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Summary of Question:Embarresed About Height
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 2/23/2001 6:59 AM MST

Hello there,

I am a 18 year old sikh who is very curious about sikhism. I havce recently started to read up about sikhism. The more I read up on my religion, the more proud i feel to be a sikh. I want to become a proper sikh and wear a pag.....hopefully sometime in the future.....i want to take amrit as well.
The thing is that since i am really tall, 6'3-6'4, i can just about get through doorways with my hair cut. If i wear a pag i will have to duck....and i will find that really embaressing! As other people will stare!
I just wish God made my an inch or two shorter. My question is, would you advice my to wear a pag and become a proper sikh? Any other advice relating to this issue would be greatfully recieved.

Greetings and blessings to you. I am so glad you asked this question.

God gave you the gift of height. This is a blessing for you.

Just envision for a moment......With your hair and your turban you will have a new attitude. Drop your insecurity and double mindedness. Rehit are tools of consciousness....not to dream about but to experience.

The turban ties the 26 bones of the skull and holds them together. This holding gives you and edge. This edge is the consciousness to be 'together' and to be contained. The beard is a cover for the chin which channels the emotionality of the man.

Your smile and good will walking through the doorway is of greatest value to you and those who see you. Everybody has been given some personal challenge in their life. Endear yourself to others in the sharing of your day to day need to bend a bit to get through some doorways.

Youth today is mostly known for raunchy music, promiscuous sex, and lack of values. A youth displaying a noble committment with a shining face is inspiring to everyone. Our world needs youth of calibre who are not afraid to live in their inspiration.

You in your turban stand tall as a Nishan Sahib. You will be like a banner of the Guru, a Prince of regal bearing and majesty. When people see you, they will feel inspired and proud of the grace of your regal bearing. They may not say it, but inside they will feel the power of your presence. Every soul longs for recognition.

Guru Nanak said at the end of Jap Ji Sahib, "Jinee Naam dee-ai-aa, Gaye masak gaal, Nanak te mukh ujele, kaytee chooti, naal". Those who put in their and effort in meditating (uplifting themselves), shining are their faces and they save many others. Read Jap Ji Sahib daily in English at :

God bless you, SKKK

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Embarresed About Height (02/23/2001)
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