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Summary of Question:Luvin Some One In A Diffrent State?
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Friday, 11/28/2003 6:43 PM MST

yo guys i got a question for you if you really love someone and you want gods help to get you that person what shold you do cause dis girlis in a diffrent sate?

When you commit to performing a daily discipline such as reading banis, meditaing on Gurbani, working hard and sharing with others, you enhance your electromagnetic field and this builds your inner polarity and strength. This will cause you to attract into your life a soul mate or partner or twin flame. This happens automatically when you focus on your daily discipline. You will not have to seek that which you need, the universe will serve you. The power of meditaing and its effect on the psyche and electromagnetic field has also been shown scientifically. God bless you. Sat Nam. -GMK

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Luvin Some One In A Diffrent State? (11/28/2003)
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