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Summary of Question:Keski - Must For Women
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 2/22/2001 5:18 AM MST


I am an Amritdhari girl from Punjab and i am Greatly impressed by ur sight.I was just reading ur Question Answer session where i found something controversial.i may be wrong in arising that question so could u plse help me with a proper answer i'll be highly obliged.
In one of the answers u said that keski is not the fifth kagar instead it is i'll like to say one thing that kagars are something which we get after amritpan whereas kesh were with us even before we did amritpan.Kagars are given to us by our Guru after the ceremony of baptism.You gave a statement that if keski is a kagar then we will have to wear one on our head and other under our armpits.i think this is a very awkward is written in Gugu Granth Sahib 'Sabat Surit Dastar Sira'.Well we wear Keski on our 'Daswan Dawar' so as to trap the radiation and don't let them escape.So it is for this purpose a jura is done and a Keski is worn alongwith so that the radiations are trapped. So this trapping of radiations is required not only for men but for women too.You said that we'll have to wear one Keski under our armpits too then i think we'll have to wear a number of them on our whole body because we have heir all over our i hope to get answers to all these queries of mine.
and yes i loved the work done by u guys.
Guru tuhade Ang Sang hove
True you do have hair before Amrit. But after Amrit you have "uncut" hair that you maintain.

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Keski - Must For Women (02/22/2001)
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