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Summary of Question:Please Please Show Me Path
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 7/28/2008 12:24 PM MDT

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Fathe,

I know mostly peoples are in confusions.They came to you so you could come in enlighting.I am also one from these peoples,so i request you please help me I need yours help.
I am 27 years old girl.I am belonging jatsikh faimly.a boy who belongs to hindu family.He loves me.i know this boy from last 2 years.He is ready to marry with me.
But i never make my mind for marraige with him.i never heartly touched with him.beacuse he is not matching my dreams.he is very consertive mind.When realtion started.He is feeling insecure.he tried to find how was the realtion my friends.when any frinds come for meet then he stared with angirly.he put the questions why did you standing their why did you talikg with him? And he pressuried that talk with your parents i talked with my father that one boy wants to marry with me.then he met him.he is ready for marriage.He did'nt give me gud advice ,just he want i will marry him so he can free from his worries. i am tottally fed up with him.i clear cut told him i didn't want to marry with you. you are not matching my ideas or views.I am doing job i told him i come their for job purpose not for marraige.So please leave.but then he become and shows emotions and make sensitive and always promised me i will imporove myself.

But that things set in mind i never heartly touched with this boy.
i cleary told him how am i and how is my life style.i told him i can not respect your culture becuase i am from jatsikh faimly i can not wear ornaments.I told him my husband should be finacially strong.And i told clearly i will put my childrens name s in punjabi.And i talked cleary in future i make a paln for open the kirtan at home then you will give time then he told me yes i will participate .He told me i will respect your culture and you wil respect my culture.
but he is never try to understand.He always says don't worry i will improve theses thing think after marraige.And he is from bihar i told him i have discrimination i can not solve.wen i told him for break the realtions then he is angery on me one time slapped me.
waht one thing clear he never cheated me .He is intelligent. i am only girl in his life.No doubt he saws many crisis .He is emotional
but this is not my falut.if happened many things with him.
todays he has improved himself because i am giving lots of time.So he will improve himself.Because he is not mature person.i am in big fear about my fuure many times i feel deppressed .He was telling me cleary i will marry you in all case.Many times i have left all things on destiny and god.But i am unable to see claer all thing.It is going right or not.
now my time is very crusial.i have no power to please help me .Now this time nobody giving right answer and i didn't talk with my parents beacuse my father phycology condition is very bad.
Please please show me path
Please give me anwser before he will amrry me.


If I understand you correctly, you do not want to marry this person. That should be the end of the discussion. Trust your self. You need to be totally sure of the person you marry. You seem to be very unsure about this person. Wait until the right person comes for you. Be strong. Keep saying "no" to this person and let him know that you don't want him to contact you any more, period. He is harrassing you. After marriage it will just become worse. You are the daughter of Guru Gobind Singh. It is Baisakhi Day, be strong and Guru Gobind Singh will be there for you to have courage. Many blessings to you, JJK

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Please Please Show Me Path (07/28/2008)
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