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Summary of Question:Movie Sat Shri Akal
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 11/06/2008 1:52 AM MST

ssa ji

i am not being pessimistic here or anything....but i just saw the promo of this movie called sat shri akal ..which i would like to mention is being promoted by sikhnet offends...but in this the actress is having trimed hair...and no one had any problem with it and a sikh boy is geting married to him and that is also why was there a problem at the time of movie singh is king .....was it just for the sake of it was at a larger scale.......and half of the time on the sikhnet it is there that dont cut, trim or remove hair......thanx a lot no hard feeling ....pls do ans my que

Satnam ji,

I believe that you are saying that being in the media with values is important and promoting only what has genuine value reflecting the Sikh practices would be consistant attitude for SIKHNET. I agree with that concept.


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Movie Sat Shri Akal (11/06/2008)
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