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Summary of Question:Collapsed Lung
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/21/2010 1:43 PM MDT



I'm 15 years old and I recently had a spontaneous collapsed lung (pneumothorax). Basically a bubble formed in my right lung and it popped so air I would breathe would escape into my chest cavity. It wasn't life threatening but it was interfering with my breathing and I was often out of breath after walking very short distances. After going into emergency, and having a small surgery done on me, I was moved to another hospital and had a slightly larger surgery done (chest tube inseration). My lung still didn't re-expand. They decided to do a pleurectonomy (huge surgery) on me and it worked and I am soooo happy. But there's still a recurrence chance. Is there any paath you would reccomend I can do for good health. Pleasse.I'm really worried it might happen again.



Sat Nam,
There are lots and lots of Pranayams you can do to train your lungs to function normally. You have to start very carefully and avoid rhythmic pumping of your lungs for a while. You can start developing your lungs doing ling deep breathing at a comfortable for you point.
Get some yoga manuals at Ancient Healing Ways, Spirit Voyage or see if you can find some easy meditations to do on website.
As long as you pace yourself and do it carefully over time you can develop very strong lungs.
Nothing is impossible you just have to develop a very responsible and conscious relationship to your breathing. Experiment very carefully and learn to measure your strength. Learn to love your body and your self with each and every breath you take.

good luck,

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Collapsed Lung (04/21/2010)
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