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Summary of Question:Inconsistency In Life
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/05/2001 11:10 AM MDT

dear moderatorji,

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Would like you to help me here. My problem is that i lack the will to persue something, i loose interest in something/everything very soon.You see if i am trying to study on my own i will do it will passion for sometime & then leave it or will try to do exercise for a few days regularly & then forget it.This happens in all fields of my life even with path.There are days when i will do path regularly & then start to fall out & then after a few days start all over.I feel very bad because i have done & got every thing kalf baked.i lack the will to stck to something & see it through.Please help.


Sat Nam. Your challenge is common to many people. It is easy not finish things, and you have made it a habit. You have to break that habit. Find something which would be fairly easy and fun to complete and do it for 40 days. Doing something consistantly for 40 days can break your habit. Then, do something else consistently for 40 days. Give your self little awards after each week completed. Maybe you can even do it with a friend for support, or atleast report to a friend every day, then every week. Make it fun. Trick yourself by choosing something you really enjoy. Remember, you are just breaking a habit of not completing something. Consciously ask the Guru for help, and the strength. Good Luck, Guru Terath Kaur

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Inconsistency In Life (05/05/2001)
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