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Summary of Question:Lust
Date Posted:Monday, 7/26/2010 11:12 AM MDT

i am an amritdhari singh and i have done something very wrong. i woke up this morning and there was sperm in my kachera. i think it was from a wat dream. i want to know what i have to do now. do i have to do a specific patth or do ardass something like that. i became a amritfhari to escape from lust but its even happening now. Could you please tell me what i have to do. thank you.


Sat Nam,
What happen to you is a normal biological thing that happens to every healthy male. Don't judge yourself, everyone has lust it is not good to be ashamed of it. You did not force yourself on anyone, you did not insult or imbarance anyone else. Lust can only become negative thing if it effects other people in a negative way or gets out of control ... outside the normal social conduct. There are ways to deal with it but in this case you have nothing to worry about.

Have a great day.

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Lust (07/26/2010)
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