Set-up of the Palki Sahib

Set-up of the Palki Sahib
The Siri Guru Granth Sahib rests upon a Palki Sahib, or Manjee Sahib, which is used exclusively for the Guru. It may be very simple, or very elaborate, depending on your resources and preferences. The following set-up is often used:
  1. The area of the Palki Sahib is first covered with a rug, and a white sheet is placed over the rug.
  2. A new mattress or foam cushion (1-2” foam is ideal), with a washable cover, is placed on the Palki.
  3. A clean new white cotton sheet is placed over the mattress, draping down to the floor in front of the Palki (see Diagram A below).
  4. Place a darshanee ramala over this sheet so that it drapes down to the floor. These usually cover only 1/3 to 1/2 of the Palki Sahib (see Diagram B).
  5. Three pillows are placed on this ramala, a shown in Diagram C. The pillow along the front of the Palki supports the Guru, and tilts it towards the Granthi. The other two pillows support the sides of the Guru.
  6. Two smaller ramalas are placed either on top of the Guru, or just next to it. When the Guru is opened, these are placed inside the front and back covers of the volume and drape down along the side of the Palki, almost to the floor.
  7. Another ramala is placed over the Guru to cover it. Some Gurdwaras cover the Guru with several ramalas.
  8. Swords, chakras, shields, and other weapons, as well as a collection plate and flowers, may be placed in front and to the sides of the Palki Sahib.
  9. A low table is placed by the side of the Palki to receive the prashaad bowl, and the kirpan used to cut through the Prashaad during Ardas. (Ensure that the table is not touching the Guru’s ramalas so that they do not get stained from the Prashaad.)
  10. Another small manjee may be set up alongside the Palki for the English translation. This will have been covered by a ramala.

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