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Summary of Question:Amxious Feeling
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 9/09/2009 2:56 PM MDT

this last year im starting to feel anxiouss..very anxious.when i do my paath i feel some days i can concentrate other days i cant..i feel very awful on these days i cant..i just want to able to do paath with my i disrespcting Guru Ji like this? what should i do when this happens?..sometimes i lie in bed hear my heart beat..and feel anxious and think we are living on this beat..on this breath..and i get anxious again..i know i should do something abt it e.g more paath..but how do i get rid of the anxious feeling..i ask Guru Ji to help fight the evils..but i feel i havent improved..these last fews year im trying very hard to b a bttr person..identify areas of bad habits..reflect my daily actions..what to improve etc..but this year..i feel i ahve gon through no progess..i want Guru Ji to know that i really do want to change..i do talk to them using a picture..but this anxious feeling i dont no how to get rid off..and if i dont get rid or tone down the evils then how can i take amrit one day?? i want to take amrit in the next few years..i dont mean it to be planned but i feel i need to.


Sat Nam,

Do you exercise? Can you find a Kundalini Yoga teacher or a club near you? Try to understand how the energy is flowing in your body when you do your path. When you pray, read your banis or meditate it creates a strong flow of energy in your body. If you don't exercise your body or don't consciously move energy through your body through some form of healing art it will create a lot of anxiety and nervousness and other unpleasant effects. Kundalini yoga is the only one we know that can can help you will all of that. It works on your nervous system, your glandular system, your energy centers in your body, moves out all the anxiety and other things so you your muscles can relax and you can feel happy no matter what you do or what kind of trouble you get yourself into :o)... It keeps your spirit elevated and energy flowing freely.

Try it, you may find that it is the best thing for you.

Good Luck,

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Amxious Feeling (09/09/2009)
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