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Summary of Question:Water Fasting For Health Only
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Monday, 10/13/2008 2:47 AM MDT

i'm considering underogoing a short 3 day water fast as i've been informed that from time to time its good to let your digestive system have a 'rest' from food and allow the body to naturally rejuvinate itself. i'm going to abstain from food and will only be drinking distilled water. Do you know how much distilled water its recommended i drink?

my biggest concern is breaking the fast as from what i've heard it's very important to break a fast correctly. do you have any advice on this? What should i eat/drink?

do you have any advice for me as to do's and don't's for the 3 days?

please advise.


Dear Seeker,
This is not a forum for fasting. I would NOT recommend doing a water fast without guidance of a healing practitioner (i.e. doctor) who can advise you and monitor you.

There is something called the MASTER CLEANSE which people in USA do. But just doing water is definitely not a good idea unless your doctor is prescribing this.


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Water Fasting For Health Only (10/13/2008)
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