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Summary of Question:Prayer For My Sister In Law
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Thursday, 4/29/2010 8:00 AM MDT

Sat Sri Akal ji!

I wanted to know if there is a paath I can do for my sister-in-law (husband's sister) so that she gets married soon and has a happy, fulfilling married life. We have been searching for a good match since long, but to no effort. Things break down at some stage or the other. She is a beautiful person at heart, and I really want her to settle down soon, since she will be soon 31 years of age. She really deserves a great partner, and I want to help her out by doing some prayers myself. Please help!


Sat Nam,

There are lots of young girl like herself doing So Purkhs to find a husband.
It is a very intense meditation doing 2.5 hours a day for 40 days projecting for a husband but I know a few people who got married within a year of doing it. Another one is doing the same amount of time Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru. She would have to figure out what resonates with her better.
Some people also do this Shabad : mangal saaj bha-I-aa parabh apnaa gaa-I-aa raam 11 times a day but for a very long time, not just 40 days to find a soulmate. I also heard some people doing Mangala Charn shabad.
It may also be good for her to do 11 times a day Gobinde Mukande Udare Apare etc. ... to break through what is blocking her from getting ahead in her life.
There is someone for everyone, we just need to realign the energies properly.

When she recites anything and you if you want to help her, you will both have to concentrate very hard on what her true wishes are. It helps if she would write all the qualities she wants in a man on a paper and say it out loud sometimes right before the meditation to help set the proper vibration. It is best if she writes all the details in order of priority.

Good Luck,

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