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Summary of Question:Experiance While Doing Path
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/12/2008 8:50 PM MDT


I have been experiancing something very very different while doing path
of Sukhmani sahib ,i am feeling some kind of ripples in my stomach and some
kind of current that starts from mid of the head and goes at the bottom and after that I feel alot of heat in my body however my turban and my shirt starts sweating and after some time I experiance cold very cold,, i dont know
what it is but after this i feel very very relaxed ..

You are experiencing the power of the Shabd. When I read Gurmukhi for more than a few minutes I also become very hot and my circulation flows more. You are blessed....or maybe your belt is too tight.


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Experiance While Doing Path (10/12/2008)
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