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Summary of Question:Vegetarian While Expecting
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Thursday, 8/07/2008 7:12 AM MDT

WJKK...WJKF,i have been a vegetarian for over 20yrs nd having a baby soon.My husband is a pure meat eater only nd doesnt support my vegetarian lifestyle at all.I wld like to know how to nourish my body now nd during my confinement as i had enough of relatives telling me i have to take chicken essence nd other non-veg supplements for the baby.I wld like to bring up a vegetarian child wif guru kirpa.Thk u for yr help.

I have been a vegetarian for 40 years and gave birth to 3 healthy children...and raised them as vegetarians. You may need to eat more protein, such as tofu or beans during your pregnancy. I normally never eat eggs, but during my pregnancies, I some times had eggs. If this feels good for you, don't let others pressure you into something that doesn't feel right for you.There are many, many vegetarian pregnant women and nursing moms. Bless you and your birth, JJK

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Vegetarian While Expecting (08/07/2008)
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