it. I'm born out of it, and I also know how to merge in it. I respect it very well. In this Guru I dwell. Nobody can take it away from me.

You might be asking, I prepared the dish today, and what is my wish? My wish is we should exactly follow the steps laid down by Guru Gobind Singh, the father of the nation, and we should live to the purity of Mata Sahib Deva, that sweetness to serve everybody. My only wish is, if it comes on me, "Ketiaa dookh bhookh sad maar, eh bhi daat teree daataar," and it comes for others, "Nanak naam cherdi kalaa, tere bhaane sarbat kaa bhalaa." I shall wish and prefer to serve the good of all. That is God to me. Remember, Khalsa. I'm not sure. Neither I want to show "Thit vaar naa jogee jaanai, rut maaho naa koee, jaa kartaa sirathee kao saaje aape jaanai soee." (21st pauree of Japji Sahib). This is my last mile of life. I do not know how long I shall be with you and serve you.

Remember, do not betray your Guru and do not accept it as a holy book, ever. And do not accept these men of no standard as saints. If you want to know the standard of a saint, I give you the standard. Arjan Mal gave that standard and became Guru Arjan Dev. "Bhaag hoaa gur sant milaaiaa, Prabh abinaasee ghar meh paaiaa. Sev karee pal chasaa na vichhuraa jan naanak daas tumaare jeeo." That is the standard. Guru Ram Das is standardized saint. It is a personalized Guru, it is a personal saint of you. Do not accept hanky pankies and dainkies. They run around like madheads. They do not belong to us. Respect them, give them maya and make them move. If maya, (money makes the mare go), and if maya can move these saints, fine.

But you know what a saint is. Let your children, their children and their children have no misunderstanding of what a saint is. Let you within you and without you, understand what Guru is, and who your Guru is. Let you understand what Panth is. Panth is not mine and yours. Panth is the path of Guru on which you pay the toll. It is a turnpike. (Am I pronouncing it correctly? After 20 years I am pronouncing that name, turnpike, right?) You pay the toll. You know, to walk on the path of the Guru, we paid the toll of the head. We paid the toll so that we have to pay no more. We don't have to pretend, pakhand, together. Why we have pretend and do the pakhand? We don't have to do drama and trauma. We don't have even to know. How much we can know? Guru shall guide us. We have a living Guru. "In the beginning there was the word and the word was with God and word was God." And what we are saying? "Word IS God."

Asankh naav asankh thaav. agam agam asankh lo. Asankh kaheh sir bhaar hoeh. Akharee naam akharee saalaah. Akharee giaan geet gun gaah. Akharee likhan bolan baan. Akharaa sir sanjog vakhaan. Jin e-eh likhe tis sir naaeh. Jiv furmaae tiv tiv paaeh. Jetaa keetaa tetaa na-oh. Vin naavai naahee ko thaao. Kudarat kavan kahaa veechaar. Vaariaa na jaavaa ek vaar. Jo tudh bhaavai saaee bhalee kaar. Too sadaa salaamat nirankaar.

--19th Pauree of Japji Sahib

You know why Guru Nanak said this pauree? If because of the sanskars of all the previous incarnations you happen to have a written destiny on the forehead and you want to wipe it out and you do not want to stand before the Dharam Raj who's God's pawn, then read this pauree. It shall wipe out the undesirable.

If you are ever poor and with all your intelligence you cannot become rich, let us read that.

Bahotaa karam likhiaa naa jaaeh. Vadaa daataa til na tamaaeh. Kete mangeh jodh apaar. Ketiaa ganat nahee veechaar. Kete khap tuteh vekaar. Kete lei lei mukar paaeh. Kete moorakh khaahee khaa-eh. Ketiaa dookh bhookh sad maar. Eh bhe daat teree daataar. Band khalaasee bhaanai hoeh. Hor aakh na sakai koeh. Je ko khaa-ik akhan paaeh. Oh jaanai jetiaa mu-eh khaa-eh. Aape jaanai aape de-eh. Aakheh se bhe ke-ee ke-eh. Jisano bakhshe sifat saalaah. Naanak paatishaaee paatishaaho.
--25th pauree of Japji Sahib

If your entire wisdom cannot understand...entire wisdom, collective wisdom. I'm not talking of individual. Collective wisdom cannot understand and you have very quick decisions to make....let us go through it....

Jat paahaaraa deeraj suniaar. Eheran mat ved hathee-aar. Bhao khalaa agan tup taa-o. Bhandaa bhaao amrit tit daal. Gharee-ai shabad sachee taksaal. Jin ka-o nadar karam tin kaar. Naanak nadaree nadar nihaal.
--38th pauree of Japji Sahib

See how quick it is? Jisano bakshe sifat saalaah. Naanak paatishaaee paatishaaho. And what is the last line of it? This is the last line of Bahotaa karam likhiaa naa jaaeh. Because it gives you the kingdom of the time and space and the kingdom of the analytical production of the time and energy of the matter into complex of that creativity into the multitude of that of the subtlety. It's a law. It's a creative law of God. God cannot go beyond His computer. He is very limited. Always limited is unlimited. Remember this. So Guru Nanak gave this pauree, this step for us to remember. And it says, Jisano bakshe sifat saalaah. Naanak paatishaaee paatishaaho. And, Jat paahaaraa deeraj suniaar, has a last line of Naanak nadaree nadar nihaal. Within the sight, Naanak nadaree nadar nihaal. Within the sight of the sight -- within the sight of the sight. Within the second of the second, blissful complication must go and completion and must take place. Must! Hooray! Understand your Japji! It is a "Ji" called
"Jap." It is not Khap Khap. It is Ji called Jap. Understand it. You have been given tools to rule. Use those tools. And make a vouch that you shall accept no rule but the rule of the Akal Takhat, of the Hargobind. Not of the modern manipulation.

Therefore, today where you got the freedom and you paid over 80,000 sacrificial lambs on the altar of God, it established the basement of the ruler ship. People sacrificed lambs, people sacrificed horses. Jesu made yug. We sacrificed the most beloved son and daughter of the Guru. Sons and daughters of the Khalsa. Kaar. Dhar. They were cut. We have given the sacrifice. And there's no doubt, should never be a doubt, or any slightly any attitude. We should never feel destitute. Cherdi kala is our way of life. If you meditate, do the naam, do the sadhana., the whole thing, what it will give you? It will give you cherdi kala. Nanak naam, that's a confirmatory word. Nanak says, with the name what you'll get? Cherdi kala. You'll have an inspired spirit. There is nothing equal to it. Cherdi kala means you shall have the self of infinity. Tere baane sarbat ka balaa. For the sake of that you have to pay the price, you shall wish good to all. Do good to all. Serve well to all.
In all lives the Almighty God. We the one serve that purpose. That is a Sikh.

Let us make a resolution today. Our resolution is that we shall bring the evolution and we shall bring the revolution to create the Will of the Akal Takhat. That's my wish. You can have yours.

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

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Transcript by Tej Kaur Khalsa, Los Angeles CA

Above Article Copyright Yogi Bhajan 2002. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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