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Summary of Question:How To Really Do It Right.
Date Posted:Monday, 1/11/2010 1:04 AM MST

Sat Nam Waheguru!

Well I have a question. I am wondering exactly how does one pray when we walk up to the Guru in the Gurdwara? I know this is probably a silly question, but I want to know I am doing this right. Sometimes I see people walking around the Guru, sometimes by themselves or with their whole family, and just other things that make me feel like I still have a long way to go, and much to learn. I would also like to ask about punjabi classes at my local Gurdwara(El Sobrante) but I am so shy to even approach anyone. Usually the only acknowledgement I get is blank stares and sometimes I just wonder if they think I am only there or the food, lol. Please help me out, it would mean so much. I feel so helpless sometimes, as a convert.

Sat Nam,

I imagine that there isn't one way to do it right. You have to create your personal relationship to the Guru. Some people say you should recite the Mul Mantra when your head touches the floor with your hands forward at your sides with palms opened up to receive the blessing. Others always think of all the negative things in their life to donate to the Guru right before they bow and this way get a positive exchange of energy back. Yet others just simply ask for a blessing when they touch their head. Some turn around after bowing to face the Sangat and make a very little bow with a tilt of their head with their hands in prayer pose to the whole room thanking them for making this beautiful occasion happen. All of those things are very internal and very personal. You can decide how you want to do it or change it every time. It makes no difference. When we show our respect to the Guru we are automatically blessed and get exactly what we need. You can also thank the Guru every time you bow or when you are just sitting down listening to Kirtan for all the beautiful things in your life and he will hear you no matter where you are.

Now, about the school.
You have to get over your fear. Just allow yourself to be bold. You want to learn something, there is no need to be ashamed.
If it helps recite 11 Mul Mantras in your mind before asking.
It is OK to be proud that you have converted. It means that you chose this path for what it is and love it. As apposed to some people who have a hard time valuing it or understanding it if they are born into it.


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How To Really Do It Right. (01/11/2010)
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