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Summary of Question:Special Paath For Achieving
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/31/2010 2:36 AM MDT


In our college a list of selective students is to be made who will be given special prizes and duties.I wish I could be in the list bcause I think I possess some qualities.Is there some special Paath or Shabad which I can do for achieving it?Plz help me.
Gurbakhsh Singh


Sat Nam,
If you recognize special talents within yourself that means you actually possess them. It is not always important to get validation from others in a way of prizes and special duties.
However there is always something you can do, in a way of reciting mantras or Shabads to help things along if this is very important to you.
If you feel that you are blocked from getting ahead it is good to do Gobinde Mukande Udare Apare Hariang Kariang Nirname Akame - 11 times a day specifically concentrating on all the blocks in your life and visualizing all of the blocks disapating.
Another good one is Ardas Baiee. This prayer is said to go beyond all prayers because it says that all your wishes already came true. But you also have to concentrate your hardest on what you actually want to achieve and project for it.
Another good one is : Ek Ong Kaar Sat Gurprasad Sat Gurprasad Ek Ong Kaar.
By repeating it 5 times you remove karmic blocks that usually go beyond your reach in some other meditations.

Make sure when you set out to do all these mantras you tune into the vibration of the infinite teacher within by chanting Ong Nam Guru Dev Namo - 3 times with your eyes closed rolled to the third eye and hands in prayer pose at your sternum. Keep your back straight and your intentions strong.

After you are done realize that you need to let go of your wishes and let things come to you as they will. Let go of your attachments and remember that it is still ultimately up to the Wahe Guru to give you what you need, not necessarily what you want.
Things come to those you are not attached to them.

Good Luck,

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Special Paath For Achieving (03/31/2010)
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