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The Kalgidhar Society congratulates Angad Singh


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    Congratulations Angad Singh!!

    We are proud of you.

    The Kalgidhar Society congratulates Angad Singh on his documentary ‘One Light’ going to National Film Festival.

    Angad Singh participated in the Akal International Youth Camps at Akal Academy, Baru Sahib, Himachal Pradesh (India) in 2005 and again in 2006. He performed brilliantly in all the activities of the camp. He was a fast-learner and disciplined camper. We are very proud of him.

    About the documentary 'One Light'

    The documentary 'One Light' gives the message of oneness of humanity, making this world a little friendlier, a little less conflict ridden and a little more connected, especially in times when all we hear about is war, violence and fear. Not only does this short film bring a strong message of connectedness with one another, but it reveals the basics of Sikhism and the Sikh identity, hence, very subtly educating the audience in the process.

    Spinning Wheel Film Festival Hollywood was the first film festival to recognize its potential on the big screen and encouraged Angad Singh as the youngest filmmaker in Sikh film industry.

    Today 'One Light' is making little baby steps to making this world a bit closer by being screened across North America in Film Festivals. 'One Light' at NFFTY will be screened on March 30th, 2008 at 11:00 AM in a 400 seat Seattle International Film Festival cinema.

    To read more about the Idea, Process and Experience, please visit

    Some appreciations:

    - I am proud to see a young Sikh boy showing so much courage and intelligence. In you, I see a very bright future for Sikhism. I want to salute your mother who has instilled so much courage in you. Excellent upbringing!!

    - Dear Angad Ji, Your video is really wonderful! I admire your courage and creativity. If you continue like that, you can become anything in life! The message of your film is so universal and beautiful.

    - This video will surely become a source of inspiration for a lot of people.

    - Angad Singh seems like a tiny spark of Guru Nanak dev Ji. It’s amazing that 13yr old soul has taken this big step of educating about ‘one light’.

    - Such an excellent video! Angad Singh Ji, I feel honored to have you as part of the Khalsa family.

    - Excellent work, Angad. This is such an inspiring video to not just Sikhs but any human being in this world. Angad’s thoughts and views are truly ahead of his time and age. There are so few people in today’s world who actually care about making a change. This video is unique because it doesn’t only focus on Sikhs, but on the entire humankind. The message is truly universal in every sense.

    - It is easy to express ideas but no one has come out with solutions of what to do with the future which you have done.

    Angad Singh at Baru Sahib

    "These are our Sikh History classes.
    We did an hour of history each day."
    "I learnt some beautiful shabads at the camp. My partner was Dashmeet Singh (also from Atlanta). I enjoyed learning from some wonderful teachers. Most teachers were the previous students of Akal Academy."
    "There was a lot of learning at the camp. We learnt
    Gurbani Santhya
    - the correct pronunciation of the Gurbani.."
    "Gatka was my favorite thing to learn at the camp. I wish we had Gatka lessons in Atlanta and can practice it more often. I LOVE GATKA!!!!!!!!"
    "We learnt and recited some beautiful poems
    related to the Sikh history."
    "We performed Nitnem at Darbar Sahib. One of the things I learnt at the camp was to perform the long Ardaas. This is me doing the Ardaas Sewa."
    "This picture is from the Quiz competition. Our team was called ‘Atul’ meaning incomparable or immeasurable. The others were Ajay (unbeatable), Abhay (fearless) and Amul (Priceless) (names from Jaap Sahib).
    Can you guess who won the first place?"
    "This is Gurvinderpal Singh and me. It was our second time attending the camp together. I hope we all come next year too."
    "I loved hiking trips in our camp. The trails were rugged and slippery. The air was pure and the views were awesome.""The mountains were absolutely gorgeous!
    My Mom was so envious of my hiking trip."
    "We were judged by technique, time and ease of
    tying the
    dastaar in Dastaar Tying Competition ."
    "After being able to recite the 5 Baanis correctly, I was graduated to reading from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. What an honor !! I read about 230 angs of the Guru in the camp."
    "I even picked up the most favorite indoor sport
    enjoyed by Indians. Badminton. It was great fun."
    So 4 weeks at the Valley were over and it was time to fly back. This is Balwant Singh Sekhon Uncle and me. He was the lead organizer of the camp and looked after all of us.

    Will I come back? - I think I will.
    Until then, Good bye, Baru Sahib, my wonderful Teachers, and beautiful mountains.
    Continue imparting the light of Sikhi for generations to come.

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