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Summary of Question:Personal
Category:Sikh Practices
Date Posted:Sunday, 7/19/2009 3:56 AM MDT

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

I read most of the questions here and now i want to put my question here. I'm 25 years old and in my entire life I've asked for a Gursikhi jeewan. Wherever I have been or whatever phases of life I entered, Guru Sahib has been with me. There was a time when my interest in this life was almost nil. Actually I always wanted to meditate and was never interested in working. But just because of my family I had no option and so from the past 2 years am working. I found people so different and many of them were so cheap. Infact I dont understand what is going around. For the people of my age, mostly want sex and lust in life and so I've rarely found anyone who was interested to listen to gurbani and follow Guru Sahib's teachings. Even those who are amritdharis either they just do it for the sake of doing it or if they do path, they are filled with anger and "Haumai". To be honest for those who crave for "naam", where are they? You know this is the time, when i have to get married and I want someone who can help me move ahead on this path. I always have faith that Guru sahib will help but this time I feel so afraid about whether I'll find anyone suitable or not. I want someone living with whom, I can continue my simran and he can help me on this. I dont know but whenever I've seen, boys generally dominate and girls dont have that freedom to do anything. Moreover people and specially parents of the boys really dominate and want their daughter in laws to be perfect in everything. What should I do. Though my answer is probably to do path and ardas. But just to help tell me, are there any youngsters who cry in the name of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji? Are there people who cant forget their father Guru and the Pyaare and sahibzade? If yes, Can I get one or will it all depend on my karma? If yes, then does that mean its not necessary that I'll get that life? Please answer this.
Mandeep Kaur
Gur Fateh ji!

Mandeep Kaur beti,

You are beautiful and Divine.
Keep up and be fine.
Destiny has made you to be in love with Guru ji

To chase is a waste, chase and it shall go
Try not to be so critical of others no need to compare yourself so heavily or seperate
yourself. Relax and rejoice...this is something for you to master. Find the peace in yourself
so you can be happy around people. The right people will be there for you. Give yourself
this time.

All will come to you. God bless you dear daughter of the Guru. SK

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Personal (07/19/2009)
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