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Sikh Children's Day Celebrated


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    Jagpreet Singh reports from Fremont Gurudwara,CA...

    I am Jagpreet. I like my name ‘Jagpreet Singh’ it has a meaning. Thank you mom and dad for taking out the time and finding an appropriate name for me. Now I would like to thank you for many other reasons but a little later. I am 8 yrs old and live in Fremont in Northern California. We visit Fremont Gurudwara every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and sometimes many other days..Ha! We have plenty of Langar,its available at all times. We go to Khalsa School on Sundays so that’s how I know how to read and write Punjabi and also I can read and understand Japji sahib and Rehras Sahib. Now if you are getting bored hold on for a little while because I keep the best always for the last just like you have to finish off the entire food before you can eat the pie. Or do you want to know the latest gossip from the Gurudwara. Like Gurudwara politics ??? Well there you go. To be very frank I don’t know much about it because my parents don’t talk about it at home and when I go to the Gurudwara I am busy doing so many other constructive things that I don’t get time to get into this.

    Now see this year we had the ‘Sikh Children’s day’. The day I had been waiting for so long. Last year I could not do my best. This year I had to ...I had to look the best . Walk upright like a soldier in the parade though I should admit here that all eyes were on the little ones who just learnt how to walk and talk and were already saying ‘uura’,’Aira’.As far as the parshada competion is concerned-I know I can never win that so I let Harleen Kaur win. But as far as the dastaar—competition is concerned I sure could be in the first three. I did fare well in the basketball but I still don’t get gatka.Well maybe a year or two and then I too will be perfect. I drew a beautiful portrait in the art show I wish I could sell it for some thousands of dollars and get a Wii but I was disqualified.

    Well the skit had nothing to do with age and qualification - If you can act you are in so I was indeed the best actor shouting at the five vices ‘Kaam’,’Krodh’, ‘Lobh’,’Moh’,’Ahankaar’ and getting to know my best friends , Sat, Santokh ,Gyan, Nimrata and Khima. There was this ‘Ms Universe’ kind of a competition where these judges were looking at kids to appropriately crown them ‘Shaane Khalsa’.You know by now I was not one of them or could not be one of them …never mind next year.

    I really had fun getting my pictures clicked in weird poses and also see all the families getting their instant pictures clicked in front of the Nishaan Sahib. Not to forget the souvenirs and the best souvenir for a kids like me was Sakhiland. At that moment one of my friend asked me for some help and I said “I don’t have the time “and wanted to enjoy and then the next moment I looked at all the aunty and Uncles Veerjis and didis who were helping out. Did they have all the time in the world? With their home-works and their kids and their jobs? I asked my mom and she told me that they were doing sewa. Hmm I understood..I guess I did.

    So many Santas…I mean Santa Claus’s at work And then I looked at mom why did she every day after work give me a ride to the Gurudwara for my rehearsals when she was so tired more tired than I am after playing a basket ball game? And I asked her was that sewa too? Though she kept quiet and just smiled but somebody else remarked that these parents were doing a bigger ‘Sewa’ the sewa for the panth.

    So many sewadars hundreds of them all working for one cause the ‘Future of Sikhi’ the generation that will take the lead tomorrow. These Sewadars are never named in the newspapers or you might not even hear about them but you will see them in their true spirit in kids like me who feel proud of their identity because of the ambience these tireless volunteers work to create. Every time you need them be in this ‘Sikh Children’s Day’ or a ‘Nagar Keertan’ or else today’s Vasakhi celebrations they are there for you!

    Thank You

    Sewadar, Fremont Gurudwara
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