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Summary of Question:Swimming
Date Posted:Sunday, 1/04/2009 9:07 PM MST

I am thinking of becoming Amritdhari soon with Guru JI's kirpa. I know this question has been asked many times. I go to high school and during PE it's really hot. Right now, I wear sweatpants but later I'm worried it will get much hotter when we run. Also, my teacher said we have to swim. I don't know what to do.

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If Guru Ji blesses you to receive His Amrit then it will all work out. You can wear a modest bathing costume and also modest (i.e., longer) athletic shorts along with simple cotton underwear and wear your kachera when you are not in your bathing costume or athletic shorts. Our kachera serve us as a reminder to use our sexual energy consiously. Nver be fraid of the consequences of receiving Guru Ji's Amrit. It is a transformation and a blessing; never a hindrance.


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Swimming (01/04/2009)
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