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Summary of Question:Frustrated Sitting Idle
Date Posted:Wednesday, 8/05/2009 5:04 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal!

I have been working for past 2 yrs, and have a very stable and good earning job. The only issue is I have very little work to do :) I am not used to sitting idle. I am not even required to come for work, but I come at random times for a change. I have got very frustrated and feel like kicking/punching the walls. I am not sure what to do as I am not used to reading and other such constructive activities so find it very difficult to pass my day. Sometimes I think of preparing for an MBA and going for higher studies, but my unstable mind due to sitting idle for months, is not letting me do so.

I stay alone and I am 24 yrs old.

Please suggest me how to spend this all the spare time I have and how to control my mind and make a decision to prepare for higher studies, since my current job is not contributing to my professional development.

Thank You.
My dear, what a great opportunity to study, do cross word puzzles, read books. But the serious task of controlling your anger and your mind is a meditative process and requires you to start doing Kundalini Yoga and nitnem at the start of your day. When your ego is subdued you can open yourself to very calm
and clear guidence from your intellect within. SK

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Frustrated Sitting Idle (08/05/2009)
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