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Summary of Question:Worried About Astrology Prediction
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Sunday, 9/06/2009 10:08 PM MDT

ssa, I am 34 yrs old women madly in love, we both have full faith in waheguru and have full faith that one day we will marry each other. I recite Shabad Hazarey every day and ask Guruji to keep us together till end...but today out of stress i called one astrologer and he told me that we will get separated after 8 years and because of his stars can never marry each other....I am very worried..can Guruji change the future...please help

Sikhi is very clear that if we start believing pundits and astrologers instead of bowing our heads to Guru, we will be in mental agony. It takes strength and discipline to keep our dharm and live the karms we have, rather than to go to a pundit of some kind for the answers. Choice is yours. Believe in Guru or believe in your astrologer.
Guru ang sang,

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Worried About Astrology Prediction (09/06/2009)
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