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Summary of Question:Marrying
Date Posted:Friday, 7/30/2010 7:47 AM MDT

Sat shri AAkal

I am puran sikh. I am thinking to get married but I want my life-patner Amritdhari. I cant find any girl even with full hairs. I dont know what to do.


Sat Nam,

We have a wonderful matrimonial sight on here SikhNet.
Find someone you like and talk to her to see if over time she would consider taking Amrit and following the Rahet. Even if she is not all you want right now in terms of religious attributes it is far more important to find a mate you will get along with wonderfully. With age people change and even if she does not follow everything you do perfectly she may become that. All you need to know within yourself right now is whether you can have enough love for her that your patience will carry you through.


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Marrying (07/30/2010)
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