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Summary of Question:What Is "Parkirma" ?
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/17/1999 10:45 AM MDT

Why do we do "parkirma" around Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee ? And most importantly, why do we walk in a clock-wise direction. What is the significance of this ? Even at Harminder Sahib, when you enter the complex, you walk in a clock-wise direction (which is longer) around the sarowar and then you enter the Darbar. Why can we not walk clockwise around the sarowar (since it is a shorter route) ?

The parkirma in weddings (anand karaj) is also done clockwise. Why is that ?

Thanks for your time.


Prikrma is the pathway surrounding a holy place or person. It is also the act of walking around that holy place or person in a symbolic gesture of sacrifice unto that object of devotion.

It is both a superstition, and an act of Faith.


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What Is "Parkirma" ? (03/17/1999)
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