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Summary of Question:Try Before Condeming
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/21/2010 1:01 PM MDT


I am sikh boy age 19.I was wondering about the concept of condeming something without trying it. I have been raised by a good family, and always been told to stay away from drugs and alcohol,and I have not disobeyed.
But I don't think I can live this ritual any longer. I wont be able to tell my children not to smoke or drink unless, I know why. So my question is that is it reasonable for me to try drugs and smoking, and see the harm myself. To be honest I am not tempted to try them, but I feel its my duty to try them at least once, before I can say there bad, or else I would be commiting the biggest sin, ignorance.


Sat Nam,

Ignorance should never be a problem in this age of information.
First do some extensive research on harms of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. I am sure there is plenty of information available on all of those subjects on internet and elsewhere.
Remember that there are some people who have genetic problems with addictive substances. For some people it takes only one drink in their life and gene in them will mutate to produce an addictive personality disorder called alcoholism. You should read up some information about that before you take a drink. The gene never heals for the rest of their life but the disease grows for years and is very hard to control.
Would you like to find out if you are one of those people who will be susceptible to this kind of disorder or would you rather be the one who just reads about it and never has to experience it or put their family through hell because they happen to get addicted to it.
It goes the same with drugs and other addictive substances.
Thank God with live in an age where all the necessary research has been done to provide us with information of why we should live a life alcohol and drug free. There are people out there doing the research or suffering from these diseases who wish for no one to ever experience the pain of it.

Why would you want to be the one who should find out on his own body ?????


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Try Before Condeming (04/21/2010)
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