Akand Paath Reader Guidelines

Guidelines for the READER
Please be acquainted with these guidelines before you begin your duty.

Under no circumstances should an akhand paath be broken.
People have given their lives to keep akhand paaths going. under no circumstances should a reader stop reading until s/he is replaced.
Nor should s/he skip forward or back to another place in the text, or speak to anyone for any reason while reading. If no one comes to replace you at the appropriate time, keep reading. If you have an emergency, signal
the sevadar on duty to relieve you by ringing the bell.

1) Plan to arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time. This way you can have time to wash your hands, catch your breath, and meditate before you begin reading.

2) Check with sevadar and/or the page numbers on the schedule as to speed of reading necessary. Is the paath on time? Ahead? Behind? Do you need to read fast or slow?

3) When it is time for you to read, begin by sitting next to the person already reading. Find his/her place and begin reading in unison. As s/he leaves, continue reading and take her/his place behind Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

4) Be sure to read all the headings (i.e., Sorath 5th Guru), and if you are reading the English translation, read the word Pause when it appears. No one should read in Gurmukhi in the Akhand Paath unless s/he can do so in a flowing and accurate manner, making sure that s/he can read fast enough.

5) When changing from English to Gurmukhi or Gurmukhi to English, complete a section and silently point clearly to where you are, so that the transition can be very clear.

5) No one should read silently. An audible sound current should be created.

6) When reaching the end of a volume, ring the bell for help from the sevadar, for changing the volumes.

7) If for some reason you need a replacement, ring the bell for the sevadar, who will take your place as reader. Try to return as quickly as possible. If you cannot return, immediately find a replacement to relieve the sevadar who is reading in your place. (Please be aware that the sevadar may feel it necessary to replace you if you are falling asleep, or coughing or sneezing excessively).

8) If the electricity goes out, use the flashlight provided. Make sure the reading is not broken.

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