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Summary of Question:Need A Very Strong Shabad For Changes
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 12/10/2008 9:00 PM MST

Dear Friends,

I would like to get help from you guys. Does anyone know what shabad to recite, so that I will be loved and respected by my husband. At times, he is so mean. He always gives priority to his siblings. I don’t mind him assisting his siblings unless they are handicapped. They are healthy, married with kids and doing nothing. They are depending on my husband 100%. And guess what, his both younger brothers owned a house and children. They are enjoying life in India and we are struggling in U.S.A. still we owned NOTHING. He is not paying any attention to me or to himself. He even warned me that … his siblings always come first, then me. It hurts me a lot when he said that. I really don’t mind helping them when they are indeed. BUT they have to be independent and earn their own income. He always listen to his family even they are wrong. He never listens to me at all. We have been married for six years now and still have no children, and he can’t be bothered at all. We are in our late 30’s. He has no interest to go for check up, etc. Sometimes I feel like running away from here.

Sadh sangat ji, please give me a shabad so that my husband listens to me, care about me and respect me.

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There are many powerful shabds that will transform relationships. I can personally recommend 11 daily repetitions of "Sopurkh" (from Rehiras Sahib) as well as full Sukhmani Sahib da Paath.

Here is more:

Gur Fateh!


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Need A Very Strong Shabad For Changes (12/10/2008)
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