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Summary of Question:Confused
Date Posted:Sunday, 9/14/2008 11:51 PM MDT

Ok. I'm a junior in high school and I DO NOT want a beard. I wear a patka and everthing and know am trimming my beard. I love my religion and once i get to college I will tie a pag and be an amrithari sikh. But I just don't want a beard right know. What should I do? My parents are shunning me and I am really confused on what to do. I really feel bad for the pain I'm causing my family. I'm pretty poular in school and don't know how growing a beard will affect this. Thats why I want to wait till college.


Dear one,
Please find someone in your family that you can confide what you are feeling and experiencing.
You are in duality between your family and your friends. You are off course. You need help getting into your center and having an active guide and inspiration. your Guru.


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Confused (09/14/2008)
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