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Baru Sahib organises Gurmat Camp jointly for Gurdwara Canton and Gurdwara Brown's Town

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    A Gurmat camp was organized from 10 February to 16 March, 2008 at Gurdwara Singh Sabha of Michigan, Canton, MI, USA under the supervision of Bhai Harpal Singh of Gurdwara Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, India with the cooperation of Punjabi School and revered saadh-sangat. This Punjabi School, managed by Gurdwara Singh Sabha of Michigan, Canton, is running successfully for the last four years imparting Punjabi Language, Gurmat and Sikh Principles to tiny-tots and younger generation.

    For the convenience and benefit of those kids from USA, who could not go to Baru Sahib in India, Baba Iqbal Singh Ji (President, The Kalgidhar Society) decided that the Gurmat Camps should also be conducted in USA itself. So, Bhai Harpal Singh was sent to render his services for this purpose.

    In this gurmat camp, the campers learned correct pronunciation of Punjabi, Naam Simran, Gurbani Kirtan, religious poems, Gurmat, Sikh Philosophy, Sikh History and practical way of Sikh living. As appealed by S. Jagdish Singh Chehal at the inauguration of camp, two days in a week were reserved for the newly established Guru Ghar of Brown’s Town. A samagam was organized on Sunday, 9 March 2008 by the campers at Brown’s Town Gurdwara.

    On 15 March, a quiz competition based on Gurbani, Gurmat and Sikh History was organized for the campers. The campers were divided into four groups in the quiz competition comprising four rounds. The judges were S. Tejkiran Singh Dhillon, S. Lakhwinder Singh Brown’s Town and Bibi Jasbir Kaur Saini. The participants responded very enthusiastically with 90% correct answers. The parents were amazed to see their wards’ performance in such a short time. One of the parents said, “Our kids have outclassed us by attending this camp for 5 weeks only, as even we didn’t know the answers of many questions.”

    On this occasion, S. Surinder Singh Garcha (Manager of Punjabi School and former Secretary of Gurdwara Sahib) said that this camp could be termed as successful only if we all vow to keep our hair intact and get the blessings of the Guru by taking Amrit. All present vowed to keep their hair intact and several children and parents promised to take Amrit.

    To make the camp more interesting, musical chairs competition was also organized. Even the parents participated very enthusiastically in this competition.

    Throughout the camp, 50 campers from Canton and 25 campers from Brown’s Town attended this camp regularly. Bibi Harjit Kaur Dhingra and Bibi Parvinder Kaur Bhullar also contributed towards the success of this camp.

    Closing ceremony of this Gurmat Camp was held on Sunday, 16 March 2008 at Gurdwara Sahib Canton. Most of the campers were dressed beautifully in Sikhi Bana.

    Shabad Gayan by campers in the closing ceremony:

    (It was a great achievement of this Gurmat Camp that most of the campers learned Kirtan in this Gurmat Camp itself and performed in the closing ceremoney. No one except one girl camper knew how to perform Kirtan before the camp)

    Mool-Mantra - Balraj Singh Dhanoa, Charanpreet Singh, Hargobind Singh

    Satgur Aaio Saran Tuhari - Supreet Kaur, Rajbir Kaur

    Kawan Gun Pranpat Milio Meri Mai – Armind Kaur Chehal, Arman Kaur Bhullar

    Gun Keerat Nidh Mori – Harjot Kaur Sangha, Ravneet Kaur Bhangu, Navneet Kaur Bhangu

    Jagat Jalanda Raakh Lai – Prabhdeep Singh Dullat

    Ooch Apaar Beant Suami – Aadeshbir Singh, Amanjot Singh Sangha

    Rakha Ek Hamara Suami – Simardeep Singh, Manvir Singh Dhaliwal

    Prabhneet Kaur spoke on the topic of ‘Who is Khalsa?’ Saga of Chamkaur by Ravleen Kaur Saini and Gurleen Kaur Saini brought tears to the eyes of many. Roseleen Kaur Bains, Harmandeep Kaur, Muskan Kaur and Kiran Kaur also recited one shabad each. Puneet Kaur Bhullar, Gur Asees Kaur Dhingra, Puneet Kaur Gill and Guntaj Kaur recited the poem ‘Chaar Kurahitan Ton Door Hi Rehna’. It was notable that most of the participating campers in Shabad-Gayan had learnt Gurbani Kirtan in this Gurmat Camp itself.

