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Summary of Question:Confused.
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 11/11/2009 6:01 PM MST

Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh.

The five kakkars are Kachera, Kanga, Kara, Kirpan, and Keski. I want to be able to keep all the 5 kakkars but i am scared. My school will not allow me to wear a kirpan. I dont tie a keski yet but I plan to in the future. I cannot wear a kanga because i cannot wear it due to the fact I do not tie a dastaar yet. I am confused. I want to be a proper singhni but i am scared about what people will say to me when they see me in a dastaar. What should I do?

Vaheguroo Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguroo Ji Ki Fateh.

Sat Nam,
Just do your best in every circumstances. If some things seem quite impossible at times than just do as much as you can.
I have seen that sometimes they sell bracelets with all the 5K pendants on them. Perhaps for now you can get one of those bracelets and have symbolic 5Ks on your wrist. It can be kind of connection to your intentions to follow this rule all the way in the future.


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Confused. (11/11/2009)
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