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1. A Chiropractic AdjustmentDoctor Guru Chander Sinch giving someone and adjustment at the Anandpur Sahib yatra camp after the morning sadhana.
2. Anandpur Kirtan HallsThese HUGE temporary shelters were set up so that over 60,000 people could sit and listen to Gurbani. Even TV screens were installed you could see and hear the Kirtan from Keshghar Sahib. A great idea considering the fact that Keshghar Sahib is not nearly large enough to hold the crowds that arrived to Anandpur.
3. Anandpur VillagersA group of local Sikh sevadars that organized daily langars for the many travelers.
4. Ardas - A PrayerDuring the morning of April 14th,1999. Everyone is doing an Ardas (prayer) before walking together to Siri Keshghar Sahib to present the "Sword of the Khalsa".
5. Bathroom StopBathroom stop on the side of the road, Indian style (Yes, we're using the bushes).
6. Drum PracticeOne of the students from Miri Piri Academy practicing rhythms on the drum.
7. Gatka CircleTwo of the students from Miri Piri Academy sparring in a Gatka circle during a Nagar Kirtan.
8. Jagat Guru Singh KhalsaJagat Guru Singh is one of the sevadars who works with the children at Miri Piri Academy.
9. Khalsa Heritage Memorial ComplexThe new site in Anandpur that is under construction.
10. Listening at Keshghar SahibListening to speaches by Sikh leaders.
11. Mosquito RepellentDriving a bus through the thick clouds of DDT mosquito repellant in the evening streets of Anandpur. Every evening at 6:00 PM the truck would go through the city streets blowing huge clouds of DDT.The smoke was quite terrible to walk through. It was more like "human-repellent" smoke.
12. Nagar Kirtan 1Jagat Guru Singh and Sat Hanuman Singh in the front of the Nagar Kirtan procession going to Keshghar Sahib.
13. Nagar Kirtan 2Khalsa enjoying the streets of Anandpur Sahib.
14. Nagar Kirtan at NightMarching during the night through the streets.
15. Nihung FriendsGuru Dharma Singh and Krishan Shiva Singh Khalsa feeling happy.
16. Nihung Singh at BaisakhiA bright Nihung that we passed by on the street during a Nagar Kirtan.
17. Nihung with a HawkA Nihung friend of the Miri Piri Academy students.
18. Old Nihung with SpearOld Nihung Sikh with Spear.
19. Onlookers at KeshgharSikhs leaning against the railing listening to Keshgar Sahib speeches and watching the presentation of Guru Gobind Singh's weapons.
20. Relaxing and Taking NapsIn one of the guestrooms at the Yatra Camp.
21. Sahej Singh KhalsaSahej Singh, another Miri Piri Academy sevadar, stares at the setting sun on Baisakhi evening.
22. Sarab Singh Khalsa doing GatkaA gatka circle right next to Siri Keshghar sahib onlookers watch the gatka performance.
23. Security CrewSome of the security sevadars discussing plans for the next march through town.
24. Sikh KidsThese happy children on a truck wanted their picture taken.
25. Sikh Kids in AnandpurSome bright smiley punjabi children anxious to get in the picture.
26. Sikhs Heading up to KeshgharThe huge crowd of Sikhs going to Keshghar.
27. Simran Singh Khalsa with a HawkWalking through the streets of Anandpur with a hawk.
28. Singing SongsOn arrival in New Delhi (where we gathered before proceeding to Anandpur Sahib via bus) we held a Yatra organizational meeting. This is a group sing-along at that meeting.
29. Speeches at Keshghar SahibThe new SGPC President Bibi Jagir Kaur and Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Yogi inspiring the sangat at Keshghar Sahib.
30. Wizened Sikh ManA wise looking Sikh man visiting Anandpur.
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