    Throughout the samagam, Tabla was played by Palvinderbir Singh, a former student of Punjabi School. Marking the conclusion of the Diwan, ‘Ajj Guran Da Langar Hai’ by 4.5 year old Rajpreet Singh Garcha was much appreciated by one and all. Ardas was performed by Balkaran Singh and Hukamnama was recited by Harjot Kaur Gill.

    Bhai Harpal Singh of Baru Sahib, who compeered the whole samagam, apprised the sangat with more than 37 educational institutions and other humanitarian projects being undertaken by The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib. S. Gurmukh Singh Dusanjh honored Bhai Harpal Singh with Siropa. He was also honored with a memento by the management of Punjabi School which included S. Jagdish Singh Chehal, S. Gurpreet Singh Aulakh, S. Surinder Singh Garcha and S. Resham Singh Saini. When Bhai Harpal Singh, on behalf of Baba Iqbal Singh Ji, was going to honor camp coordinator S. Surinder Singh Garcha, he called all his colleagues on stage to receive the blessings, saying that the success of the Gurmat camp was possible only with the co-operation of all involved.

    An unprecedented enthusiasm was seen in the sangat regarding this Gurmat camp. The elated Bhai Gurpal Singh said, “It is a matter of great pleasure that for the very first time, a Gurmat Camp has been organized jointly by two Gurdwaras with the efforts of S. Jagdish Singh and S. Surinder Singh. We hope that in future, other schools and Gurdwaras will also follow this example and organize similar camps jointly.”

    For the services of Bhai Harpal Singh to conduct Gurmat Camps, please contact at [email protected]. His six month trip starts from Oct. 2008.

    Photo Gallery
    The little angels started the proceedings with the recitation of Mool-Mantar
    (performing for the very first time)
    Prabhdeep Singh reciting Kirtan
    Guru Dian Singhnian presenting a religious poem
    Youth reciting Kirtan (they learned Kirtan in this Gurmat Camp itself)
    Girl campers reciting Kirtan
    The boy campers performing Gurbani Kirtan
    Arman Kaur & Armind Kaur reciting Gurbani Kirtan
    Prabneet Kaur speaking on the topic of "Who is Khalsa"
    Roseleen Kaur & Navreet Kaur performing Gurbani Kirtan
    Supreet Kaur & Rajpreet Kaur performing Gurbani Kirtan
    Saga of Chamkaur by Ravleen Kaur Saini and Gurleen Kaur Saini
    Prabhpreet Singh Garcha recites a religious poem
    while Mankeert Singh performs
    'Seva' of Guru Granth Sahib
    Simardeep Singh, Manvir Singh Dhaliwal performing Gurbani Kirtan
    Harjot Kaur Sangha, Ravneet Kaur Bhangu, Navneet Kaur Bhangu
    Gurbani Kirtan
    Armind Kaur Chehal, Arman Kaur Bhullar performing Gurbani Kirtan
    Singhnian performing Gurbani Kirtan
    Guru De Lal performing Gurbani Kirtan
    4.5 year old Rajpreet Singh reciting 'Ajj Guran Da Langar Hai'
    Bhai Harpal Singh Ji conducting the Gurmat Quiz
    Bhai Harpal Singh awarding certificates to the campers
    at the closing ceremony
    S. Surinder Singh Garcha
    Bhai Harpal Singh Ji apprising the sangat about the mission of
    The Kalgidhar Society. (Standing next is Resham Singh Saini)
    Honoring 4.5 year old camper Rajpreet Singh Garcha
    Bhai Harpal Singh Ji awarding camper Gulbir Singh
    S. Gurmukh Singh Ji honoring Bhai Harpal Singh with a Siropa
    Bhai Harpal Singh being honored by Punjabi School teachers
    with a memento
    Sangat in Canton Gurdwara Sahib
    Bhai Harpal Singh Ji with campers & parents
    Bhai Harpal Singh Ji with parents
    Bhai Sahib visiting campers of Akal International Youth Camp-2007 Prabhpreet Singh, Harjot Kaur with camp organizer Surinder Singh Garcha
    Press reporter S. Resham Singh Saini interviewing Bhai Harpal Singh Ji
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