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Summary of Question:Intution And Information Overload
Date Posted:Friday, 5/15/2009 1:48 PM MDT

People have been blessed with all sorts of gifts but controlling them is critical. For a few years now, I have been able to predict people's deaths (close family and complete straingers), predict future events, and know exactly how thngs will play out several months in advance. (postive and negative events)

This is indeed a unique gift but I am overwhelmed with information. I think it is helpful to know certain things in advance, but I wish there were times I could turn off this gift. I do not share my information with anyone because it is very personal but then I am forced to keep things to my self and this in return gives me stress. I have asked God why He shares such future events with me and if He could slow down the predictions given to me. However, this has only been becoming stronger over time. I know that I may sound arrogant or unthankful; but that is far from the truth. I am indeed thankful but also uneasy knowing that I know that a certain person will pass away soon.

How can I deal with this information so that I am not stressed out from keeping such things to myself? I am a private person and unwilling to discuss this "psychic information" with anyone. It is unhealthy to keep things bottled up but discussing them openly is definately not an option either.


Sat nam. This is indeed a gift and a stress. First of all your are correct that just because you know something, there is no requirement to share it with the one involved, since that can upset their soul timing and development. The only time to share such things about a person is if that person happens to 'tune' in to you and ask you. That gives you permission, but it doesn't necessarily mean even then, that you should say anything. So you are being wise about this. It is very hard for people to accept that others 'know' things ('clairvoyance' is the word that is used).
So, God gives us gifts and we wonder how best to use them to (1) serve others and (2) not set ourselves up in our ego or as gods. My prayer for you is that through your meditation and discipline, you will know how to use this gift. Additionally, you should keep up a daily prayer/meditation practice to strengthen your nervous system and protect you psychically.
Until that time you know how to use this gift, I suggest that you do something to process the 'knowing' of some event out of you. Create a personal ritual perhaps. Take a long walk and speak it to the wind. Write it down and then burn the writing. Do some kind of meditation/visualization where the person you 'know' something about is handed over to God/you let him or her and your knowing go. And work to maintain neutrality in all of this, because it is not up to you to try to alter the person's soul process through some kind of personal emotional response. Gurbani practice is the Sikh's way of developing neutral mind.
I am confident one day you will know how to serve others with this gift. Guru ang sang,

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Intution And Information Overload (05/15/2009)
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