Experiencing and Understanding Gurbani

Experiencing & Understanding Gurbani

The Guru's Word, Gurbani, is what the Guru spoke. It is the imprint of the Essence of God. It is the pathway to God. If anyone speaks it, it will elevate him/her to the state of consciousness of the Guru. The Guru’s consciousness is united with God, so by speaking the Guru’s words, a person will automatically get united with God. It is a scientific and direct way to unite the finite with the Infinite Consciousness. The hypothalamus will be stimulated. The impulsation of the pituitary will function the same way and activate the other glands to secrete in the same way as it occurred in the body of Guru Nanak.

Gurbani is a total facilitated science of Naad for human knowledge. To experience it requires individual effort. Read Gurbani precisely, and understand it, and you will be in ecstasy! As you create the sound, the meaning will automatically come to you, now or later. It is just a matter of time and space. Listen to your own construction of the Gurbani. This is the technical way in Naad Yoga.

There are two methods for understanding Gurbani. The first is to know the meaning through purposeful study; and the second is through recitation. You will intuitively understand the meaning. It is most beneficial to recite Gurbani with the tongue through jaapa. Meditatively reading Gurbani in order to understand the meaning is also uplifting.

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