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Summary of Question:How To Stop People Who Believe In Caste Within Punjabi's
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 12/19/2008 6:40 AM MST

As per the topic of this mail, i want more information and

> examples of our gurus teachings....this is my first time i am
> writing a mail to learning zone,and hoping that i will get a better
> response..
> >
> > Please no offense to anyone one....
> >
> > i just want knowledge on Sikhism...i believe that wen Guru Gobind
> Singh ji made punj payarae and gave amrit to them and drank amrit
> frm them, his main aim was to avoid any high class/ low class
> thinking among ppl and make sikh di alag pechan....than y is it
> still people believe in caste within punjabis... y do they think one
> caste is bigger than the other...infact today i had an argue with ma
> cousin, and he said punj payarae was done when war took i
> said is it that all sikh's will be one when some war takes place???
> > we where also talking about marriages..and i was like y is it that
> people consider caste?? his answer was to maintain standard!!
> according to him chuda and chamar are not sikh but they are becoming
> sikh now... he says they are hindu and they are now doing thinks
> like wearing turban,changing their prove that they are
> also sikh's...i am so not wid his thoughts,and want to prove him
> wrong one day or the other....
> > please tell me if am i wrong or my cousin?? and if i am correct
> please help me to prove him wrong and not only him the other also
> who believe in caste!!!
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > waiting for the reply ASAP!!!
> >
> > Regards,

Sat Nam. I don't know if I will give you the answer you are looking for, or even one that will serve your purposes. I am not going to give you an historical answer. That seems obsolete in these times.

A person is a Sikh if they self-initiate themselves. Religion is a very personal thing. It doesn't matter what caste the person is or isn't. In our day and age (with a US president that is Afro-American), what matters is what's in their heart. There is so much intermarriage in the world now, noone is "pure" in their race, and who cares? If you care about caste or race, you are a bigot. Tell your cousin to get with the times.

I was born a Methodist American. My husband was born an American Jew. We both became Sikhs in our twenties. Does that make us "bad" Sikhs? No, it is a matter of the heart and committment. You are right to stand for your beliefs. It is Baisakhi Day. Be the son of Guru Gobind Singh and stand strong. Blessings, JJK

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