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Summary of Question:What Does 11X Times Reciting A Shalok Mean
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/11/2001 5:13 PM MDT

sat siri akal

my doubt is that while answering some questions you give some shaloks to recite for say 40 days or 90 days and my doubt is with that you tell u recite the shalok for 11x times
i want to ask that what does this 11x means?
it means how many times?
thank you
Better not to doubt. Repeat your recitation of the slok or the shabd eleven times. For example, read Jap Ji Sahib eleven times each day.

Eleven is a cycle of intelligence. When you want an experience of mastery you can apply your mind to this devotion. It has great rewards for your experience of God and the power of Guru. Try it!

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What Does 11X Times Reciting A Shalok Mean (03/11/2001)
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