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Summary of Question:White Bana & Number 5
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/08/2001 5:10 AM MST


Before asking my questions I just want to qualify them by saying I dont wish to offend anyone or stir up any controversy >> Im just plain curious
I want to know why 3Ho / Sikhs of non indian origin tend to wear completely white Bana >> isnt Guru ji against rituals and meaningless symbols ? >>
Is the white bana just for Distinctiveness , TO remain NIAARA.. or does it have a deeper meaning >> I always thought the colours of the Khalsa were Blue and Saffron
My second query is about the number five >> does it have any special significance in Sikhi >> with regard to -- the 5 banis ,5 piaarey ,5+5 living gurus and the words Panch shabad panch amrit etc that reappear in gurbaani

Many Thanks

*********************************************************************************White is a color of the spectrum where all colors exist in balance. White has a very calming and balancing effect on the psyche and mind. It is a kind of therapy to wear all white as well as a discipline of consciousness....every little spot shows on cannnot hide anything.

You may notice that the Granthi's and Sants of the Sikh community also wear white. When you are practicing a dicipline and a committment, the wearing of white is a way to make a statement to yourself and others that you are striving to live simple and purely. It also expands your radiance.

Try wearing white from head to toe for 3 days or 40 days and experience how you feel.

Regarding the number 5....lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment also comes in a set of 5. We must be needing 5 kaka's to counterbalance the 5 human passions. Good observation!

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White Bana & Number 5 (03/08/2001)
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