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November 29, 2020
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Project Profile / "Sikh Humanitarian Aid Organization"
Project Jethadar: Sat Guru S Khalsa
Start Date: 08/01/2005
Status: In Planning

Project Information

Title:Sikh Humanitarian Aid Organization
Location:Espanola, United States
Status:In Planning
Topics:Foundations & Fundraising Coalitions
Grouping:Community Projects
Web site:

Project Details

To setup an organization that helps with humanitarian aid. This could be in the form of: construction, teaching, medical, everything. Goal is to set up an organization simliar in style to the Peace Corps, where we have a pool of volunteers, with different skill levels and expertise. These volunteeers are called upon to travel to countries to help under priveledged youth ,and adults alike, prosper in all ways. The main funding for this would come from donations.

To begin organizing the organization and have it setup within 1 year. Within 2 years to have a pool of volunteers and projects throughout the world that the organization is working on to better the global society.

People from all fields and expertise. People to help me make this dream a reality. Should be highly motivated towards helping under priveledged societies prosper.
Project Jethadar

About Sat Guru S Khalsa:

I Am A 30 Year Old Web Designer Who Is Currently Working At Akal Security. I Own My Own Web Design And Hosting Company, Sahib Designs, and am Director of Information Services for CQC International, LLC in Chicago. I Am Married With 2 Sons, one 5 years old and the other 2 months old.

After Recently Being Touched By People Who Have Been Partaking In Humanitarian Efforts, And Seeing The Rewards That Come Out Of It, I Have Decided To Dedicate The Rest Of My Life (As Much As I Can) To Making This Dream Of Mine A Reality.
Sevadars Involved
Sat Guru S Khalsa - Jethadar
Harpreet Singh
Meri Heer Khogi
Ravinder Singh
Davinder Singh
Harbans Singh
Gurnam Singh Virdi
Bitika Kaur
Ravinder Singh
Hari Prakash Kaur Boyd
Aandleeb Singh
Simran Basi
Simran Basi
Miss Charandeep Chana
Ravdeep Kaur
Parminder Dhillon
Dharmender Singh
Sukhbir Singh

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Project Progress Reports

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September 22, 2005 | nmpku2
Started Talking With A Lawyer This Week. Am Beginning To Work On Putting Together The Business Plan And Structure For The... (Read More)
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August 17, 2005 | nmpku2
We Have Had Overwhelming Support And Contact From Many People Who Are Very Interested In Helping In Whatever Way Possible.... (Read More)
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