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Summary of Question:Do I Get Back My Faith And Get Peace?
Date Posted:Friday, 2/06/2009 12:11 AM MST

I feel like I have lost my faith and way and I do not know how to get back. I am confused and searching for peace of mind. I have grown up as a sickly child and have always been strong through all this but recently i feel defeated and weak. I have lost confidence in myself and my ability. What can I do to regain myself and improve myself?

My dear, You have lost nothing. Perhaps your awareness has grown to the point that you now just simply see the need for spiritual elevation and conditioning. Really.

Connect to the bani of Guru Gobind Singh ji and join together with others in the personal empowerment that comes from reciting and doing this practice.
here it is:

Try it and see how you feel after 31 minutes of this kriya and recitation.

God bless you,


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Do I Get Back My Faith And Get Peace? (02/06/2009)
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