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Summary of Question:Some Powerful Shabads
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/16/2009 10:50 PM MDT


I came to know that there are many shabads whcih can give you benefit.I want to know are there any shabads which can
1.put vairaag in you.
2.prevent from kaam
3.removing fear.

Give atleat 10 powwerful Shabads or simply a Bani.

Will be very grateful
Amanpreet Singh

Sat nam. Any shabd can assist in any of the above, if it is practiced and perfected and the one reciting it 'becomes' the shabd. Any bani by Guru Gobind Singh is good for developing one's fearlessness. Look for a book by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa called the Psyche of the Golden Shield. This book outlines specific shabds to assist with specific issues. Good luck,
Guru ang sang,

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Some Powerful Shabads (05/16/2009)
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