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Summary of Question:How Can I Serve The Panth With My Engg Degree(Comp)
Date Posted:Monday, 4/02/2001 12:33 AM MDT

Khalsa ji

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

i am doing computer engg(final yr) and i want to
know the various oppertunities through which i can serve
the panth and devote myself to the Khalsa panth as i don't
want to waste my precious life doing Duniyavi Kaaraj as
Waheguru has blessed me by giving knowledge and understanding
of this materialistic world so i don't want to raise my
soul from this materialistic world.

Guru Fateh
Khalsa ji, You can serve the Khalsa Panth by living righteously in this world, working and earning by the sweat of your brow and sharing your goodness, sharing your resources with your wife, children, Sadh Sangat and being an uplifting human to yourself and all.

If you are looking for a job with Sikhnet or another service organization, you can inquire directly with them. They are looking for help.

God bless you,SKKK
[email protected]

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How Can I Serve The Panth With My Engg Degree(Comp) (04/02/2001)
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