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Summary of Question:Want To Be A Sikh
Date Posted:Monday, 11/03/2008 11:46 AM MST

wahe khalsa wah fateh ji

im aishwarya and im a hindu by religion
but i started following guru granth sahib ji an year back
and now im in love with gurbani and therefore i want to become a khalsa
by taking amrit...
but as i told u that im from a hindu family
and they will never want me to change my religion

so what should i do?????
please help me....


Satnam dear one,

You are free to choose. Wahe Guru has blessed you with this love. Mata Kaulon was a young Muslim girl who loved Gurbani and Guru Hargobind Sahib as her Guru. Sant Mian Mir saved her from death by her family by bringing her to the court of Guru Hargobind in Amritsar.

There is a beautiful Gurdwara and nectar tank next to the Golden Temple names in her memory. She was called a saint. Read about her in the Sikh history books.

Gurbani is for all humans to use to uplift themselves and improve their lives. You are blessed to know this. Keep following your Guru's guidance and you will find your way through this.

God bless you,


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